Sunday, May 11, 2008

A talk with a mix of music to demonstrate predictive programming -

The following talk is interspersed with some well-known songs that you’ve heard down through your life and I’ve attempted to show you how you’re being conditioned along with certain agendas with the songs you hear, just as you are with the movies you see. It’s all predictive programming along a certain path.

Well, just like that song there, we’re all living in the dark. We don’t know much about history. We don’t know much about social politics. We don’t know much about the movements which have been created down through history which appear to be DIFFERENT from each other on the OUTSIDE, but when you look at their policies and their goals, they all tend to go towards the same destination. When you find things all tending to come together, as the song goes, towards the same destination, then some people will clue into the fact there’s a common guiding hand here.

Societal changes are likened to a herd of sheep who’ve been in the same field for a few years or even a generation and the sheep themselves are totally unaware of what their purpose is. They think they are there to be happy and to chew the cud and they know the shepherds. They know the shepherd basically comes in and he’ll smile and he’ll take to them and he’ll even scratch some of their ears, you know. Of course, when he wants them to eventually move to another field, he has to motivate them and get them ready to move because something which has been static for a long time takes a while to get into gear, you might say, without losing control; and that’s what society is because society has been planned.

You might say we’re being farmed, like Charles Forte said. WE’VE BEEN FARMED basically down THROUGH the CENTURIES for DIFFERENT PURPOSES by a HIDDEN ELITE and a VERY HIGH ARISTOCRACY, which uses lower aristocracy to do the actual work you might say and when they need these people for wars they BREED them up.

They’ll allow them to have more food for themselves. They always allow them to have plenty of drink, alcohol and so on, and even encourage parties and festivals and that way they knew the population upped because during the festival time even religion would relax so people copulated and offspring were produced. Those guys would be the NEXT CROP for the NEXT WAR, which is maybe PLANNED 18 to 20 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD and this is pretty standard down through history.

You read about it from the days of Plato where he talks about the necessity of CULLING OFF the EXCESS POPULATION of the Grecian Islands because they were islands and they could only stand so much of a population and even the influx of slaves from all their wars would become a problem sometimes. They would arm these slaves and put them in the army and have them fight their neighbors and that way they culled down the herd, you might say, and in those days it was talked about quite openly by the aristocracy.

SLAVES WERE CHEAP. The aristocracy saw – there was of the known aristocracy as a separate animal you might say and nothing has changed that to the present.

For this particular talk, we’re looking at how society has being shaped from the 1800's in Europe and America, world over really, by different groups and one of these groups would be the Fabian Society, which was established in London, England in the late 1800's.

The founders of the Fabian Society consisted primarily – this is as far as the public is concerned, with Sydney Webb who was a lifelong bureaucrat for the British Government who tried his best to work up and kiss the feet of the guys above him, hoping that he would get accepted as an aristocrat one day. His wife really was called Beatrice and Beatrice Webb was from an aristocratic family called THE POTTERS. She was Beatrice Potter.

It might sound familiar to people and Beatrice Potter her family – her father was this sort of Halliburton of his day because he would have contracts with the British Army with the Crown. Wherever they went abroad to slaughter people and kick them off their land, they would devastate and burn down houses and he would move in with these little huts he’d sell back to the British Government. The taxpayers would pay for them, of course, and they’ve got these little checks for the people that they simply dispossessed recently abroad.

The same system was in place then as it is today. Names change. Sometimes the names are actually the same family lineages but through marriage et cetera. We have different surnames from the female and the male lineages.

The founders of the Fabian were the Webb’s and of course we had George Bernard Shaw who was a playwright and just like today, the playwrights in those days were funded by the big corporations, charitable corporations as they call themselves or philanthropic organizations. They would tell the authors basically what themes to write upon on social issues and write them into novels so as the public who read them would have their opinions of things altered in such a direction that they would be all for a particular type of change.

Unsuspectingly, really, this system which has been organized by professional psychologists you might say at the top because they understand the human mind and through fiction we are programmed through emotion, where anything at all can be humanized in a way and drama as to make it palatable to the people.

