Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're Only Free To Choose Who We Serve

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Hibbut-Hakkeber or Beating of the sepulchre, is a Islamic belief as to the state of the soul after death. The form and mode of judgment is explained in Al Koran. The sarCOPhagus of an orthodox Muslim is so constructed that the deceased can sit upright when notified by his ANGEL of the approach, who question him as to his faith in the unity of the Moho Gods and the mission of Satisfactory answers insure peas; but if to the contrary, he is beaten on the temples with iron maces until he roars with anguish. The two angels MONKER and NAKU, then press the earth upon the body, which is gnawed and stung by ninety-nine seven-headed dragon until the day of RESURRECTION. The Hibbut-Hakkeber is found in the Jewish, which taught that the angel of death would sit on a new-made grave, the soul would return to the body, which would stand up, the angel striking it three times with a chain, half iron and half fire; at the first blow all the limbs were loosened, at the second the bones were dispersed, but gathered again by angels, and the third stroke reduces it to dust.
[See the Whirling of the Soul]

We don't choose our language. We don't choose to be born.
We don't choose the time period we're born in.
But we choose where it goes.

How Long is Forever? Who ever Really Has it?

I Choose To Serve Creation