Wednesday, April 4, 2007

O'Reilly's America

O'Reilly's America: Who Is The Real "Hater"?A place where the right to disagree = the right to be locked up
Steve Watson Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's torrent of attacks upon Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban over the past few days in regards to their outspoken views on 9/11 is a prime example of why the First Amendment should never be presided over by those in power.
In what has been described by many as a crude attempt to piggyback on the spiking of viewers to O'Donnell's show The View, O'Reilly has gone on the extreme offensive, suggesting that O'Donnell has "crossed a line" and should reprimanded for being a "hater".
In two separate broadcasts on Fox News yesterday O'Reilly mentioned the word "hate" close to one hundred times when talking about O'Donnell. Here are a few samples:
Under the graphic Helping the enemy - "Americans Always turn away from haters, that's exactly what Ms. O'Donnell has become."
In segment with Michelle Malkin - "You go over a certain line in America, you can't come back from it, you start to sympathize with the enemy, Iran, there's no coming back."
"She's not interested in the truth, this is about hatred and that's why I think Disney's got a big problem here. This woman now has crossed the line into the hate territory, there has never been a successful media person in the history of this country that has crossed the line into hate, there are niche people on talk radio, very few on television here, they're wiped out, but on her blog, in her demeanor of television, she is now a hater and Disney is gonna have to deal with it somehow, I think"
In a segment where O'Reilly explains to us what media fairness and balance is all about - "We think we have crossed a line into the hate arena... The problem is once you get into an area where you are spreading propaganda, which is where she is with the 9/11 conspiracy and the British government set up its own people to be kidnapped, once you get into that absurd area, the company you work for has to say, this is her opinion, but here is another opinion to balance it out that may be sane."
On ratings - "I'm not interested in numbers, I'm interested in protecting Americans from hateful comments and protecting our forces overseas. When someone does what O'Donnell is doing, this is used by our enemies all over the world because her transmission goes all over."
"Rosie O'Donnell has now crossed into anti American territory, she hates this government, the Bush administration, and she is using that hatred, she is venting her venom, for whatever reason, I am not a psychiatrist, and she is damaging the country in doing so.... Surely you can't allow someone to come on the air everyday and vent hateful dishonest propaganda, you just can't do that."
On debating O'Donnell - "I will never go on the View while she is there because I will not go up against a hater like her."
O'Reilly also had some choice words for Charlie Sheen - "If Charlie Sheen puts his name on a 9/11 conspiracy documentary, that will be used by every American hater in the world to tell uninformed people, 'you see Al Qaeda didn't carry out the attack on 9/11, the Americans attacked themselves, the Jews did it, OK, that kind of stuff."
In a concluding moment on The Factor, O'Reilly stated: "No one has control over O'Donnell, and that's what ABC's conundrum is". That is not a conundrum Bill, that's called living in a free country. O'Reilly also reminded viewers of his recent "radical" "far left" guests, Sunsara Taylor and Rocky Anderson (whom he also throws into the "haters" category with O'Donnell) showing clips of each telling absolute truths that are unflattering to the Bush administration. O'Reilly is so afraid that his viewers might actually further research these foreign viewpoints that he spent considerable time after each appearance misquoting and slandering his guests, a real coward's technique of debate.
O'Reilly's standpoint is that O'Donnell et al are not merely exercising their unalienable right to free speech, they are preaching hate. O'Reilly believes that O'Donnell and "her radical pals" are telling the world the USA is a criminal nation and are somehow "aiding the enemy" whomever that may be this week.
O'Donnell, Sheen, Anderson, Taylor, and myriad others are doing no such thing, they are in fact doing the exact opposite in taking on a provably corrupt and criminal Bush administration by encouraging the American people to question their government in an effort to protect American values and further prevent the spread of anti American hatred elsewhere.
O'Reilly waxes lyrical about how two sides of any issue should always be presented but in O'Reilly's America, he would have O'Donnell taken off the air immediately and he would have Mark Cuban "thrown in jail".
In O'Reilly's America anyone who calls into his radio show in disagreement would receive a visit from Fox security and have their information turned over to local law enforcement agency.
In O'Reilly's America anyone grabbed, labeled an enemy combatant detained without trial at the government's behest should be immediately executed.
In O'Reilly's America there would be no academic freedom Any professor in disagreement with the US government would be " investigated by the FBI" or "followed 24 hours a day by the CIA" as Sammy Al-Arian and the 9/11 Scholars have found out.
In O'Reilly's America anyone who criticizes the espoused pro-torture policy of the government is unpatriotic.
This is Bill O'Reilly's America, a place where the right to free speech and protest is the right to be reported to the authorities, publicly branded a "hater" and locked up.