Thursday, February 4, 2016

One Microcephalic-Hydra in the Dark

Date: February 4, 2016 at 2:33:26 PM PST
Subject: Re: letter arrived today and resultant phone call by my wife, Jennifer Kealey to Debra D'Agostino, corporate ethics(?) officer, Hydro One
Hydro One Networks Inc.                                                                 February 4, 2016
483 Bay Street
Toronto, ON.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Sirs and Madames;

We have attempted to make contact with upper management of your company ever since the electrical surges sent to the foundation of our home as a result of apparent experiments conducted by Ontario Hydro since the 1970s was discovered following the change in meters on our property. We discovered that electrical surges were being purposely directed into our house via Hydro One wiring and redirected through a grounding apparatus laid on the southern side of our house to an electromagnetic lay-
out below the foundation which created intermittent electromagnetic fields above ground and inside the house. These intermittent electromagnetic surges have destroyed the foundation of our home due to electromagnetically driven explosions that have been caused beneath the house as a result.

Andre Marin, the former ombudsman of the Province of Ontario, has sent us an unedited copy of his report titled "In The Dark" in order to assist us in understanding the "fortress mentality" style your lower and middle management uses to prevent your customers from contacting anyone in Hydro One beyond the level of bill collectors and spin doctors (bureaucrats) such as Debra D'Agostino, who has stated on the record that she will not inform the Hydro One Board of Directors or any other person in upper management of our situation.

The explosions mentioned above have totally destroyed the physical structure of our house as well as numerous large appliances and a total of 8 computers and 4 fax machines since the time of the first replacement of the analog meter on our property. The house has been completely destroyed for its intended purpose. The intended purpose of the house other than being a home for our family also was intended to be the main residence of the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity, of which I am Chairman, National President, and Founder (incorporated 1992). My wife, Jennifer Ann Kealey, is the Secretary General and Director of the Institute, who is authorized to speak on my behalf.

The damages done to the property both real and to its resale value have exceeded the 3 million dollar mark, not to mention the physical damages and injuries done to the residents during the past ten years. We are certain that this kind of damage is not limited to this one property located in eastern Ontario, and should be communicated to all customers of Ontario Hydro in order to protect them from potential debilitating and fatal damages from such as death (usually attributed to natural causes rather than electromagnetic), strokes, neurological syndromes and disorders, lung/breast cancers, heart attacks, depression/suicides, and congenital defects.

Glen Kealey
908 County Road 18
Oxford on Rideau
Account #200013088604