Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eating Chinese: Sweet & Sour Human Infant

Etherzone April 6, 2007 Alan Stang
George W. Bush is the moral equivalent of a bestial psychopath, a serial killer who specializes in dismemberment. He is a monster and whatever else like it you can say. And the latest proof of that comes out of China. Regular readers know that, like most of the threats we face today, Red China was created by the United States. Without the intervention of the District of Criminals and our Communist media, Red China would have never been born.
Soviet tool George C. Marshall boasted that with a “stroke of the pen” he had disarmed 39 Republic of China divisions, refusing to send arms to those divisions voted for them by the Congress, the same thing Washington did to South Vietnam and now is trying to do to our own military in Iraq. Media here constantly characterized Mao Tse-tung as an avuncular Chinese version of Abraham Lincoln. The Chinese government, our longest, most loyal ally in the Far East, fell. Mao became the biggest mass murderer in the history of the planet. See America's Retreat From Victory, by Senator Joe McCarthy.
It was Socialist con man Richard Nixon who “opened the door” to Communist-occupied China. Socialist con man Bill Clinton took the door off its hinges. Red China says the United States is the “main enemy,” but Clinton committed treason by doing everything he could to build its military and nuclear capability.
And Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh has continued Clinton's policy. Do you not need to look long and hard today to find things not made in Red China, from shoes to clothing to light bulbs? Are not companies closing here and reopening in Red China?
All that is the result of the Bush/Clinton policy. General Motors used to be an American company with foreign branches. Now it is a Red Chinese company with American branches. Federal tax and fiscal policy is driving American companies out of this country and into Red China.
There are other results. The Bush/Clinton policy has given Red Chinese mob bosses the idea that they can get away with just about anything, because they can. Early in the Bush regime, Red China committed a literal act of war against the United States, by attacking a U.S. Navy plane, forcing it down and imprisoning its crew. Jorge W. Boosh did absolutely nothing. The recent kidnapping of British marines in Iran was just a replay of what Red China did.
The Red Chinese have threatened to nuke Los Angeles. They were caught smuggling hundreds of automatic weapons to American traitors for use in a violent revolution. Remember, there never would have been a Red Chinese threat had the Conspiracy for world government not duplicitously created it in the first place.
Communist-occupied China is of course one of the world's biggest Christian countries. Before long, it could be the biggest. There are more Christians in Red China than there are in the United Kingdom. They meet in home churches. The Reds routinely torture and lock them up. It is Red China and the continuing Soviet Union that are the real international threat to the United States. Iran is an annoying pimple.
And in a scenario that smells like Dr. Mengele and his Nazis, the Red Chinese now harvest organs—from living human beings in political prisons—for lucrative transplant surgery. Do you need a kidney or a liver? Get on the plane to Red China. You know all that. You also know that el presidente Jorge W. Boosh, who loves to cross-dress as a tough guy, has never done diddledy squat about any of it.
But now comes the latest occasion for these comments. Next Magazine, a weekly out of Hong Kong, reports that the latest delicacy in Communist-occupied China is the expertly prepared corpse of a baby. No, you're not going crazy; you did read what you thought I just said. People in Red China now are cannibalizing humans. In China, you can even buy choice body parts from the hospitals.
The story appears in the Epoch Times, which says that Next Magazine got wind of it in Taiwan, where a businessman hosted a banquet. There, a servant named Liu from Liaoning Province on the mainland inadvertently revealed the cannibalistic practice and her intention to return to participate in it for health reasons. The Taiwanese women present at the banquet were horrified.
The magazine asked the servant to escort a reporter to a location where he could see a baby being prepared and she did so. The reporter saw a woman chopping up a male “fetus” and making soup from the placenta. The butcher told observers, “Don't be afraid, this is just the flesh of a higher animal.”
Epoch Times says that on March 22, 2003, police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province seized 28 female babies smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province going to Houzhou in Anhui Province. The oldest baby was only three months old. The babies were packed three or four to a bag and many of them were near death No one claimed them.
On the morning of October 9, 2004, someone rifling through the garbage on the outskirts of Jiuquan city in the Suzhou region, found dismembered babies in a dumpster. There were two heads, two torsos, four arms, and six legs. According to the investigation, the corpses were no more than a week old and they had been dismembered after cooking.
Red China does have laws that prohibit the eating of human flesh, but it also has a law that limits each couple to only one child. The law is strictly enforced, and it motivates couples to kill girl babies until they get a boy. Second babies and so on are forcibly aborted. The result is many baby corpses that can be cooked and eaten.
Is this story from the mainland true? Or is it a concoction? In modern warfare, one side routinely accuses the other of doing something like this. In the first Gulf War, Kuwait accused the invading Iraqis of throwing babies in hospital incubators on the floor, which turned out to be utterly false.
But, remember that Mao Tse-tung killed more people than anyone else in history, even more than Stalin. Hitler was in power for only 12 years; he did not have the time to kill anywhere near as many as did Mao. Organ harvesting is a logical part of his legacy, and we know that Red China does it.
So, the possibility that infant cannibalism is widespread on the Chinese mainland also is a possible element of the monstrous legacy of Mao. And we have nothing to boast about. Remember that because Jorge W. Boosh is bringing Muslims here from Africa, Islamic clitorectomy – female genital mutilation – is a growing practice in New York, along with polygamy, as we saw last week.
What does all this have to do with Boosh? Again, Boosh has not voiced a peep about the crimes of Red China. In fact, he sometimes calls it an “ally.” He visits Red China and makes generalized comments for the record about the benefits of “freedom.” Then he climbs back into Air Force One and flies home. He thereby collaborates in those crimes he fails to mention.
Too much is enough! We have long since passed the point at which continued collaboration makes Boosh an accessory. We are talking about something akin to the Nazi Holocaust. What could Boosh do short of nuclear war? Remember what the West did to Rhodesia and South Africa?
When the decision was made that those countries would be the next to fall to the Communists, the West, with Washington heading the pack, turned them into international pariahs. The District of Criminals focused every conceivable pressure on them, from financial to military to agricultural, etc. Everything that could be cut off was cut off. World government forces expressed animus for Gary Player, because the champion golfer inconveniently came from South Africa. Washington kept up the pressure until those countries fell.
Yes, but those countries are relatively small. Could such tactics work against a behemoth the size of Red China? I don't know. I do know that Red China exists only because of the United States and is as big and powerful as it is only because of the United States. I do know that we have not passed the so-called point of no return – the point at which we no longer could do something to take it down – because when and if we do reach that point the Reds will launch a nuclear attack against us. The fact that they have not means that they are not yet able to do so.
So, we have nothing to lose by giving Red China the Rhodesia treatment. Whatever we do would make such an attack correspondingly less likely than the suicidal policy we are implementing now. But that change could only happen were Americans miraculously running our government.
I recognize that I am merely hypothesizing ineffectually; there is as much chance that Washington will reverse our policy on Red China as there is that Boosh will convert to Christianity. He is a monster. Yes, it is not your fault, but, meanwhile, consider what your purchase is financing the next time you buy something made in Red China.