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Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - DECEMBER 28, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Hi, folks. This is Alan Watt at

Tonight, I'd like to go through a process which some people go through concerning waking up and it has to do with where you've been as to where you go and where you end up because what people do is panic when they notice the world around them is changing in a direction which they had no say in and what they're really noticing are the changes brought on by higher powers you might say all working together from a thousands sources. There are a thousand points of light as they like to call it guiding us into a new era.

The panic really is because we're traditional people. We like tradition. Tribal peoples all have a natural inclination towards tradition. Tradition gives us a feeling of comfort in a world which can sometimes be dangerous where not only on a national or international basis something can go wrong that even down to the personal level and much does go wrong within the personal level and here's the reasons why.

Up until the 20th Century a system had been created by those who ran ancient commerce. The system of trading and banking and interest - interesting guaranteeing the submission of those who owe. There's nothing new in that. The rules of this system are contained within every supposedly holy book in both the exoteric and esoteric forms. Those within the higher secret societies. Not the lowly ones, the Blue Lodges or the lowly Rosicrucian's but the much higher degrees are let in on the secrets, at least some of them and the secrets only make sense to you because you already knew the answers. You just have someone putting it together for you and there are those that they call Adepts who know it naturally anyway because for some reason or another they've been conscious most of their lives or maybe even all of their life.

So we are cultural people, traditional people and the system that was created through commerce and trading and banking which runs the whole show really. Money runs the show. Money makes the world go around. An unnatural system was created but to make that unnatural system work the tribal systems had to be destroyed and they really went to town. If you look at the history of Europe and Britain especially the Romans went to great lengths to destroy the old cultures and hunting down the old priesthoods - the old Druids a remnant from an even older age where the world had also at one time been an international type of society and when I say that I don't mean there was perfection at one time. You must always realize that those who write the books write them in glowing terms and they use terms like the Golden Age and you must remember from whose point of view. That makes all the difference in the world. From whose point of view was it a Golden Age?

And they're different from today when they talk about their wonderful global rationalist system. An Age of Reason supposedly that had many honest people working towards it in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries thinking a rational system where everyone could think for themselves. It would be wonderful. They didn't realize themselves that no it wasn't for everyone to think for themselves. It was for those who believed they had the right to plan everyone else's lives for them because they were the most rational of all according to themselves.

There are always two ways at least of looking at that which is put in front of you. From whose point of view and followers in every system are always used by those who lead the system. I'm sure many in the 18th Century went through revolutions in Europe and America really never knew that a small elite group had planned it that way and they swallowed all the glorious terms to do with the new Age of Reason thinking how free everyone would be. It never dawned on them that the elite families already had decided they were the ones who had reason and no one else had.

And all of it is coded within your language to. In Aramaic and Hebrew they had Ra and Ray and Rhea and often they would use the term 'Rhea' which meant 'the wife' in that language of Ra. On a deeper level it was a part of Ra because Ra is a mystery religion and all religions in fact the god is always male and female in one.

However, they use the term 'Rhea' and reason is 'son of Rhea', the illumined ones and when they brought the commercial system by force and arms using armies and people even to create the armies of countries that had already conquered by that system they brought Rome into hunt everyone down who could remember the old ways and thousands of them were rounded up in parts of England and put inside the big lodges - the wooden lodges and they burned them down. They burned them to death because that's part of the ritual too of cleansing the old by fire. The ritual of fire and they introduced a new system which held for a little while, but because they hadn't totally eradicated the memories on the bard system in those countries once Rome had withdrawn the commercial system didn't proceed as it was going already with the Roman occupation.

It wasn't until the Normans came in with the blessings of the Catholic Church - or Rome behind it. The new Rome you see. The trans-formed - the change of FORM - trans-formed Rome who brought in the money system again and the introduction of money. The mandatory use of money and then taxation and then everyone works to receive money and pay so much back in taxes which are then used to build armies and suppress you even more and make big building projects which you're taxed for again and which impress you and make you feel very small. It's an old well tried and true tested method of subjugation but they had to do something even further because the Catholic Church when it came into Europe made marriage law and they made marriage for life - law.

