Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It's the politician's mantra, "If you can make an "X", you're my kind of guy." The "X" is quite interesting because it's a bit of a mockery on the illumined man, because they know you're not illumined. You're in the dark. You're the "profane," you see, and "X" was the symbol of the illumined man. It was also used for those who couldn't read and write, not so long ago really. Mark your "X" down, that was your sign. That was your oath when you put a little "X" down there. You're giving authority to someone and you'll be in obeyance to that authority. That's what soldiers did in Europe in the last century. In the early last century and the centuries before, they marked their "X" because they couldn't read or write and they were now under the total command of their superiors. They've given their rights away as a member of the public to be a private. You're owned privately. There's another type of law you can see behind all of this, which you can figure out if you put the time to it, but it's all to do with contracts and contractual law. It's far better to have people believe that they have a say in things. They found out this 200-odd years ago in Britain. It's much easier if you give them what they think is democracy and representation, that way they don't revolt every four or five years. You just kick the last lot out and then you scratch your heads and you wonder why there seems to be an agenda continuing here with the next bunch that's in. Thomas Jefferson mentioned this in his own writings. He said, "When you see a particular agenda being carried forth through different houses (meaning different elected groups one after the other) and you see a particular agenda continuing, then you're under a form of control." Totalitarian type tyranny and we can certainly see it. It's not hard to see if anybody really wants to open the books. It's not conspiracy because those who have been the visible leaders to this, the front-men, have been well documented in the past. We find that in the writings of John Dee going back to England in the 1500's, the British Empire -- "Brytish Empire" (Brightish Empire) as he called it, with a free trade association of countries that would join and get special status if they joined; and eventually this system would be global. We also see it re-emerging in the time of Cecil Rhodes with his Rhodes Foundation and the amalgamation of the Rhodes Foundation with Lord Milner and the Round Table groups, now known as "The Royal Institute of International Affairs" that really is a government that is unelected. It has people placed in governments, but they have many people outside of the government in high positions and in big bureaucracies in federal levels; and this was also to bring in a world state based on Plato's Republic. They push continuously for a society where people will serve the world state. They will serve it. They will believe it's their duty to serve the world state. It sounds very appealing to the left-wingers because left wings are always looking for utopia and it never turns out that way. Even Gorbachev had to admit that. You find the guys that play both sides of the fence tend to say very honest things. They can afford to. It doesn't mean that they're against it. They just tell you it doesn't work. Utopias tend to create absolute horror on countries and nations and peoples, down through the centuries, as you hammer and force them to conform into a system, which is technically alien to them. A system based on a priority of commerce and banking. That is never questioned in all these utopian schemes strangely enough. These tokens for exchanges, the thing called "money" is never questioned, nor is it ever questioned as to why specific families have the right to decide what money is. Together these families form what is called "The World Bank", another front, a fa├žade. Carroll Quigley, who was a professor at Georgetown University—Georgetown being famous for training people to go on to be high level bureaucrats first to do service abroad, generally in forms of charitable agencies, and then they come back and go up the ladder. He was responsible for picking out Rhode Scholars to send to Oxford in England, where this seems to be the center of all of this globalism really stems from. Oxford is tied with Cambridge for different functions. Cambridge tends to put out into the world the aristocratic elite, the ones that are a bit brighter to give positions to go out into the world. They run the spy agencies and stuff. Whereas Oxford seems to be based on training the people to go into high-level politics and bureaucracies worldwide. The Royal Institute of International Affairs has a branch in every British Commonwealth country, so you'll have the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Canadian Institute of International Affairs, et cetera, et cetera. Back in the early 1900's, Milner proposed and it was accepted and implemented that they'd take in other countries, such as India and Pakistan and countries which were not part of the Empire, eventually, such as the USA, and sure enough they'd be called The Council on Foreign Relations, so not to upset the citizenry of the countries who were non-affiliated with the British Empire. You'll find that the policies for the U.S. and all the English speaking countries having dictated fairly openly in their own writings for over a hundred years. Carroll Quigley mentioned that no one in these countries, NO ONE EVER, EVER, (underline ever) is elected to high office without being vetted and passed years before by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It