Monday, February 19, 2007


To commemorate the five year anniversary of his historic infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, the occult playground of the global elite, ... all » Alex Jones presents his newest film, The Order of Death, an amazing and horrifying look into the rites and rituals of the modern day descendents of Babylonian mystery cults.

This new film delves deeply into the history of the Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny. "The Order of Death" details how the Grove has been the backdrop for some of the most earthshattering events in human history including the development of the Starwars program and the Manhattan Project.

This video is copyrighted, but Alex Jones has permitted and encourged the distribution of these videos for non-profit, educational purposes. If you would like to help Alex Jones and/or have a hard copy, buy one from him by going through his website. It can be done online or through his office.


NEW from Beit Shalom Ministries. This compilation documentary film exposes the occult practices of Freemasons, the Order of Skull & Bones, and the Bohemian Grove. In the light of the Scriptures, the demonic pagan worship of the global elite is exposed by the light.

Footage from Inside the Bohemian Club
Jones Report | July 17, 2007

Here is recent footage taken from inside a Bohemian Club office which, as the footage shows, has a large collection of photos, plaques and other memorabilia from the club's history. 'Cremation of Care' can be seen written above some of the photos in poster frames.

The Bohemian Club footage was shot on the 11th of July, corraborating with Truth Actions done on the 11th of every month.