They had to breed up working populations in those days. There was no intensive farming. Intensive farming in those days meant how many muscles you could get working on the fields for small crops. You also had to have the forms of serfs which are slaves to serve and do all the building projects building the cities where the elite would live. Always ongoing building projects and if you read the writings of the Roman historians who were in much, much earlier before the withdraw as Rome collapsed - ancient military Rome collapsed before the transformation you will see from their own writings that the TRIBAL SYSTEMS IN EUROPE DIDN'T HAVE MARRIAGE FOR LIFE. And not only that, it was quite well agreed that if a male and a female wanted to setup shop the female simply moved in with the male and they would spend two or three months together and if things changed or they didn't get along there was no shame involved. It was just an accepted way of life. She moved back and there was no stigma attached to it. THAT WAS THE NATURAL WAY.

The only ones that were recorded to have fallen entirely mated for life were much, much older and let's be honest folks out there. When you're young your hormones rule your head. You don't really see the person you've just married until much later. Your personality hasn't even developed fully and neither has your partners. So to expect two people to marry and remember the Catholic Church allowed very early marriage in those days. To get married at 15 or 16 or even younger and grow up together on the same path and grow mentally, spiritually and every other way in the same direction. That was impossible and so they reinforced it all with laws and rules and holy laws and biblical laws to reinforce why people had to stay together and because the female is the survivor of the two as every study will always show she is the one to up and leave even today readily - much more readily than the male. Even when its gone as low as it can go the male will still stay there even though it's destroying him and his partner. The wife doesn't. She will plan ahead and vamoose and survive. That's nature. That's just nature.

And so it was always down through time so when they introduced mandatory marriage for life the laws were aimed at keeping the female in the marriage and that's where the concept of sin - ongoing sin was preached every day and every week and all the fires of hell would come on you if you broke God's ways. That was to keep the women there and if the woman did leave for any reason she had no property rights whatsoever. That was a blackmail you see.

Now that that system had served its purpose post-industrial et cetera, all of those rules have been reversed by the same world - the descendents of the same people in charge of the world reversed all the rules and encouraged this building up of marriage because now marriage becomes a threat. People will stand up together - they're more likely to stand up for close relatives and fortunately so but for close relatives rather than other people around them whereas the old tribal system everyone stood up for everyone else. You had to because it was very true when you stood up for someone else you were standing up for yourself at the same time. Not just for immediate family.

The process of 'waking up' as I say is painful and it's generally a shock when people get glimpses of what is coming down the river through all the different sources of media. Little snippets here and there to do with brain chipping, the controlled society.


You haven't seen all the implementations of the laws come into play but they're there and many of them have been implemented and everyone is being monitored and we were all being monitored long before 9/11 came along. Top sociologists at the United Nations in the 1950s discussed the monitoring of the populations of Europe and America down to the village level and the rural level and how personality profiles were getting kept on everyone from at least 1950 onwards and at that time they used a sort of Cardex system. Now it is all computerized and the big boys have simply given themselves the exoteric right to do what they've always done esoterically and that's monitor and record all your conversations. There's nothing new in this at all. All that is new is if they'd admitted this to the populations 50 years ago there would have been an uproar.

Today, they can admit what they're doing because people have been domesticated. They've been hypnotized. They've been more scientifically designed and reared so the big boys know that very few people will object. Most people today love their bondage to Big Brother. Most people today are Peter Pans. They never want to grow up. They don't have the desire to grow up. They like the idea that professionals those who know what they're doing are in charge of everything.

The only problem is there are a minority who have gone beyond the simple patriot business and the national business and the fact is you cannot mourn for that which was never yours and that was the old system. As I say the predecessors of the present rulers designed the old system as well. We're just mourning the passing away of that which was familiar to us.

Don't let the process of waking panic you. Remember, this has been going on for thousands of years at least one stage after another. Many, many thousands of years. At the end of an age and the old age is passing away now of Pisces new gods are born.


Under the guise of earth worship and the mother side with the strong arm of the military to enforce laws you're seeing that hermaphroditic system appear all around you, the male and female. Where you have a pretense of caring but you have the might to ensure that you go along with this big building project.

Those who want to look into this deeper should read the non-fiction works of H.G. Wells for instance. Read "The Open Conspiracy". He said, "it's all in the open for those that want to read it," and it's true. It's always been out there in dry books put out by professors who are authorized - certain professors and certain other leaders, a lot of them on the fictional side of writing and now it's film-making too. But they also put out their non-fiction works. Both the ideas and the formulas are given to these people. They don't create them. They front people.

