Monday, February 19, 2007


North American Union

Pretext For The North American Union (NAU): Intro, Part 1 & Part 2

Pretext For The North America Union (NAU): The Media, TTC & Amero

Pretext For The North American Union (NAU): Part 4 Policy Makers (CFR)

The Dangers of the "North American Union"

Connie Fogal On The Corporate North American Union

Connie Fogal, the redoubtable leader of the Canadian Action Party, delivers a hard hitting and passionate warning to all who refuse to believe that our democracy is being usurped by an elite few and is being sold off, brick by brick, to the highest bidder. Our very own elected politicians are in collusion with powerful private corporate interests, working together behind closed doors to bring in the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ by “stealth” – as one proponent of the agreement put it – without public knowledge or consultation. In this presentation, she argues that Canadian sovereignty is very much at stake and she urges us to become informed and to take action before we ignorantly surrender all of our freedoms and public services to foreign corporate rule.