would be a form of scaled down competition for what appears to the public to be parties, but in reality the top people that form the upper cabinets would all be handpicked and vetted and trained for the position, years before the public even hear their names. That's also the same with the likes of Canada, with the provinces to the provincial level. The premiers and provincial level are also picked, vetted, passed and okayed. The reason THEY HAVE NEVER LOST CONTROL OF THEIR AGENDA AND THE DIRECTION—IS THEY PLAN THE FUTURE LIKE A BUSINESS. It's a business. They plan it with meticulous detail, not only a business but as a war; and the people of the world don't know the war is upon them. The elite factions of The Council on Foreign Relations (which is the American branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs) are from aristocratic families in America, and the U.S. does have this aristocracy. It's got a fantastic reputation through propaganda of not having the same snobbery as parts of Europe, but it certainly does, just as much in fact, and they try and disguise it under different accents and so on, but still they're all from the same "Old Boys School". This has gone on for hundreds of years and the party business is a joke. It's one agenda. All countries have signed their sovereignty away when they signed first of all the "Atlantic Charter" at the beginning of World War II, and then subsequently they reinforced that by sending more of their sovereignty away with the United Nations. They cannot back out of the United Nations and go solo or sovereign without being called "a rogue nation". That's what they mean by that. They've broken their contract. It's all run by high Freemasonry. Back to John Dee and the Rosicrucian's—they were the ones who put out branches just like monks do. In monasteries, you'll find different branches of monks (because this is an ancient system) would ordain other or charter other branches of monks. The Dominicans would give branches off of itself and they call themselves something else et cetera, et cetera. It's kind of like weeds. They grow in the same stock like a dandelion and then blow away multifariously. You have these associations all going back to what we call today "Freemasonry," with its base structure comprised of the public, the profane and the low Masons who don't know much at all but are sworn to uphold this system. Regardless of what happens, they will uphold it. That's what a base is for. The base with the "all seeing eye" and even on their dollar and the Great Seal, which is the reverse side of the Great Seal, of two sides of it like the Janus character. It's planted in a wilderness. That's what it symbolizes, the parched wilderness. The wilderness of ignorance, the profane, the public and it rises above the public. It dominates the public and so the intellect - the light, "the intelligentsia" have been given the right to dominate the lessers. They are not the bosses though. The media has had a fantastic job of doing its usual of whipping up the frenzy, which they themselves coined the term. The election fever and the people who are programmed go right into the election mode of fever voting for whoever says the right things, because that's what parties do. It reminds me of the Community Party and Lenin said it and Marx before him. "You must lie to get in. You tell the people what they want to hear and once you're in, you do what you want." That really is what democracy is. If you look at democracy, there's not country where you can actually throw anybody out that you've elected if they go their own way. This has been tried here in Canada, even on local levels, and the people who investigate this and try to get the elected officials out find out that "under democracy the only right you have is to vote them in." That's the only right you have. Once they're in, they don't have to be responsible to you. You'd think they'd learn this down through the ages. You think people who grow up and see two or three elections in their life would start to catch on, but the conditioning overpowers them. The talking heads of the media gets them into the sports phrase and even use sports terminology, the same phrases you'll hear in football games, and one's bashing the other and who's routing whom, and it's like a war. It's such a farce, really, because it's all done by PR campaigns, publicity managers and scriptwriters. You're seeing actors basically parrot what they're told to parrot. They're lost without their scripts. That's why they always make such incredible boo-boos when they open their mouths and say what they think. They just parrot what they're said to say. They're actors on the stage like Shakespeare said. The people never fail to fall for this. They've been lied to so many times they haven't a clue what's really going on in the world, or what the big picture is, or the agenda—or, if they do, they're double-minded. It's like Orwell's double-speak: The ability to hold two opposite opinions in your head at the same time and rationalize each one of them. That's a condition of psychological tampering, basically. It's gets me that they actually really want these people who say these things, they really want them to do and implement these things that they promise to do. PROMISES. It's amazing. It never ever alters. They've been doing this democracy business for a couple of centuries now. It keeps evolving and changing, mind you, in its style and the people don't notice that either. They really think those people and the multimillionaires and the big corporate ex-CEOs that they vote for are going to change