H.G. Wells talked about the system to come right down to even the creeds - the peoples who would be allowed to come through this era into the New Age and it was called the New Age long before the hippy movement of 1960s and the New Age magazine was the official monthly magazine put out by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and they talked about the age they're creating.

As the old gods pass away people mourn for that which was even though it wasn't theirs. They have nostalgia because they believe in a romantic fashion that the past was somehow better and it wasn't. The "good old days" for every generation are the young days when they are not responsible to an employer or to work for themselves and survive. That's the good old days for every generation is childhood you see and even childhood has been stolen.

Today, scientifically again and it wasn't difficult to do when you understand the mentality of children and what sciences are used to exploit the minds of children. Perfectly understood television of course has been the greatest tool ever designed to hypnotize and it does hypnotize - it's not just proven. They've told us what it does to the human. It puts us into a hypnotic state with the flickering which you don't see consciously. At least most folk don't and all the different messages and subliminals are imparted when your defense mechanisms are down your sensor part of the brain is down. You're simply downloaded and you act out in your life your downloading. That is your program and then you wonder why you've done certain things in your life and things haven't worked out for you. It's designed that way.

That's why you won't find a functional family today and the truth is you didn't find in the last generation either. They lived by convention - a convention that was given to their predecessors by the rulers. That's why they gave a king and queen who came out on a balcony on festive occasions side-by-side. That was your prototype to emulate and the people down below emulated a king and queen even though the king and queen were matched up by priests simply for breeding purposes. The nobility today have no qualms admitting privately that really there is no love between the man and woman. She can go her way. He goes his way. They do what they want as long as they have offspring and keep the power within those families of the financial side of it which they own as well. But the little people down below never knew that. They truly believed that in the romantic nonsense that was put out there the king and queen loved each other.

That's why we haven't had functional families for a long, long, long time and when they were sort of functioning - as I say sort of functioning was because the laws ensured that they had to at least keep their appearances up. There was some form of cooperation between people who are really strangers and if we're very, very honest about it to and we have to be you can't take part of a truth and dismiss the other simply because it's unpleasant or it destroys the romance of the past but prior to the contraceptive pill coming along you could go into the registry offices of most places in Europe and probably North America was the same and you'd find a vast amount of people who got married had a child within a few months after the marriage. That was normal. Not for everyone but for the majority that was normal. Convention made it so.

The system is gone now. It's been totally reversed. The west especially has been soaked and milked. We've built the structures. We've built the system. A lot of the technology that exists today came out of ordinary people taught in ordinary schools and big boys simply stole their ideas. They reaped the harvest and they used this technology and the knowledge against the rest of us today.

We've all worked - every generation has worked towards this great New World Order never knowing most of them what was really going on and today most go to their graves never knowing what really happened. Why the changes took place. Why every part of their system has been altered. What turned their cultures upside down? Most of them will never look into the Greek philosophers who talked about culture creation and how they could reverse the norms in the culture in one generation and those who didn't see the changes and understand them were the very generation involved. It was done so slickly. These are all sciences.

A power elite in any country would never allow this to be done to the people if it didn't benefit that power elite. It's sanctioned by every power elite because it's all one big club. The big world club. Those have body, soul and spirit according to themselves. That's why in a deck of cards you'll find a club. That's why the Masonic coffee houses throughout Europe prior to revolutions were called "the clubs." A club is something you also whack something with over the head.

Upon waking up people panic as I say and because up until that point they think they have been conscious and that they're just now getting into more knowledgeable parts of the structure. The first thing they think is well human beings couldn't have done this. It's too clever. That's the shock setting in and that part is catered for by the big boys who supply the pied pipers who come in and tell you, oh it's the space aliens who did that and a whole bunch of stuff like that. Along those lines. Anything to stop you understanding that whatever you know in this world is antiquated knowledge. The higher sciences have never been taught to you and existed even thousands of years ago.

