Saturday, September 21, 2019



 In June this year on the normal transfer date of old age pension into my bank account, when I called up my balance on the bank screen at the bank, I was shocked by the new layout on the screen which stated I had received less money from CRA than the usual for years gone by. I calculated the difference missing to be slightly less than $900.00 dollars. What shocked me most was that it was the bank informing me via the amount on the screen, as I had received no statement of any kind from CRA.

At that point I wondered to the Cell Investigators if someone at the bank had stolen the money. They suggested I wait another month before speaking out to see if similar numbers were repeated on my account for the month of July. Such became the case that the numbers were repeated the next month. I then went to the bank and spoke to a teller and asked for a statement going back at least to May. Once I got it, I confirmed the original amount I had been getting and the sudden decrease without warning deposited in my bank account in June 2019.

At that moment the bank manager standing nearby had overheard my conversation with the teller and stepped in to state that the bank can only deposit what they receive from CRA. That’s when I told him I had no statement, nor had I ever had a statement from CRA stating that my pension would be reduced; therefore it appeared that the buck stopped at the bank. At that point the bank manager was very disturbed and he gave me phone numbers to call at CRA. I suspect he also called CRA because later I received a notice from CRA that they were reviewing my account and it would take a long time. Yet the long time they stated in the notice took only two days as a second notice then arrived in the mail, in which they had concluded the $5000.00 plus interest that I had heard had been written off in the H&R Block office when Eli was on the phone with a female at CRA now totaled $13,000.00.

I then called the number given to me by the bank. It took 30 minutes for a live person to speak to me and 20 minutes for me to tell them what had occurred prior to being passed onto a second person where I had to repeat everything told to the first person and was then passed to a 3rd person where I had to repeat for the 3rd time everything I had told to the first 2 persons. I was responded to by the 3rd person with a “So what’s your problem?“ type of response from the female with a foreign accent. “This is a fraud”, I said , ”The evidence has been filed with the PINEAL Court.”

Her response was, ” I don’t believe it’s fraud; but I believe you are threatening me,” and hung up the phone. The next thing that happened was a phone call to me from Eli at H&R Block locally. He stated that his corrections had been made and that the rest of the work that was needed to reinstate the funds must be done by the Ontario provincial government. He stated that he believed it would take until probably late October to resolve. What struck me at the time is the decision would be made following the next federal election....

 To be continued...

 Glen and Jennifer Ann Kealey