their lives for the better for them. All they have to do is to look for a little bit of honesty with themselves, because that's the only place that you can start, unless you torture somebody like Chertoff and his bunch do. That's the only time you get the truth out of someone. You can't force the truth out of someone if they're a born liar; and people who can lie to whole nations are born liars. It's a particular skill that's hard to do it without blushing or flickering the eyelids and that type of thing; and they do it very well. If they were in a lower class, they'd be very good salesmen selling vacuum cleaners that probably don't work. Honesty. You have to start with yourself and that means: Why do you honestly expect someone else to change your world for you? I highly recommend Carroll Quigley's books "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment". Quigley, who was often consulted by the top politicians on policy abroad, was no simple professor. He was also the historian for the American branch of The Royal Institute of International Affairs called "The CFR" (Council on Foreign Relations). He had access to their records. He updated them and he was quite open about much of it in his writings. He tells you "here is the reasons why things really happen in history," and sure enough, it fills in all the little black spots that you don't get in school. All you have in school is dates and times, wars and battles and generals, and who won what and who killed who. They never go into what companies backed it up. What international corporations supplied the stuff? Who made fortunes? Which individuals made fortunes and also paid off the politicians? He does this. He goes into it in pretty good detail. He's the guy who picked Bill Clinton for a Rhodes Scholarship. Clinton, like all of them, are groomed from childhood for their roles. The president's you'll have in 10 years time have already been picked, same as prime ministers. The major events you'll find in history as you gone in years are already planned like a business format. "Nothing happens in politics by chance" and FDR said that. So why do people vote? Prior to all elections, Joe and Jane Average are worried about their own personal lives. Their lifestyle never matches the image they're sold by the media, by the "culture creators" at the top. Therefore they tend to blame themselves and that creates uncertainty in themselves and their own decision making. They feel like children. That's what they want you to feel like, like children who are helpless and then they can bring forth the father figures who seem full of self-confidence. They realize your concerns. They feel your pain and they vocalize what they know is going through your own lives what you're feeling. That's why we have such uncertainty in the world. It helps to make sure that we do keep this farce going by voting, thinking we can change it. I mean we shouldn't really encourage these guys by voting. It would be something else if we stopped voting all together, then the "real bosses" would have to come forth with force and show their faces, because they would not allow the system to disintegrate which they have always kept control of for thousands of years—the commercial system with its mercantile law. People vote because they're afraid. They want reassurance. They want to be made to feel that they're secure. This is what every CON MAN down through history has observed and they know how to exploit these fears. It's great when you can create the fears and then you can exploit them. You give the problem. You have the reaction to the problem for the public, then the fear, then you offer the solutions. It doesn't mean you have to carry those solutions out; or, if you do, you'll word it in such a way that it turns out completely different than the people envisage. People want heroes because they have no faith in themselves. Aldous Huxley in his Berkeley speech (which you can download from this site) was quite correct when he said that most people are really unhappy in their lives. He knew because the system which he and his forbearers had created were making it so. Most people certainly began to be terribly unhappy with all the anxiety of war after war and basically depressions; and in Britain, all through the '70's and '80's, it was called "a recession". They didn't want to call it "a depression". Everybody was depressed all right, but they called it "a recession." They were de-industrializing the country without telling the public that this was the official plan they'd actually signed back in 1945 or '46 with the United Nations to de-industrialize it for the European Union. The generations who were born in that period afterwards simply went through welfare and job after job if they could get it. The "dole," as they called it, a term borrowed from ancient Rome who gave the dole of wine and bread everyday to the public to keep them happy, to keep them from revolting. Everything was planned that way, as I say, which is now disclosed. They admitted it after they united Europe officially under a government. They came out and declassified all the documentation. So generations can suffer and they don't care at the top, because "well, the plan's the plan," you see, and "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs," as Mr. Rockefeller said. People have to realize that the main problems they'll face in their life and they blame themselves for, it's not really their fault at all. They're conditioned in a system which gives them a fake perception of reality. When the myth that they go for does not turn out the same way as the myth is supposed to, they