Sunday, September 22, 2019



...In conversation with the Cell Investigations Unlimited investigators they stated that the bureaucracy at CRA was attempting to put the blame for the entire incident on the political side of things instead of admitting that they, bureaucrats, steal money. And this happens at all levels of government with almost every contract and disbursements of funds.

The stolen funds flow to a retired bureaucrat-controlled operation near the border of the USA in the vicinity of, but not in Mississauga, and then are sent across the border to a bank controlled by retired bureaucrats in Ohio. The Cell Investigations Unlimited investigators stated the natural flow from there seemed to be to the United Nations bureaucrats who are “number ONE”(“UN”- in French”).

The French participated in the American Revolution against Great Britain and ever since have partial control over U.S. decision making through an agency in Montreal with direct connections to the United Nations. That agency is the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO; in French:Organisation de l'aviation civile internationale) and is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

It is all bureaucratically controlled and led; they can fly anywhere in the world and bring instructions from Paris, France surreptitiously.

The connection in Canada is Transport Canada, currently headed by a retired astronaut. The bureaucrats in Transport Canada facilitate all matters worldwide since they control the airlines.

Since there are telephones and airlines in every country “perfect speed is being there.”

Glen and Jennifer Ann Kealey