Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lion man takes pride of place as oldest statue.
30,000-year-old carving work of Neanderthals.

4 September 2003


German lion man might be about to become the second oldest sculpture. A figurine depicting a Lowenmensch ('lion man') - has been carbon-dated to around 30,000 years ago, when some of the earliest known relatives of modern humans populated Europe.

It is older than a previously discovered Lowenmensch, fragments of which were found by German archaeologists in 1939 near Vogelherd and dated to about the same time. Until now, those artefacts were accepted as the oldest examples of figurative art in the world. The newly discovered objects are older. They were uncovered at a lower level in the cave floor's sediments.

"These discoveries have incredible significance. "They depict the animal world in a semi-realistic way. It shows early man moving from his immediate world to an imaginative world." Humans first arrived in central Europe by following the River Danube west into the area. The figurines add a new dimension to theories about the Danube route. "During the Ice Age in Europe, the frozen Danube would be like a highway."

Fossil remains suggest that modern humans and Neanderthals both lived in Europe during this period. Some archaeologists argue that it is possible that the much-maligned Neanderthals produced similar objects. "I don't think that is as far-fetched as some people might think. These objects are pushing the markers and traits" of mod ern man "further back into time".

Archaeologists have pointed out that beads, bone points and pendants have already been discovered in association with Neanderthal fossils. Attributing artefacts to one of the two hominid groups will spur fresh exploration of France, Spain and South Africa, where even older cave drawings - but not figurative art of this age - have been identified.....Nature Magazine

Think about the implications here. Neanderthals carve statues of a man with the head of a lion, in Germany, at a time around 28,000 BC. Then, in Egypt, sometime between 8,000 BC and 2,000 BC, a PriestHood also makes a statue of a man-lion. This one, THE SPHINX, has the body of a lion and the head of a man.

The symbolism here, which spans 26,000 years, is undoubtedly that of Genetic Engineering and the reversal of the binary code; where 01 becomes 10, as it appears in the modern alpha-numeric word L10N. In other words it is not unlike with the alpha-numeric word Z01N, which becomes Z10N.

Z01N is the word given to us by the Basque PriestHoods which represents 'any animal whose reproduction begins with an egg', while Z10N reportedly refers to 'paradise on earth'. This Masonic allegory suggests that evolution, when it comes to the development of the human being having divided into genders, male from female, has in fact progressed too far to suit our slave~masters.

Unlike the earthworm who travels alone in a void and yet can reproduce itself, human beings sent out to explore the universe would have to travel in couples, if they were to terra-form elsewhere on their one-way voyage into space.

Thus, the reason for cloning Hermaphrodite SuperSlaves who will protect and serve the MOHO~MANDAN intra-terrestrial Neanderthals, they who control surface Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, from the safety of the BASALT layer in the Earth's crust. There, sedimentary rock separates them from the water of the ocean while the earth's mantle protects them from the FIRE of the core. These are the two Pillars of Hercules.

The SculPTor