Friday, November 16, 2007


All our leaders are chosen for us..Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry in the 1800’s, said, "We always give the public their heroes. We give the heroes to every faction, every side." The people, once they hear this person saying all the right things, will give their allegiance to that person because “he or she speaks for me.” That's how we rationalize it, and we sit back and we guide it again. They say go here, go do this, do that—and we do it. We give our power to the "authorized heroes". What are we trying to keep as a system? If we look at the major revolutions which the same organizations have always been behind they would start up clubs and organizations prior to revolutions to track members in. They then observe carefully the different members as they taught and they know they're be problems after the revolution because they were too intelligent and they could convey by speech and knowledge a reality to the ordinary people and get it across and those people who could do that their names were on the list and immediately after the revolutions they were rounded up and killed because the stage was set as it always is. The chessboard was set in advance for this very thing. Are we trying to keep that which is familiar to us in our lifetime? —Because if we are, it’s a lost cause. It wasn’t our system; it’s just what we’re used to. What you’re used to now is not what they were used to 50 years ago, or 100 years ago, or 200 years ago as a system. The paradox is you have a mirror image of a reality or a truth being abused by the tyrants. It’s the old story of the opposites. You may call it a God and the Devil or the Ying and the Yang. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the same old story, that one is real, one isn’t. It’s the only way that the world is going to come out of this with any semblance of sentient thought for all or most of the population. The war that's one today is not so much a war on the masses. The masses are downloaded with everything and they question it not. The war is on the individual, the occasional thinker because it's the occasional thinker who can communicate who can affect many other people who then understand and they go running with information. That's why I don't pretend to be a patriot cheerleader for some old world order. I don't give you the Hollywood slogans or the John Wayne clichés which you've been taught to stand to attention with. I don't wave flags because flags symbolize the hyper-Masonic system under which we live. There's nothing in culture and in your system that wasn't designed and made to be so and counter-intelligence listens to all avenues of information and emulates it and gives you superstars who will say the same stuff and then will spin it off and you'll follow them because you're trained to follow what you perceive to be the superstar, the successful one. The one who's making the big bucks. He must be good if he's making the big bucks.
That's how you're trained to see it and therefore if a vagabond tells you ultimate truths you would ignore them. In fact, you wouldn’t even hear what was being said. Your ears would be closed. Yet if the big boys put out some charlatan you'll listen to every syllable they utter and swallow it all without question. We must do the unexpected. We must choose a different path and persuade others that at least to try yours or to look at it and they themselves might find a similar path but not quite identical but different nonetheless because ANY PATH WHICH IS NOT CHOSEN FOR YOU IS BETTER.
DON'T CHOOSE THE EXPECTED PATH when you're terrified of the changes which you're seeing more blatantly today come upon you. We're all walking this planet for a short time. Very few people breakthrough into the reality that exists and they never see. Very few people can breakthrough that. Some can and that's what it's always been about because it's the few who try to lift humanity up - all humanity up who have stopped the ultimate horror in all ages from occurring. The reason the deception is used today to control masses of people is because of the people who were awake in previous ages passing on knowledge. Otherwise, we'd all chipped long ago or lobotomized long ago. Completely lobotomized. It's only been the more cautious and devious way of governments way of getting around that that's lead them to create such a system of massive propaganda and indoctrination through television and media and schooling. It wouldn't be necessary except for people who passed on the knowledge and wisdom through countless centuries.
The people who could point to the king and say, "he has no clothes," and break the spell that held the masses. That's what it takes. But it takes life and when you look at people really are doing with themselves, they're doing what's authorized to be "good citizens" upstanding, upright, all those Masonic terms all these authorized things and yet they're not alive. They're not living. They’re putting time in. They're killing time really and as they kill time they're killing themselves and there's nothing more worthwhile that brings a flame alive than getting involved, keeping your cool as you do it and passing on just enough information here and there that maybe one day will light the fire in someone else when the words come back to them that you have uttered at the right time. That's how knowledge has been passed on. Otherwise, the whole planet would be watching sports and thank goodness with all the massive indoctrinations they haven't reached that stage yet.

It's always the few and they don't have to agree upon everything except not to oppose that which they're expected to oppose and tremendous changes can be made with no guarantees of a definite ending except that we get an alternative ending to the one which is planned and if it's not planned for you exactly for the children and those who are growing up.People are always saying that they want truth, but they don't really want truth. They want something which is familiar. They want a guarantee that if they come into the next step to waking up they'd be guaranteed to be able to handle it and that isn't the case. Not everyone can truly wake up. Many people can wake up to the first step which is simply understanding what's happening in the world around them and to them and where it's going and they can follow the speeches given by various people down through the last hundred years or so and it all begins to make sense to them, but that's only one level of this whole process.THE TRUTH MUST ALWAYS BE SAID. Otherwise, someone is controlling someone else. And people shouldn't be offended with differences of opinion and people should neither be dogmatic about it either because that's down to a battle of wills then, of ego.