blame themselves and get depressed. They have family breakups. The children go their own way because they're indoctrinated in the school. That's where they get their values from, totally different from the parents, every few years they update this agenda to make it even more so. The people look for a hero outside of themselves, one who voices the concerns that they feel; and that's all they need is acknowledgement this person has stated their problems. They know their problems. They want a hero outside themselves and that's why they vote. It's interesting that when you look at the ones behind Adolph Hitler, who are often portrayed in history as a bunch of little nobody's who just worked their way up in society, renegades little psychopaths; and yet they try to make them seem as though they're almost illiterate; and that's really the upper class snobbery there because these guys were not stupid. We find that Goring, for instance, who was a flamboyant character and no doubt psychopathic to boot, and probably very likeable if you knew him personally, and who loved to dress in a Roman toga for his parties, and who was a theosophist and who carried his big jar of crystal around with him for the "good vibrations." He says: "It's the easiest thing to take control of a country. A few people can do it," he said. "All you have to do is to hype up the fear of an external threat and claim that the government's not doing enough to stop it and the public and that you will do more if you get in to protect them and then they'll vote for you. They'll get you in." People forget that Adolph Hitler was voted in democratically before he became de facto dictator. Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry in the 1800's, said, "We always give the public their heroes. We give the heroes to every faction, every side." The people, once they hear this person saying all the right things, will give their allegiance to that person because "he or she speaks for me." That's how we rationalize it, and we sit back and we guide it again. They say go here, go do this, do that—and we do it. We give our power to the "authorized heroes". The VOTE SCAM never began with electronic voting. It's always been a scam. Even if they did it correctly and upfront and honestly, it wouldn't matter, because once again, the "Big Boys" at the top are handpicked and groomed by people you'll never see, like The Royal Institute of International Affairs Council, long before you ever hear the name and years and years before they ever run for office. The easiest way to control people is to get them into parties, especially two parties. This or that, up or down, left or right. You'll hear talk show hosts use the same formula on AM stations, your local AM stations or city AM stations, then they get you into the emotive topic. Are you for euthanasia? Are you against euthanasia? Are you for this? Are you for that? They drum it up, and sure enough, the people obligingly fall into their camps. Their emotional responses to sounds, to words, they're conditioned and they fall into their camps. If you want to control masses of people, you give them at least two parties. Three's a bit untidy but you can use the third one occasionally when it's so blatantly obvious the corruption is in both parties, you can always use the third one for a little while, as they do in Canada, once in a blue moon. The whole party thing is the easiest way to control millions of people. The United States was supposed to be a Republic first, which followed specific guidelines. Although they were wrote in such a way you could drive buses through it, and that was deliberate too. The party system is easy to take over because you just have to put your guy or a few at the top, and the rest are like trained seals at the circus. You know all the other politicians there they'd want the party. They want to get up the ladder. They're all Masons. They clap their fins (you know, their hands) and cheer their boss on and tell their constituents, "Well, I didn't like that, but I had to toe the party line," you see. "Toe the line," that's a Masonic saying. Sure enough, they do and the public says, "Oh well, I guess he had to," you see, and "we let it happen," but really, we encourage them by voting. In the Soviet Union they made it law that you had to vote because people just weren't coming out, so they made it law; because legally, you see, you have to give your power to the beast that rules you. They forced the people to participate. In Australia, I don't know if they passed it or not, but Howard the Prime Minister there, I think he's been there forever, he was going to do the same thing in Australia, because really there's not confidence in the system. The people are a little bewildered as to why all these things are happening, all this globalization and the Pacific Rim Region set-up and the laws that are getting passed. They can't quite figure it out, so he was thinking of making it mandatory to vote. If there's anybody in Australia, let me know, it would be interesting to see. They talked about that in Canada, but tossed it around once in a while. It's "good" you see when you can give them the right to rule over you. It's governed as such it's ruled because it's ruled to an agenda. "A rule" is another Masonic term because the first cane, the priest (Cane, Cain) and the first rulers were made of cane. Even when I was in school, maybe even still you can get cheap ones from China made of cane and marked off. It used to be inches. Now it's probably centimeters, as they move from the 12 to the 10 system. Again, the binary code coming in there, Masonic