The Webb’s and Bernard Shaw and a third member, H.G. Wells, another lowly born person. He was born into a family that had lost its wealth, a middle class family. His mother became a housemaid to an aristocratic family and H.G. Wells was brought up in this particular house where his mother was the maid basically and they have a terror – the domestic staff had a tremendous terror of poverty as they watched factory workers passing in the windows and they used to be terrified of having to join them one day, so they became more snobbish than the people who hired them, the actual owners of the home.

However, this thirst for power as they get up into a higher class enabled guys like Wells to be picked for that very craving, knowing that he had no conscience in getting up there and he was also employed as a FICTIONAL WRITER to BRAINWASH PEOPLE basically through FICTION and to certain directions and WAYS of THINKING.
A planned society was his general theme through fictional works like "The Shape of Things to Come."

Most of his works actually were non-fiction like his "Outline of History" in two volumes. His son had finished the second volume because Wells died in about ’48 – 1948. Those three main founders, at least for the public image, were the front men for the Fabian Society.

The Fabian Society was funded by the British Aristocracy, not the British working class. The British working class were taught that this is actually formed for them is on the side of labor and out of that came the labor party of Britain in fact and at the top of the Labor Party of Britain, the Fabian Society still rules. On the stained glass window in the home of Mrs. Webb in London, you’ll see the actual stained glass portrait of the founders and two of them are hammering the world into shape on an anvil.

In other words, the elite, intellectual scientific elite are beating the world into a proper shape you might say. The way it should be. The reshaping of society as symbolized by the world.

Now Bertrand Russell was another member of this group. Bertrand Russell was an aristocrat. His father was Lord Amberley who was heavily involved in politics. He had a seat in the House of Lords, which is the British Senate basically, although you inherit the title and Bertrand Russell was born in the early 1870's.

The same man was running the anti-war movement in 1960. Still out in front of the crowd and he ran the "Committee of 100" they called it, which was the radical group of the anti-war protest movement. This particular group smashed down and cut through the fences at air bases and stormed onto the runway and destroyed things.

Here again you have an aristocrat funded through the Fabian Society, pretending to be on the working man’s side, leading vast amounts of people who had fallen for his spiel and these guys always have a very good spiel, you see, and yet this particular lord had nothing in common with the working class. Nothing whatsoever. In fact, he never mixed with them apart from the mobs that he was speaking from. He wouldn’t mix with them because he had nothing in common with them.

He was a eugenicist. He believed in superior breeding and the breeding of intellect into people. He believed in abortion, birth control and eugenics—meaning mandatory abortion for certain people with lower IQ levels or whatever. Lord Bertrand Russell was a big, big player as far as the public was concerned because he wrote so many books which gave you certain truths and certain facts to bring you to a preconceived conclusion knowing you must arrive by the way the information is presented. Most of facts you arrive at actually or conclusions you come to are arrived at because they omit other facts and that’s how most of these conclusions are reached.

Bertrand Russell was given a personal teacher, a tutor when he was very young and this tutor was a Darwinian, as Mr. Russell in his own autobiography says, and he was a crazy guy of course. He had chickens running all over the house and he wanted to study their various habits et cetera and maybe hoped it evolved into a higher type of dinosaur, but who can tell.

This is the era that Bertrand Russell was born into, where Darwinism had been pushed out by the Royal Society of England, London, the High Freemasonic Scientific Society who was really under the Darwinian guise of evolution pushing the ancient inner religion of freemasonry, which is really basic Hinduism because Freemasonry goes with Hinduism exactly along the lines that we just sort of evolved from amoebas and little animals and land or up the mud banks; and then, just through various chances et cetera in those billions of years, we sort of arrived at where we are and of course we’re not stopped at the moment.

We’ve got a "Great Leap Forward" to go through for the New Man for the New Age, which is AQUARIUS, and we’re right here now, you see, is where we’re coming up to. This all ties in together.

Here’s a little bit from Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell’s own autobiography, one of the first volumes published actually. The later ones I don’t know if they’re exactly the same.

He said:

"My father, Lord Amberley, had recently died after a long period of gradually increasing debility. My mother and my sister had died of diphtheria about a year and a half sooner. My mother, as I came to know her later from her diary and her letters was vigorous, lively, witty, serious, original and fearless. Judging by her pictures she must have also been very beautiful."

It didn’t rub off on old Bertie here.

"My father was philosophical and studious and unworldly, morose, and priggish. Both were ardent theorists of reform and prepared to put into practice whatever theory they believed in. My father was a disciple and friend of John Stuart Mill, from whom both learned to believe in birth control and votes for women."

