Monday, February 19, 2007


Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)

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Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda

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How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

They did intentionally give everyone inoculations, which were meant to target specific areas of the brain, beginning around the 1950’s, this is documented, to kill off the higher levels of thinking. They wanted a passive population that they're going to bring through incredible changes, but all of us got affected the same way, so there's no doubt about it. Some people have lost their ability to reason. These are critical thinking abilities which you need for survival.They said a long time ago they'd have to eradicate those with leadership qualities to bring up a whole world population through massive changes; and that's what they've been doing. It's been warfare on us all.Bush, when they tried to take it out in Congress, voted and said it stays in, and then we've got studies written, and we've got Julian Huxley and all the rest of them, Bertrand Russell. These are the people that set everything up today, saying they were going to use mercury to brain damage you. They've done studies 80 years ago - they knew it would attack the cerebral cortex. You know the key areas where they believe consciousness rests, where it integrates all the rest of the data from the brain.I'm not saying there aren't some good individual doctors, but the system – the Rockefellers took it over in the '20’s and you can actually find the university documents where they put money into how to spread cancer through vaccines. How to put in a crystallized form - cancer to spread it; and look, now it's up since the twenties - 3,000 percentmost of the populations of today's world, we have been so chemically attacked and biological warfare has been used through inoculations to attack specific parts of the brain like Arthur Koestler said in his book "The Ghost in the Machine" and he worked with UN departments to find ways to do this efficiently and he thought it was just swell.
Many people cannot wake up. They don't have the ability. The part that makes you a creative individual of any age, any gender is the part which has been under most of the attack for the last hundred years or more and it's been stated in Koestler's book and others that if they can destroy that part of the brain, "The Ghost in the Machine" as they call it that makes you truly uniquely you.