again, everything is, you see. You're living in a system which you don't even recognize is all around you, right down to your measurements. In the mythological ideal, The Republic would have been a system where there was one state. I mean it's like one party where all the rules and tenants of the party were laid down and "fixed in stone." The representatives would come from your area to represent just you, the people. That's what is in its mythological form. The party system of course does away that, because all the little hacks at the bottom have worked their way in there for power sake and status. They don't go there to serve the people. They'll say all right things because it's their nature, as good little psychopaths, when in reality it's self-serving. That's where they meet the future business contact, big ones. The largest contracts, of course, dished out in a country are from the federal government, so they make all their acquaintances for business future and so on. They're not there to serve the people. It's rather sad to see that's happened in all countries over the last 150 years or so, when even the ones who were supposed to represent the working people sell out very quickly, often beforehand, because they hand-pick their leaders; and again, they are all Masons. That's the common bond throughout the whole planet—Freemasonry. In all of its names, it's the same thing, male and female. Interestingly enough, I tuned into the news tonight on the Canadian television (I get three stations with my rabbit ears here), and there's a spokesman for a political party in Canada, a woman, and she gave the most obvious freemasonic handshake, so she's Eastern Star. It was interesting to see it so blatant. I guess she's only just passed the third degree and not much higher, because it was just too obvious; but that's the system we live under. It's the same in business. It's the same in law. It's the same everywhere. The signs, the symbols, the language is all around you and you don't see it. You don't see it. However, any president of the United States goes up to give his speech on the podium, everything around that set (and it's a set for your viewing), the same kind of methodology goes into the creation of that background as it does in a movie where everything's debated. Should this be here? Should that be there? Is this the right color? Color is very important too. It's a language. It goes all the way back, actually before Pythagoras who was the guy who brought it out of Egypt where he studied. You'll find every president of the United States will tell you his format by the way the flag behind them is draped. If the arrows are showing with the leg, you know the job is war. If it's the other leg of the eagle holding the olive branch, his job is to at least pretend peace, like Bill Clinton pretended peace; although, more missiles flew over the Middle East from ships and blew up all over the place in Iraq during his whole tenure there—TEN-YEAR. You can tell a good deal by the background. It's a language for "those in the know." Yep, if you can make an X, you're my kind of guy. Isn't it really interesting to see when it's time for electing who's going to be the front man at the top this fever they drum up with all the balloons. Balloons, placards, badges, funny hats, and cheering and so on at the party headquarters, it's like a circus. This is supposed to deal with you and problems with the country, finances and all; and here they are having a circus to drum up hysteria for the public and the public seem to respond to it. I noticed when I came to this country the difference in the advertising techniques, because they're suited to the types of mentality they've given to the public – and there is a culture mentality to give to the public. It's given to you. You're born into it and they update it, just like they update computers every so often, and the public never notice. In Britain, the ads were pretty boring because it was all suits and ties and steadfast and upstanding guys selling you something. Whereas in the U.S. and Canada, at that time it was salesmen who were dressed up literally like circus clowns with the big red noses on and big shoes and balloons in their hands selling used cars. I thought, "who in their right mind would buy a used car from a clown?" Yet they were successful it seems. The same technique is used for voting, as though utopia is coming tomorrow if you just vote this person in. Tomorrow comes and goes and then the promises are all broken and the same agenda, the same United Nations agenda moves steadily forward as always. It doesn't change and the people don't learn because they think this is all real, and they say, "if this bunch turned out bad, we'll vote the next bunch in next time," and that's what you really do. You don't vote new people in. You're voting the last lot out. You're so sick of them and yet you've no memory to realize the bunch you're voting in did the same thing when they were in the last time. In this system which is a totalitarian system which has always worn, not always worn but generally wears the velvet glove that covers the iron fist. It's much easier to have people obey by compliance rather than by brute force and to make them think they are actually guiding their own lives. But you'll find in this system all of, again, the mythos to do with the culture and the safety nets are out there for you that you're meant to believe are there. You've a caring system. You'll find the tools, if you have to go and use them eventually one day, and I always liken them to a highway that you walk along and there's your pick axe there and I don't need