You've been brought up to believe you're on the cutting edge and that all the magazines out there et cetera are keeping you well IN-FORMED and therefore you've been taken by surprise so smart old you could not be taken by surprise. That's the ego talking so it must be a supernatural thing that's happened. So out come the piped pipers with their stories and cater to you and lead you off taking true intelligence - true knowledge mixing it with the fantasy and spinning you off into the fantasy land which is easy for you to go to because it's rather fascinating. We enjoy the fantasy. We've been brought up and we've been gorged - we're gorging on fantasy. That's what television and fiction is all about and we have an insatiable appetite for fiction. We’re reared that way but we don't have the knowledge and we're not taught critical thinking analysis.

Pied pipers steer you off in a thousand directions because it's appealing to your ego that no wonder you were fooled. You're up against incredible intellects here. Superior supernatural intelligences and those pied pipers are well funded, well funded and there's teams of people behind them to make sure they're ongoing. THEY ALWAYS GIVE US OUR HEROES TO FOLLOW. That's why this agenda has never been stopped.

The other part of this equation is the predictability factor. You see, when you break out of the old we take a lot of the old with you and part of that was a world view that was all simplified for you. Don't worry it doesn't matter what happens or how bad things get there's a god in control of it all and he wrote all this stuff down of what's to happen so it's God's will. He's in charge and it has to happen that way the sequence of events and you take that with you but because you discard the old, you discard the old deity you see but you want that part of predictability. Some kind of insurance policy and so you go off to the people who claim they know the future through supernatural means and you jump into it again the realm of magic where the pied pipers are set up and when they're not using holy books to mislead you they use cards or crystal balls or they channel entities because you demand assurance and insurance against the future. You don't like uncertainty because uncertainty means you'd have to decide for yourself all the time and you've been taught you always have experts.

Prior to the scientific elite - the white coats you had the black coats of priests who decided your future for you. They gave you all the answers. They told you everything you needed to know. Today we're taught all we need to know. It doesn’t mean it's the truth but we're taught all we need to know according to the elite.

If you accept that everything is preordained you've succumbed to psychological warfare. You're already defeated. That is the purpose of psychological warfare.

If you put your faith in a crystal ball or any means of divination outside of your own intellect then you're handing your intellect - in fact, you're throwing your intellect away and taking something else's word for it, something again you think is superior to yourself which means that you must be inferior. Simple psychological warfare.

They are people who today who phone me who've been through the whole New Age scenario who are in a mental prison who have to go through rituals everyday with all kinds of techniques and cards to tell them should they go out. Should they stay in? Should they go here? Should they go there? They use pendulums to swing yes or no just like the ouija board. They cannot decide anything for themselves. They're in a prison and these people are walking in society amongst you but they're in a prison. They have an intellect, the greatest gift they're ever given and yet they throw it away and put their faith in something or someone else something physical outside of themselves.

Others follow those who give the big predictions and if you look at those who give out predictions they'll give maybe out 500 to 1,000 predictions in a year knowing that next year at least a certain percentage of them will probably by the law of averages come true. They never tell you about all those that didn't come true. It's not difficult at all and some of the big ones out there follow the standard routine that's been set up in the past.

If you want to convince someone that this particular person is on to the truth you can take them to court, splash it all over the papers and you've just given them the best publicity they could ever have regardless of the reason they're in court. It's publicity that counts and those who are already following such a person will think well they must be genuine. They've been up in court about it. It's not so much getting up in court that matters. It's what the decision at the end of it that tells you why it was done in the first place.

I've mentioned people like Peter Wright before of MI5 who had all of his books seized. They were ready to be issued to the stores and they were pulped back into mush by an order of the court. You see, that one was genuine. The rest generally for others, the pied pipers is very good publicity and the followers are even more convinced of the truth of the person because they've been in court.

They use to make movies like that when a special service person was to infiltrate a group they set them up to make them look like they had turned or they were deviant or they were really criminal and to be exposed publicly and then the group he was meant to penetrate would approach him. It works every time. People don't think. Others don't want to think. They enjoy the fantastic. It's just another form of entertainment to them. It doesn’t mean that things don't happen to individuals in a supernatural sense but the truth of that is that it only makes sense to the individual concerned. Once you said it to someone else what happened it's hearsay. You can't give someone else an experience. They must have it themselves.

So people fall every year and every decade and every generation for those who pretend to predict the future. We don't have to go into crystal balls to see where we're headed. There's nothing really covered up today. Nothing. We’re going into a totalitarian society where those who claim they have reason have the right to turn us all into robots which will give them no more trouble and that's only one phase of it.

