Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ben Stein Makes Film Exposing Mainstream Science Cover-up

November 5, 2007

Apparently, Ben Stein has made a movie about the gestapo tactics of the Darwinist elite. I have never particularly liked Ben Stein, but this issue is very close to my heart, as I consider the way people have been utterly brainwashed by schools and the media into thinking that life has no meaning as one of the saddest parts of what is happening on this planet, and I am glad it is finally getting some acknowledgment among the mainstream.

Darwinian evolution has been proved to be utter nonsense by recent advancements in science, but still it is clung on to by so many intelligent people. This is because they have structured their entire lives and belief systems around the idea that we are all simply animals, and have no intrinsic value. The larger scheme at work here is the elite agenda to make us believe we are nothing more than animals. Darwinism, at it's core, is a religious belief (it cannot be proven) based on eugenics. As we know, eugenics are behind the plan to kill off the majority of the world's population, and the plan to re-engineer humanity through genetics and nanotechnology that interfaces with our nervous system.

Science has become the new god, with the experts in white coats replacing the priests of old. As it turns out, science is even crueler than the God of the Old Testament. We need to move in a new direction, because this is a dead way of thinking.