that. I'll keep going and there's the hammer there. I'll keep going. There's a spade. I'll keep going, I don't need that. However, if you ever do, you'll find that when you pick them up to use and you hit that pick-axe on the road, it bounces because it's made of rubber. It's made of rubber. THE SYSTEM DOESN'T GIVE OUT THE TOOLS TO HELP YOU OVERCOME THE SYSTEM. That's how clever this is. Everyone's divided from race, creed, religion, generations, male, female. Everything's divided and divided and divided. Every so often they get on side of the other fighting the other, via the media, over some emotive topic and that keeps it going, all divided and conquered. Everyone's divided and conquered. This is a science, an ancient science that is taught to those who are not elected, because the real bosses are not elected and they have no responsibility to answer to the public. It's so interesting to see that when, officially for the first time as an organization, The Council on Foreign Relations came on Canadian television nationally in March 2005 to do with the signing of the "United Americas Agreement." They said they were behind it, openly. None of those guys were elected to any political office. Some of them had been in politics prior to that. Some hadn't. They belong to these organizations, these "foundations" as they call them, because Masons make foundations and you build the society on the foundations. They are not responsible for their acts or decisions to the public. That's your democracy for you. The trick at election time is to whip up the public into a frenzy, because it's important that they get you "back in the box," getting involved as you think you are. Once you're into that frenzy and panic state and looking at the limited alternatives you're given, they've got you where they want you. They want your authorization to rule over you, come what may. People have asked me, "How do you combat this kind of totalitarian system, a secret government behind government?" I tell them; and I've said this on many radio shows and the hosts have never taken it up. They've dropped it quietly. I say: "Look. If you're going to give people authority to rule over you and do as they wish to you and your children, you better make sure you know everything about them. Everything about them, and you should definitely demand to know what organizations they belong to, have sworn allegiance to and have sworn to obey." That's a start. That's a very, very important start. When you find that they belong to all the nefarious organizations with "secrets" as they like to call them, not 'secret organizations', then you can't trust them at all. You cannot trust them, no matter what they say. Supposing they get down on their knees and repent and whatever they do, you can't ever trust them again. These people have sold out completely. People who sell out completely will repeat it over and over to the highest bidder. Carroll Quigley in his own books "Tragedy & Hope," writing in the 1960s said, "Nothing would stop this agenda because it has already taken over the U.S. Congress and Senate" (50 to 60 years prior to the writing of his book). "And by the time those in the public that would ever figure it out would catch on, the agenda would be accomplished." That's exactly how they united Europe, by the same secrecy, lying to the public and parliament after parliament that was elected in simply went along with the agenda – kept their mouth shut. Made excuses to the public as to why the country was in such a sad situation and getting sadder all the time, until it was all over and done. Then, once they had united Europe under a parliament, they declassified the documents to say, "Yes, this agenda to unite Europe must be kept secret from the public until it is completed." That's open democracy for you. It is no different in any other so-called "democratic" country.The old Rhodes/Milner groups, the secret government that was authorized to exist by the British Crown, were chartered to exist and do what they're doing, has never stopped on its goal towards this world government. Margaret Thatcher said it best. She said: "We who are ex-premiers of countries in various nations comprise another government." She says: "We never retire. We know each other. We've worked with each other for years and that is too valuable to be thrown away." She said that they were unelected, and now that they were out of office, they were not responsible to the public or recall or any of that nonsense. They could quietly work and get more done behind the scenes working for this private -- (the real one that exists) towards their agenda. Now it's interesting to note that the Rhodes Milner group of The Royal Institute of International Affairs has stated 80 years ago or more. It was about 100 years ago that they stated that they'd work with any type of government, even conflicting types like Communism. That's true because they helped to create Communism. This group is composed of the upper elite of the noble families of Europe, primarily Britain but now it's the rest of Europe. One of the points that they wanted to make was "they wanted to eradicate the middle classes under the guise of equality." They never mentioned eradicating the upper class and all their privileges. They take it as a priority that that will go on forever. That's what Aldous Huxley was talking about when he mentioned "the dominant minority." He said: "There always has been a dominant minority and I see no reason why there shouldn't always be one." It's true. There's nothing to stop them with their agenda, because the sad reality is we have been born into a Matrix