Monday, February 6, 2012

Nuns Spirit of Melissa

Nuns Spirit of Melissa



The New York Giants (“G” natsi) repeated their 2008 final minute “theft” of professional football’s Superbowl (IVLX) when they won the game in Indianapolis, Indiana last night, therefore confirming their supremacy over the New England Patriots (Vatican Christians and Freemasonry’s “double-crossers”).

Going back in time the NATSI’s set the stage with a 21 – 17 win over American Baptists and Ana Baptists of the New World. The GREY NUN ORDER must have been laughing in their German beer (*Klosterfrau Melissengeist). Their “Cloister within a Cloister” will be pumping out Vic Toews Mennonite Golden Boys called “SUE”; thus authorizing “thunder under the bay” on Lake Superior; therefore launching the blind thrust called “the Loo at the Soo” during this “LEAP year” (pea year);… please see Madonna’s World Pea-ce finale.

*Klosterfrau Melissengeist [Nuns Spirit of Melissa] – “ The cornerstone of one of the oldest and, until to-date, most successful German medicine, “Klosterfrau Melissengeist”, was laid through the establishment of the company “Maria Clementine Martin Klosterfrau” in 1826 in Cologne by a nun with that name. The distillate, made from the essential oil of the medical plant cloistral Melissa with its intensive odor, is found in almost every third medicine chest in Germany.”
Melissa Composition:
100 ml of Klosterfrau Melisana
® preparation contains aromatic oils in an alcohol: balm leaves 0.536g, scabwort rootstalk 0.714g, angelica root 0.714g, ginger root 0.714g, clove flowers 0.285g, galangal rootstalk 0.285g, black pepper fruits 0.071g, gentian rootstalk 0.714g, nutmeg seed 0.071g, dried bitter-orange peel 0.714g, cinnamon bark 0.321g, cassia flowers c. 0.036g, cardamom fruits 0.001g, ethyl alcohol 79%.

True Carmelite

Maria Clementine Martin, founder of the Klosterfrau firm, was born in 1775 in Brussels, at the time the capitol of “Austrian Netherlands”, as the daughter of an Imperial officer from Tyrol, Johann Heinrich de Martin and his wife Christine of the von Mergenthal line.

Maria Clementine Martin was 14 years old when the French revolution broke out in Paris. The fall of the Bastille was the first in a chain of events that had far-reaching consequences not only for the life of the young woman but also for all of Europe.

Maria Clementine entered the Convent of St. Anne in Coesfeld, where, for 10 years she worked at taking care of the sick and ill. During this period she intensified and deepened her knowledge of the secrets of growing and cultivation of herbs; she perfected old recipes and developed new medicinal/pharmacological preparations. With a recommendation from her convent, she travelled to neighboring convents, where her knowledge of the medical arts turned out to be very necessary. She also spent time in her native city of Brussels, where she produced the “true Carmelite drink-balm”

Glen and Jennifer Kealey (The Nordan Sculptors)