Because John Stuart Mill you see was a top economist and being in on the know and the plan and a High Mason et cetera, they had to double the work force by getting the women in too to destroy the family unit and bring in mandatory abortion, which has all been accomplished then since.

He says:

"My father lost his seat in Parliament through advocacy of birth control. My mother sometimes got into hot water for her radical opinions. At a garden party given by the parents of Queen Mary, the Duchess of Cambridge remarked in a loud voice: ‘Yes, I know who you are, you are the daughter-in-law. But now I hear you only like dirty Radicals and dirty Americans. All London is full of it; all the clubs are talking of it. I must look at your petticoats to see if they are dirty.’"

That’s the type of radicals we’re looking at. We’re looking at an aristocracy within an aristocracy with a mission and it does also tell you that Queen Mary the Duchess of Cambridge was not in on the ultimate plan, which makes sense in Freemasonry because the one at the top is irrelevant. The front man is not important. It’s number two that’s important. It’s the guy behind the Prime Minister or the President that’s important. It’s those behind the plan where often the one at the top is not.

It’s interesting to read that Bertrand Russell was a friend of John Stuart Mill, who believed in a world run by experts like himself on an economic system run by experts. A thick family planning world over where you would not be born unless you had a function for you, and of course the elite would decide what you would work at in between from school simply for that task.

This is in fact the Soviet System because the same aristocracy created behind communism. The created both systems and that’s why both systems run along the same paths. Today we have school to work, which is the Soviet System, so it’s here, people.

Now Albert Pike, who was the Grand Master of Freemasonry in the late 1800's, also called his organization – and he boasted about it. He said, the world’s revolutionary.

He says, we have (meaning the Freemasons, of course) been behind every revolution and he was very proud of it and modern Masonic books backed that up. Albert Pike trained the man who started a revolution in Italy whose name was Mazzini, Giuseppe Mazzini.

Mazzini is just sort of an Italian version of Mason, so that probably wasn’t his real name, but he started a revolution in Italy because the idea was to unite the countries under one government and then unite the central government into one world government, but that would come later under the League of Nations and then the United Nations.

This is what Bertrand Russell says about Mazzini and it shows you the ties. Now Mazzini – who appears to be part of the communist party.

"Mazzini gave my mother his watch piece which is now in my possession. My mother use to address meetings in favor of votes for the women and I found one passage in her diary where she speaks of the Potter’s Sisterhood which included Mrs. Sydney Webb and Lady Courtney, a social butterfly."

What you’re seeing here are really it’s the same system of course as the illuminati where they had one sect for the males and females going out into society to create social organizations led again by people in the upper classes and the people followed them.

Here’s Bertrand Russell, he was a British Lord, who was given the watch piece of Mazzini. Now Mazzini’s organization was called the "World Revolutionary Party," which was a branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry set up by Albert Pike. The guy who took over from Mazzini was Lenin and they turned it into the Bolshevik Party.

Here’s a tie-in with the British aristocracy. They’re royalty, the communism and they needed the masses to believe in them that it was for the working man and through many front organizations and front speakers they conned the masses into this because it kept Britain from rioting by giving them a labor party, which they themselves had set up, and through governments you see setting up what you call democracy. They founded bureaucracies, which is the real government.


People worked in different bureaucracies their whole life on a single mission which they know, regardless of which political party is out in front. The political party really is the front organization to the keep the public amused and debating and hot-headed about, while the bureaucracies know what their missions are and they work fervently towards it. This is the real – that’s really what it’s all about.

The whole thing was to get the public from where they were, which was an industrial era, forced industrialism, which had through the laws like the Corn Laws were passed in England and put through by Lord Rothschild which keeps reins in Britain and keeps the farmers out of work and the farmers were all pushed into the cities. The cities now had the manpower to create this industrial revolution and on we go with heavy, heavy industry.

They also had wars going full-time, of course, because you’ve got to use industry for war machines and it culled off the population too, because the average person didn’t live much over 25 if they made it that far working in factories for 16 to 17 hours per day for a pittance which didn’t even buy you rent money.

You often slept in the factory and you could barely eat because they were kept at starvation levels.