system, totally planned and organized prior to your birth, prior to your parents birth, and this agenda has been going on for an awful long time. Even if President Bush or anyone else had another born-again experience, and the last time Bush had it was when he put out the coffin at Yale University the Skull & Bones Society. That's what it means when they do that; and that's what he means when he refers to it. Even if he had a real one, whatever that is, he couldn't stop it. If he did, he would be Lincoln'ed or Kennedy'ed in public view to warn others to stay in line. There's no doubt about that. The big boys at the top do not tolerate disobedience from any of their hirelings. I will be going into this system of control with The Royal Institute of International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations in more detail on tomorrow's show, so you can tune in then. There's nothing out there that really is as it seems to be. It's the appearance, it's the illusion of a particular spin on reality that's propagated to us the public. Most people have no idea that they're living in a scripted format of propaganda. You truly are meant to believe; and that's the trick of it, to make you believe that you're the most well informed people that's ever walked the planet because of all the news stations that you have, but all of the news stations get their news and basically their marching orders from the same source. That's why you flick through the channels if you have cable or satellite and you'll hear the same stories across the country, one after the other, in the same sequence, including the trivia. Same trivia. It's all controlled to give you the impression that you're the most informed being that's walked the planet. If you believe that, you'll never figure it out. You'll never figure out that your perceptions have been given to you. The diagnosis of the system has been given to you. You allow everything to come along that's detrimental to you like sheep, and you'll wonder why things are just "going to the dogs" as they say. This is the trick of the creation of particular perception. It's non-stop PR propaganda and public relations. There's nothing, from your local police station to even your school board, that doesn't come through a PR spokesperson, public relations. There's nothing. It's like having an intermediary lawyer to redefine reality to you. That's what a PR person does, to put a spin on something until it becomes acceptable to you. You don't think past the spin; and with this big circus show of elections, remember something. In ancient times they knew the trick of division. They knew that the public would join this group or that group. The trick was giving you the groups that you'd identify with, with always the right spokesperson to say what you were thinking. It's very simple. It's never failed. I don't see any reason why it should fail, really, with the majority of the public and the symbol of the eagle which is ancient – an ancient symbol going back for many thousands of years and has come down through the centuries through Rome. Prior to that, it was in Egypt, too, and then the Roman Empire, to the United States and the Russian system. They have the eagle as well. In high Masonry, the eagle is one like the falcon that can symbolically go as high as the sun and look into the face of the sun. That's what it means; and you'll find the symbol of the arrows and the olive branch very revealing. Very old symbol, you'll find it in the Old Testament, if you care to look, and you should ask yourself why they picked that one. The war and the peace, the arms can create war or peace. The wings are the parties left and right, male and female. These are the terms that they use. Emotion versus logic – that's what they mean by it. They're very sexist, of course, and they really hate females at the top. The body is covered by a shield – the body of the bird is covered by a shield. The body is hidden. The real body is hidden. You see the head above, but, again, in Masonic terms you can figure it out quite simply. The head below, the real virile power is covered. You don't get to see that. In ancient Egypt, they had two eyes sometimes on some of their symbols of pyramids. When the top eye was open, the bottom was closed and vice versa. The public get to see what they're meant to see, and nothing more. You'll find that there'll be some people who are replaced with this election over, as a token, but they were decided to go long before the public heard of it. They never leave politics. They join the real workers behind the scenes where they're not responsible to the general public. Mr. Rumsfeld, of course, was already scheduled to go off and do his nefarious things behind the scenes. He was always a front-man for the chemical companies and the big weaponry firms in combination with those chemical companies. He was the guy that even on the CBC was shown going over years ago and shaking his Masonic handshake with Saddam Hussein when he was giving him the chemicalized weaponry. Mr. Rumsfeld will simply go back into the "real work" behind the scenes, where he can do a lot of stuff without being responsible to Joe Public or the press or anyone else. You won't hear what he's been up to until years later. That's how the real system works. These guys never leave the art and the system they're involved in of governance, as opposed to government. Look at the website for upcoming shows. I'm on RBN broadcasting. No one's backing me; and for those who want to help out, you can check out how they can do it on the website at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.