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C.A.T. terminalia Thank You to Canada on my Birthday

C.A.T. terminalia
Thank You to Canada on my Birthday

Today I am 57 according to the birth date assigned to me by McGill University’s Wilder Penfield, “the greatest living Canadian”, prior to having me shipped across the border of Canada into the U.S. and placed with parents who would see to it that I would continue to be accessed for use in Penfield’s ongoing memory research as well as available for use in pre Ice Age Ecclesiastic Satanic-Voodoo rituals attended and run by top multinational and corporate leaders.

A very well-deserved thank you to former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Senator Doug Finley(Mulroney’s Bulldog),Bob Rae (leader of the Liberals) who, together, planned and executed “Kealey’s Payback”, the plan put in place to keep me out of Canada and from joining my Canadian husband, Glen Kealey. They accomplished this by having Stephen Harper appoint Vic Toews to the position of Public Safety Minister in January 2010, all of them full well knowing of the criminal activities that Vic Toews, (their “patsy”-pawn in the game) has always engaged in as well as his past history with me, and that he, of all people would have reason to keep me out of Canada. An honorable mention should be made here of Jean Chretien, (former prime minister, 3 terms, and former leader of the Liberal party of Canada), and Herb Grey, (the House leader of the Liberals at the time of Mulroney’s role as Prime Minister) now deceased.

As well, I need to thank all ministers and deputy ministers, and members of Parliament, who apparently ignored the information I faxed and/or emailed them over the last year about my plight of being “exclusioned” to and “seclusioned” in Ogdensburg.

The biggest thank you goes to the Canadian national media, along with Ottawa’s local media, who have always known what was going on with this situation and chose to suppress this story, purportedly out of fear of being sued by the Department of Justice, whose leadership has been in on this from the beginning. (See article in the Hanover Post, printed Tuesday, November 27, 1990 , a Division of Thomson Newspapers Limited which incorporates the Clifford News and Ayton Advance and Titled “The Story We Won’t Report : Another Side” by Paul Hageman, Post Editor.)

PS: The Thomson family (owners of Hanover Post) of Canada, who own The Woodbridge Company (a holding company) also own 53% of Thomson Reuters Corporation, created by the Thomson Corporation (chairman, David Thomson), which purchased Germany’s Reuters Group on April 17,2008, is headquartered at 3 Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, NY,U.S.A.

Reuters, founded by Baron Julius Freiherr von Reuter, birth name Israel Beer Josafat (de Beers – Trees) was born in Kassel, Germany to a Jewish family. His father was a JORDANIAN rabbi.

In 1865, Reuters in London was the first organization to report the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The company was involved in developing the use of radio (RADO-I POD) in 1923. Historically, no single individual has been permitted to own more than 15% of Reuters, under the first of the Reuters Principles, which states, “Reuters shall at no time pass into the hands of any one interest, group or faction.” However, that restriction was waived for the purchase by Thomson, whose family holding company, The Woodbridge Company currently owns 53% of the enlarged business. The Thomson family has agreed to vote as directed by the Reuters Founders Share Company on any matter that the trustee might deem to threaten the five principles of the Reuters Trust.

I mailed a letter to David Thomson about my situation here in Ogdensburg on August 23, 2011, and have received no reply.

The following news article has been retyped by me exactly as it first appeared in THE HANOVER POST, Tuesday, November 27, 1990:

“The Story we won’t report”

Another Side

Why is it that people like Glen Kealey are automatically passed off as crackpots?

Mr. Kealey, whose allegations of corruption in the federal government would make for a great feature movie if nothing else, has received relatively little press coverage, considering the extent of his charges. He says a kick-back scheme run by high-ranking government officials is being allowed to happen in front of the RCMP and Canada’s Justice system.

Mr. Kealey claims that as a developer involved in a Hull project a couple of years ago, he was asked by a minister in Brian Mulroney’s cabinet for a five percent kickback – plus $5,ooo up front – on Ministry of Public Works funds he would have received.

He refused. And he says that incident, along with another in which he says an election of a PC riding party executive was fixed, has prompted him to expose secret Tory bank accounts and Brian Mulroney’s “secret agenda.”

There have been stories done on his claims. But in reading them, I get the feeling reporters have done them almost at arm’s length, not wanting to get too involved in the story or admit too readily that Mr. Kealey may be on to something.

The story written by myself (on page a8 in today’s paper) is no different. Mr. Kealey “named names” of people involved – names of politicians and high-ranking officials he says are scamming the system. But my story doesn’t name them. Call me (and just about every other newspaper, as well as television and radio station) chicken, but the allegations are extremely serious, and libel suits are costly.

And let’s face it: The coverage Mr. Kealey has received has made him look less than a respectable source. He yells at the top of his lungs on Parliament Hill. He gives away “baloney bucks” – phoney $3 bills claiming Mulroney is trying to sell Canada to United States. He takes politicians to court for stealing his big dice and stuffed pig while he isn’t looking.

But as he points out, going through these antics is the only way the media will pay attention to him. It’s not his fault he’s portrayed this way; it’s ours, the meida. We won’t report the serious stuff.

Whether he’s right or not, he has come a long way in showing how the media operate in this country.

From what I can tell, Mr. Kealey has nothing to gain financially from his crusade. The businessman lives on donations. His friends probably wish he’d get a real job again. He is obviously intellegent, and has every confidence that he’ll be successful again when he does get back into the business world.

For now, though, he’s on a mission. And as far-fetched as some of his allegations seem, it can be hard to argue with him.


Glen Kealey is now Chairman and National President of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity (CIPI). He may be reached at 1 … 613 … 258 … 2893.
or at

I, Jennifer Kealey, a current resident of Ogdensburg, New York, (awaiting written permission to travel 31 kilometers into Canada to visit my husband) may be contacted at 1 … 315 … 713 … 4085 or at