Monday, February 8, 2016


Date: 2/8/2016 1:57 PM (GMT-08:00)

Attention to: Fiona Crean
                Cc: Board of Directors
                       Debra D'Agostino

Be advised of my conversation with Ms. D'Agostino on Feb. 5, 2016, during which time she confirmed that, like a true bureaucrat, she will not be informing the Hydro One Board of Directors of our situation, nor will she send the unedited recording of my conversation with her on this date to the people who employ her, but informed me it will go to their own appointed ombudsman, as well as informing me that the Province of Ontario is aware of the activities being generated by the middle management at
Hydro One. She has informed me that our complaint was sent to the new Hydro One Ombudsman, who will not address our situation until March,(directly linked to the planned March sale/transfer of Hydro shares) NOT to"preparing for a mid-March opening"; it's called "buying time", and will be sent back to Ms. D'Agostino to do the actual carrying out of investigative work; read "cover-up". Causing clients to have money owed by artificially generating higher monthly bills (especially to seniors, who oftentimes have less resources and will more likely accept pressure to apply to Hydro One's partner/charity to pay the bill they cannot afford) is a precursor in our case (as well as others) to depositing a lien against the property which can be accessed upon the induced death of the owner. I will insert here that this, Ms. D'Agostino, is what I was referring to in our conversation of Jan. 5, 2016, when I said that there are those who want to acquire our property. Hydro would place a lien against our property and continue to ramp up the power surges sent to it in order to kill my husband.
Ms. D'Agostino stated to me that she wants to send "senior technicians accompanied by what she termed a "high level manager" to check and read the meters to show us that the meters are correct. Unless the manager is independent of the jurisdiction of middle management Hydro then no problem here is solved since anyone below the level of the board is capable of telling the truth about what is going on here. The techs have been on our property officially as well as at other times without our permission and attendance. They are part of the problem. We have stated to Ms. D,A'Gostino that we want at least one Hydro One Board member to come to our property in order to see for themselves what has been occurring here; the planned and deliberate diversion of water to and underneath our house which carries electromagnetism throughout the house and caused the development of a hydrocele in my husband. Additionally, all the specific types of rocks and boulders placed under the foundation with layers of specific gravels to generate a reaction with the electricity via wiring purposely wired in a specific way and maintained by Hydro One techs making visits unauthorized by us need to be visually inspected by the board. She has further stated that we can call Measurements Canada to have them measure the meters. It's not the meters (the ones that are accurate) that are the main issue on our property, but the people who maintain the meters and wiring, come out on calls, generate and send the bills, ensure that any customer complaining by phone is never given an answer and complaints are minimized and denied by Hydro employees who answer phone calls of all the people complaining of huge bills that have been generated out of thin air by Hydro within a very short time frame, keeping this information from the Board of Directors and within the bureaucratic black hole. Customer relations have ensured that this information never reaches those who have the power to do something about the fact that a group of people within Hydro are involved in covering up bringing about biggest crime in recorded history and all this entails; the experimentation on the general public without their permission to further the development of magneto hydraulic dynamics and the production of fusion, of which the end results are a cause of illnesses and congenital birth defects (being attributed to other causes by the research and medical professions), and the extortion and fraud Hydro One bureaucrats are perpetrating through the use of the federal mail system by overcharging people on their monthly Hydro bills via Hydro collections dept., then directing them to Simcoe United Appeal to pay their bills via Western Union (money laundering) to Hydro, so that Hydro One can stash the cash into their secret coffers to assist funding "The LOO at The SOO" (along with others).

By the way, add to fraud, harassment and extortion, the crime of misprision to the induced and planned mass extinction, aka mass genocide, of those Canadians living around the Great Lakes in Canada, and the millions of Americans below the Great Lakes and the Northeast U.S.

The crime of those who know and do not act is the "O Mission", aka misprision.

As a direct result of Hydro One activity on our property, the Head count at 908 County Road 18 is:1 tenent dead, wife kidnapped, husband permanently physically disabled.

It is obvious to us that the bureaucrats at Hydro One who have perpetrated these activities will count on the Board of Directors being blamed for their criminal activities should they be discovered.

The cure that would resolve the questions at 908 County Road 18 must include:

1- The delivery of a winterized motor home to the site and its installation of plumbing and electricity, so that the only remaining occupant, Glen Kealey, could at least sleep away from the magnetic cloud induced there that rises from the foundation and settles room by room inside the house.

2- A team of independent geologists equipped with professional magnetometers should be hired to investigate the 34.2 acres of the site beginning with the house. A contract lasting one year and involving the monitoring of the farm in each of the four seasons of the following year for at least one week per season of monitoring and three weeks of analysis needs to be in effect.

3- All regular techs employed by Hydro One in the area of the farm should be banned in writing from approaching the farm, even by building a high fence around the property should this become necessary.

4- Their reports should be submitted to both Glen and Jennifer Kealey separately, a copy of which will be deposited with the PINEAL Court for future action.

5- Another copy must be submitted to Hydro One's newly hired "insider" biased Ombudsman, which she in turn will submit to each and every member of the Board of Directors. Her analysis of the reports should then be forwarded to Glen and Jennifer Kealey independently, a copy of which will be forwarded to the PINEAL Court for comparison with the unedited report filed by the former Ombudsman of Ontario, Andre Marin, and the documentation of the PINEAL Court's own investigative results gathered by their investigators over the past two years.

6- With all the reports being completed and filed with the PINEAL Court, an apology made to the Kealeys should follow, as per the report of Andre Marin.

7- As soon as possible, preferably immediately, a sum of $150,000.00 Canadian should be paid to the Kealeys by Hydro One for the demolition of the existing structure and $350,000.00 paid to the Kealeys for rebuilding the house. Additionally, the sum of $13,478.19 as of January 29, 2016 should be credited off their Hydro One account, thereby bringing the balance to nil. These three sums of money must be paid sooner rather than later if Hydro One is not to be charged with the crimes inflicted on Glen Kealey by their experiments or added to the indictments made against Hydro One by
the killing of Tom Byberg (the tenant) and the kidnapping of Jennifer Kealey (the wife).

        Glen and Jennifer Kealey