Thursday, March 12, 2009

SO re-MOTE-ly BE


Coach of German 'killer' says he was a normal boy.

Concordia University
Columbine High School
Amish Girl's School
World Trade Center
Buffalo plane crash

...and decapitation
Bus on Canadian HIghWAY

What do these murders all have in common.

As with all political Manchurian Candidates out to kill their Citi-Zens
the suicide killers involved in these murders were all wholy owned
"crypt glandular properities" of the international conglomerate media
who could be remotely launched and/or detonated on command.

The DNA they were genetically engineered from was fabricated in a prison
colony laboratory, probably in Australia or Labrador. The original DNA
was recombined with that of "KNOWN" killers by Ecclesiastic Freemasonry
and implanted in women either in a nunnery, an LDS colony or again, in a
motel room 23 anywhere around the Marriott world.

So MOTE it be....remotely!


Homo Habilis (is sick)

Who is this Hiram Abiff
Is he just a myth?
To those non-esoteric souls
Who dare to ask
If one is at a dead level
How can he become living perpendicular?
The true essence of the square
The masses will wonder
Oh, dark savage man
If you only knew!
He is none other than the Prince Hal (MicHAL)
In the hall of Hades!
Standing on the 5 points of fellowship
For all to hear
Without fear, I expose your wicked lie!