Monday, November 26, 2007

"Psychodynamics of Sado-Masochism and its Scientific Societal Manipulation by the Dominant Minority"

Very few people today in this day and age - very, very few are actually true individuals as such. We see teenagers who go through a stage where they think they want to be an individual and they are in a sense one by one trying to assert their own different personality, but you'll notice to be different they actually join a group never realizing that the group itself or the fashion that they wear or the symbols that they use and the behavior and the conduct is marketed to them from the top. So there's your paradox in trying to be different as a teenager. In reality, they want to be accepted by a peer group and so they conform to that group. Adults are not too much different. Plato himself said that morality and culture which is given by the top - what's right one day can be made wrong the next and vice versa. He said we can turn it upside down and the last ones to notice is the generation that's going through the changes they adopted so easily and casually and they think the idea somehow originated within them. Continued