Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Enemies Of Free Speech Launch 'Stop Rosie' Website, PetitionBecause they can't debate us on the facts, Neo-Con bootlickers use mob intimidation tactics to shut down free speech
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison PlanetTuesday, April 3, 2007
Anti-American enemies of free speech have launched an official campaign to have Rosie O'Donnell fired for asking questions about 9/11 and the Iranian hostage crisis, setting up a website and a farcical poll - a sizable portion of whose signatories consist of fake names and joke entries.
"We would like to make it very clear that we support Miss O’Donnell’s right to say whatever she deems appropriate. This is a free country and she has the right of free speech. We are not demanding that government or Disney-ABC censor anything she, or anyone else, says," states the website, obviously worried that if Rosie were to be fired, legal consequences would inevitably follow.
But the website labels itself in its own banner graphic as "the online petition to get Rosie off the air," so what else can be deduced other than the fact that this is a blatant attempt to intimidate ABC bosses into dropping the axe on O'Donnell's continued presence on The View?
The website is seemingly connected to Neo-Con ideologue Michele Malkin, a Bill O'Reilly trough feeder and an individual who devoted an entire book to argue that American Muslims should be put in concentration camps. Malkin's acolytes have been caught in the past sending white powder in an attempt to intimidate media personalities like Keith Olbermann.
On her website yesterday, Malkin gleefully ran with the Drudge Report story that CNN's Michael Ware had "heckled" John McCain at a press conference in Iraq, a claim completely debunked after the video was made available.
You'll notice how these frothing Bush cheerleaders don't devote a website to challenging O'Donnell on the facts she has laid out because they can't win a debate on a level playing field, they have to resort to mob tactics and efforts to scare people into shutting down O'Donnell's free speech, just like Bill O'Reilly cuts off his guest's mic when he's losing an argument

The line was crossed on Thursday night when failed actor Danny Bonaduce called for O'Donnell to be executed on MSNBC.
"Please don't make up names," asks the website, advice which has obviously not been heeded - the poll is a laughing stock as it's chock full with blatantly fake signatories like "Godbless GeorgeBush," "Dick Cheney," "Condi Rice," "Cindy Sheehan" "Right Wing Thought Police" and even Rosie O'Donnell herself! The whole thing already looks like a farce and it's only a day old.
You don't see O'Donnell calling for Glen Beck to be taken off their air for calling her a "fat witch," you don't see websites like ours calling for O'Reilly's dismissal when he spews his propaganda every night, or for Ann Coulter to be banned for saying the 9/11 widows wanted their husbands dead.
We are happy for these moronic Bush worshippers to continue to insult, abuse and attempt to blackout the truth, because it only exposes them for what they are - kool-aid drinking Neo-Con cheerleaders that have deluded themselves into thinking patriotism is swearing blind obedience to government - when in fact the opposite is true - patriotism is about asking questions of your government, which is exactly what O'Donnell has exercised her First Amendment right to do.
We encourage you to e mail the operators of this website and politely remind them of your support for Rosie O'Donnell's stance on 9/11 truth, along with the fact that they are in the minority and their attempts to censor free speech will be counter-attacked at every turn.