That was Great Britain in its heyday you see. That was the British Empire. The British Empire certainly looked after the ones who owned the empire, but it used as chattel those beneath it and they knew they had to move on to a post-industrial era and so these guys like Bertrand Russell and Wells et cetera PREPARED THE MINDS OF PEOPLE THROUGH BOOKS.

Russell with his non-fiction, Wells with his fiction primarily, and of course we had Bernard Shaw with his idea of fiction promoting – changing certain values through their books hoping that the public would adopt them, as they upgraded the system to serve this purpose to get the public to serve a new purpose you see.

It was NEVER for the public’s benefit as they get the sheep from one field into the next field without causing too much panic and they – like Albert Pike said, the Grand Master of Freemasonry, the High Pope of Masonry, he said, "we never begin a premature revolution. We always, always prepare the groundwork before we even begin the launch of the revolution itself."

Now the Webb’s were interesting people because Sidney Webb was such a bureaucrat. He used to put the members of the Fabian Society through a hypnotic trance, in a sleep, a deep coma almost with this bureaucracies. He had a special language of his own which he was cultivating for all bureaucrats.

We’re all familiar with some of it today because it’s mentioned over television news stations quite frequently. They actually do talk like that amongst themselves, by the way, but the Webb’s led off what appeared to be this great left wing labor organization to get the HERD as they call the people moving into the next stage of scientific era, you see, a technological age. That was their job, was to con them and to get them to come along willingly thinking it was all on their behalf.

Here’s a statement from Bertrand Russell’s autobiography about the Webb’s themselves, just to let you know where these people really have their minds.

He said on page 115 of "The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell."

He says:

"Both of them the Webb’s were fundamentally undemocratic and regarded it as a function of a statement to bamboozle or terrorize the populace. I realize the origins of Mrs. Webb’s conceptions of government when she repeated to me her father’s description of SHAREHOLDERS MEETINGS. It is the RECOGNIZED FUNCTION of Directors TO KEEP SHAREHOLDERS in THEIR PLACE and she had a similar view of the government through the electorate."

That’s the kind of people who led, and still do, by the way, the labor party. It’s a con job over the working people because they’ve never had one of their own in the top and it NEVER WILL HAPPEN. Their leaders are always beside them.

She goes on to talk about her father Beatrice Webb. Her father’s story of his career had not given her any undue respect for the great – after he’d built huts for the winter's quarters for the French armies in the Crimea, he went to Paris to get paid. From then he of course talks about them putting up the huts and so on, as I said before, in the destroyed areas across the planet. He was the Halliburton of his day. He had all the contracts from government and that’s where the Potter family obtained the masses of their wealth. These characters were anything but working class.

Bertrand Russell also mentioned that THEY hated RAMSEY McDONALD who was a front man for the Labor Party. He had nothing in common with them since they came from an upper class and they were rather hostile to him since he was uncouth and unlearned et cetera.

In other words, the Webb’s were incredibly snobbish, which is a very common as it is in Britain. Even the accent gives away your education to your state. You’re actually – you’re not at the state of birth or the level of birth. It’s a caste system. It has so much in common with India because England has a caste system pretty well identical to that of India and that maybe one day we’ll find out that the high Brahmans of India are the same bloodlines as those that run Britain, and I would be at the least surprised if that was the case.

Bertrand Russell, the Webb’s, H.G. Wells and Wells tried to take over the Fabian Society at one point and the Webb’s put him back in his place. Wells was a manic-depressive himself and he played with drugs et cetera. He had the usual upper class problems with sexual relations.

He had to have his wives – he had different wives and they had to sign contracts that they would do certain things for him in a sexual manner and promised to keep their mouth shut if they ever got divorced. I have no doubt that he had his fetishes and perhaps when his wife was beating him with the whip, maybe he thought of the working classes getting beaten. Who knows? Something turned this strange man on.

We have these types of characters running the left and the right wing. Now people who want to read the "Autobiography of Bertrand Russell" should think for themselves as they read it and remember there is much more information about Bertrand Russell than his own autobiography.

You’ll find another book called "In the Minds of Men." Excellent book. The subtitle is "Darwin and the New World Order," and that was written by Ian Taylor who’s a scientist in Canada and he goes through much more of these particular characters who changed society, changed history, created the fads that became touted as reality like Darwinism.

