Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let the BASQUE~TRUTH be known !

Basque Dog~Priests control history, encyclopedias and dictionaries.
Basque Financial Elites control Culture.

All Basque Dog~Priests expect to survive beyond the coming, planned, "End of the World"; a phrase which would be more truthful were it called "the temporary end of life as we know it on the surface of the planet Earth". A 2000 year hiatus.

To disguise this fact, the Basque Dog~Priests have publicized two dates when this cataclysmic event is scheduled to begin.

First, they have placed their words of wisdom on the subject into the religious beliefs of the Mayan culture; who in turn have declared the final year to be 2012. As with the true definition of the word Mayan, this is butt illusion. This date is simply to Cry Wolf in a manner that should, from then on, place everyone who is somewhat aware off-guard.

Second, the Arts & Entertainment communities have been the promoters of The Age of Aquarius, 2025, as the beginning of the WaterWorld which is otherwise known as the plan~et, for the surface dwellers of our planet.

Ultimate Reality suggests however that neither is correct. 2012 is too soon, while 2025 is too late.

Interesting is what happens when one splits the 13 years difference (equilibrium) 13/2 = 6.5 (11)

2012 + 6.5 = 2018
2025 - 6.5 = 2018

I would therefore suggest that the important year to watch is 2018.

The SculPTor

By the year 2020 everything will be clear any optometrist will tell you so.