Friday, September 20, 2019



A few years ago when I filed my income tax I mentioned to Eli that the request that CRA had made dating back to when I first received my pension for $5,000.00 plus interest was fraudulent and that I should not be signing a document going to CRA that had any reference to me owing them money. Eli responded that he could send the document in to CRA without my signature however it would mean that they could discontinue any payment of GST or any other new program introduced in the future.

My response was that I needed the GST(Goods and Services Tax) rebates that come quarterly to pay my food bills. Eli said to sign the paper and I did under duress. One or two years later while filling out my income tax report he told me he had to make contact with CRA on an unrelated item. He dialed the telephone on his desk and got a response from CRA and I could hear the response because it was on speakerphone.

Before he got talking on the issue that he needed to clarify, the female at CRA who obviously knew Eli well stated to him,”Before we go ahead with your current request let me tell you that that old bill we were asking Mr. Kealey to pay was written off...” She then proceeded to answer his other questions. Eli then thanked her and hung up the phone, and I said to Eli,” See what I’ve been telling you; that request was a fraud!” However they continued to ask for it on future income tax filings. My question to Eli was, “Are the bureaucrats stealing the money?” Eli would not respond. 

I then wrote to the minister of CRA and never received a response. Much later I received a letter from CRA bureaucrats telling me that the $5,000.00 plus interest had never been written off. Obviously they had never told the minister anything. What they didn’t know was that the entire phone conversation had been recorded live by Cell Investigations Unlimited investigators and filed on CRA records in the PINEAL COURT. 

Since then, an investigation has linked the voice of the female on the phone with Eli that day with the voice of a known female speaking on her home phone and a match with a name confirmed through Bell Canada and without their knowledge. It now is part of the file against all employees, male or female, who speak with anyone at professional tax writing companies in Canada. The penalty for lying to me is remaining in purgatory’s line up to the court for your hearing (post mortem) for 500 years prior to their own life review/personal matters being dealt with in the PINEAL Court.

Glen and Jennifer Ann Kealey

To be continued...........