The next phase will be genetically creating humanoids for specific tasks. We're dealing with people who work intergenerationally and plan the future in centuries and always have. Not difficult to guide the world when you own all of the money that everyone is taught to work for. That countries have to go and beg for. Not difficult at all especially when no one else is planning the future and you have all the think tanks working for you to do that very thing.

YOU HAVE NO OPPOSITION and I use to wonder why they were so against the so called primitive societies. The static cultures and that's the key to their defeat. They cannot allow what they call "the herd" to stop moving once they are riled up when they're stampeding to guide us into where they want us to go. We go blindly always looking to the experts to advise us.

If they allow peace for a single generation it's difficult to then motivate the offspring who've been brought up in peace and security to go into another direction. They don't want to leave that field they're in and go into another with a new environment. They'll stay where they are. So they always keep us stampeded with real wars or the threats of wars or rumors of wars, economic depressions, starvation, unemployment, famines, plagues and all the rest of it. It's the same old technique for thousand of years used on every culture and you'll find that when you have an equation which works why would you change it?


Writers like H.G. Wells was well aware that many who came out of the New Age movement or born into it really would attempt to lead it and he was well aware that YOU COULDN'T FIGHT THE NEW AGE BY USING THE NEW AGE and mysticism that's flogged out there has been flogged for a long, long, long time as is all part of the New Age. You can't fight it by using it.



People have tried for decades to use the court system to stop the loss of rights and some for the loss of sovereignty or national sovereignty and so on. Hasn't worked. THE LEGAL SYSTEM BELONGS TO THOSE WHO RUN THE WORLD.

People pray to deities and entities to stop it for them. Hasn't worked. The Christians pray and they're really in double-speak because they created the deity who supposedly planned all this so they're terrified of all the things that are about to happen and yet they're afraid of criticizing the deity because he planned it all in the first place and if you try to stop it then you're going against his plan. Boy there's a number for you. You've really been numbed. Really numbed.

The last place a person wants to look is at the power within themselves. They've never really had to. In fact, they don't have much confidence in themselves at all in this system where we've been brought up to believe that we're so petty and so ignorant really when WE COMPARE OURSELVES TO THE EXPERTS that WE COULDN'T MAKE the RIGHT DECISION ANYWAY EVEN IF WE TRIED. THAT'S A GREAT CON GAME WHICH HAS BEEN VERY, VERY SUCCESSFUL.

But to look towards people who claim to be modern shamans in a sense who were simply using the old Kabbalistic techniques of divination is a LOSERS GAME because if you believe a person has that power to design that means that you're pretty stupid because you become subservient to the other person. It never dawns on you you're as EQUAL AS THEY ARE and perhaps intellectually even a little bit superior. That's up for yourself to decide.

Others ask is consciousness the end goal. Is that all there is because once again taking from past their beliefs or reality they still want a form of assurance.

REALITY IS DIRECTING YOUR PATH FOR YOURSELF AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT IF YOU'RE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF THAT THE PATH YOUR TREADING WILL BE FOLLOWED BY OTHERS OF SIMILAR MINDSET DURING YOUR LIFETIME AND MAYBE AFTER YOU'RE DEAD TOO WITH NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE and what greater thing can there be if people truly have the ability to plan and direct their future something that's been unheard of for the people. The public as THEY call them for thousands of years.


It would take a lot more to fool them and not the Disneyland stuff that we've been fed which has been very successful. It would take more than that to fool a conscious population who have memory and a type of education that makes them inquire not only into the past but the techniques used on the past so that they might understand the techniques and the warning signs that are being used today or about to be used.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE ENEMY OF THE ELITE. That's why THEY keep us so busy hyped up and worried and watching sports or dramas or voyeurism where people pretending to have affairs and sex every five minutes. All the little things - the little drives that people have are blown out of proportion like drugs and fed like drugs on the tit of television has everybody sucking on it daily and it is not for your health.

Those who are awake must also always accept the fact that a good majority of the public decide that the world is too heavy with problems. They don't want to know. Leave me in my own little space with my own little fantasies and go away. Well that's fine do it. Go away. Why waste your time with them. Those people have chosen. Only they themselves can decide to wake up. The dead can be made to walk only when they're trying to stand up for themselves. That's what that means.

