Thursday, March 4, 2010


The story of Genesis, the Virgin Mary and secular Freemasonry are all about genetic engineering.

genetic engineering : The manipulation of MOLECULES in strands of DNA to produce new types of organisms, including more perfect slaves, mass murderers and human guinea pigs. Genetic engineering is currently being redeveloped commercially in the United States, Korea and many other places around the world. Although the science has been around for thousands of years (pre-Ice Age), and all current human beings outside of Africa, from Cro Magnons on down are products of the science, there is often much choreographed controversy by the media about the risk involved in releasing genetically engineered organisms into the environment.

Secular Freemasonry was formed in England, in 1717, for the main purpose of getting access to the wives of Masons who would agree to become surrogate mothers to the genetically engineered offsprings of Monks, by carrying the implanted GE eggs to term.

Surnames were then added as specific family names, to help the Monks track the talents, habits and instincts of the offsprings of the original implant over numerous future generations. (See Mormons and genealogy).