When you pickup your bed and walk it's because you've been asleep all your life. That's what the esoteric means but they must want to get up for themselves before you can help them then you can teach them otherwise you're hitting your head against a brick wall.

For those who've fallen for the pied pipers with all of their data which is vastly distorted from the facts of history but which is very fascinating you have to accept they're on their own magical mystery tour and they enjoy it. They've already put themselves in fear position by admitting to themselves that something vastly superior and supernatural controls this whole thing. It's much easier to accept that on an egotistical level that you've been fooled by a supernatural being or beings than by people who put their pants on one leg at a time and go to the bathroom like you and I.

Look at all the words in the dictionaries - looking at an older one all the better. There's more words in them. We're down to linguistic minimalism now as the dictionaries get thinner and thinner and people can't express their thoughts and convey their ideas to their neighbors and look at all the words that begin with CON. Very, very important words. Confederate, constitution, constabulary and on and on it goes. Confidence, and confidence tricksters and the PRIESTS WHO ARE CONS. Always ongoing.

When you get out of the tunnel and you see the light and you see the forest across the field remember the "all seeing eye" didn't miss the field and he knows you want to get to the forest and his mines planted all across that field each one with a flag saying, "come here, I've got it for you." The preachers who did this live on Sirius or they live on some far off little star or they're metamorphs or come here I've got a crystal ball or the answer is in these cards or this divining rod or whatever it happens to be.

It's amazing that if the kingdom of heaven is within you, you don't want to trust it and you wonder why not only yourself but previous generations have been suckered down all of these fake paths and allowed to happen down through time what has happened and what is happening because they don't want to believe their own selves if they just stopped and switched everything off and did some thinking for themselves that at the time most of the answers are within.

It's a sad thing to think everyone could be asked - in fact they do ask this question towards the end of their life for themselves. What have they done with it and once they get through I did this for me or mine and that's generally what it is, is me or mine there's an emptiness there. There's nothing beyond that because they know that once they're gone their memory dies with those who are still alive. Once they are gone their memory is gone too. The second generation and definitely the third forgets. There's no reason to remember in fact.

That's why the ancients - the pharaohs and so on had their names and their statutes in stone and vast sums were paid out of the treasury into the priesthoods to pray for them generation after generation. They believed that once the prayer stopped there was simply non-existence for their primitive spirit you might say. It was important that humans remember them. Very important to them.

Most people today are really the same. Once they're dead it's as thought they had never been. That's an old saying. What have you left behind? What have you changed? Who have you influenced in such a way for the better for others without enslaving them? You'll find that most of the authorized historians down through the ages give us fantastic ideas but those ideas enslave the followers because they're not teaching them to think individualistically. Just the opposite. We tend to think in mass movements yet the masses are the unthinking masses.



It's the elite who have the problem with the word TRUTH and try to redefine it always. That's why they have the Pontius Pilate character supposedly saying "what is truth?" Meaning it depends where you're standing with your point of view. But there are truths which are unchanging. Those things which make us truly human are the emotions which can be very, very giving and yet from the same emotions can come the greatest selfishness. It's dualistic and only we can control them and if we don't control them the others - the elite decided long ago they will do it for us and their system is rigid. There's no leeway whatsoever for decision making down below.

We each have the capacity to change our immediate environment and those around us. The alternative as opposed to the elders in ancient societies who had some wisdom to pass on and who were respected for that wisdom. Today unfortunately we have many elderly who are just as dumbed down as their offspring and their offspring's offspring. They don't have wisdom to pass on. Very few do. That's not the way to end up. We have the one chance here to do it all in every generation and only a few people will accept the challenge and the risk which is what independence is all about. Risk taking.

To end up with a good pension in a retirement home and maybe even a building - they put buildings up in retirement homes where there's doctors on one floor, shops on the other, hairdressers on the other and the hospital in the basement - I mean and maybe the morgue in the basement too. What a thought. What a thought to save up for your working life for that rather than take the risks - the risk of still being independent as you grow older. What's wrong with that? There's nothing at all except the modern stigma because the elderly are kept out of the decision making process. The generations have been scientifically split.

That's all for me tonight. I hope this is not too depressing. It shouldn't be really because behind what I say has a message of hope for those who understand it. Good night and may your god go with you.