He said in fact in his own book, this one here, "In the Minds of Men," he’s commenting on Bertrand Russell.

He said:

Margaret Mead was of course put out there to push for abortion and so on and actually she was more than just an abortionist. She wanted to also to start the sterilization processes much like Margaret Sanger had done before her for the "mentally unfit" as they called them and of course once they have an IQ level which they claim is appropriate and everybody says that’s fine I’m above that.

Well of course, like every other law they have on the book, they then change it and they expand it and that would have been a horror show if that comes to pass.

"But Mead became the darling of sort of humanist such as Bertrand Russell in 1929 and have Havelock Ellis who have sighted her work often to promote their own ideas of sexual liberation."

Because this free sex is what they called it, "free love" was started in the 1800's by these same aristocratic people that they wanted the people to emulate.

THEY wanted to DESTROY the FAMILY UNIT. In fact, family units are the LAST VESTIGE of POWER which will STAND UP COLLECTIVELY against too much intrusion by an elite.

And so THE FAMILY HAD TO GO and then the STATE became the SUPREME RULER directed to the individual, which we see as state.

Many women now, it’s probably over half, have single parent families and there’s generally social workers from the state involved in their life all the time concerning the rearing of their children, or in removing of their children. This again was planned and DISCUSSED FREELY by guys like Bertrand Russell back in the 1800's, Margaret Mead and Havelock Ellis and so on.

This is a BIG RICH CLUB you see of RICH ELITISTS. In Darwin, "In the Minds of Men" it says:

"Mead and Benjamin Spock between them the pattern of North American child rearing was radically changed, and the fruits of their labors are now becoming evident in today's divorce statistics. Mead's own modest contribution to these statistics consisted of having had three husbands, which would seem to refute the promise of a happy and graceful life she claimed science showed to be possible with the liberated sexual lifestyle. Ironically, for both science and the alleged happy life, Mead, one of America's leading scientists and a purported Christian, died in 1978 in the arms of a psychic faith healer."

Another little clue that pops in down through the ages with meeting all these guys. They’re all Masons or Eastern Stars, the females. They all believe in the same channeling experiences from entities and they front for a Christian organization. That’s their cover.

Bertrand Russell espoused the total MASONIC DOCTRINE of evolution and great purpose behind this meaning of the great power of the Grand Architect of the Universe, and Mead was into the fortune telling and palm reading and channeling of course. These are the heroes who helped changed society, which they claimed was for the better.

Let's go back to another book of Bertrand Russell and this one is called "The Impact of Science on Society."

This was a treatise really on population control on one level and it was also a treatise on methods of creating population control. When we read here and this book was initially written or published I believe, let me see, 1952, this now is a good part of what became known as "The Earth Charter" that Maurice Strong put forward. Of course, it was one of the Rockefeller’s who actually wrote it for Maurice Strong, but in reality, Bertrand Russell put all this stuff down in the 1950's.

He said:

"Let us now bring together the conclusions which result from inquiring into the various kinds of conditions that a scientific society must fulfill if it is to be stable."

Now he’s talking about a society controlled by scientists. A world run by experts.

He says:

"First, as regards physical conditions. Soil and raw materials must not be used up so fast that scientific progress cannot continually make good the loss by means of new inventions and discoveries. Scientific progress is there for a condition, not merely a social progress, but even of maintaining the degree of prosperity already achieved. Given a stationary technique, the raw materials that it requires will be used up in no very long time. If raw materials are used up too fast, there must not be free competition for their acquisition and use but an international authority to ration them in such quantities as may from time to time seem compatible with continued industrial prosperity. And similar considerations apply to solve our soil conservation."

Now here's that which got written into the Earth Charter and then into the "Agenda 21" from the U.N. Charter and now we find out that Bertrand Russell is writing it in the 1950's. Then, if go back to his friend that he mentions earlier, his particular friendship with John Stuart Mill, an economist in the 1800's, this is the same thing. This is reiterated over and over again. THEY HAD THE PLAN MADE UP IN THE 1800's to do exactly what they’re talking about here.

He goes on in "The Impact of Science on Society," Bertrand Russell:

"Second, as regards population. If there is not to be a permanent and increasing shortage of food, agriculture must be conducted by methods which are not wasteful of soil, and increase of population must not outrun the increase in food production rendered possible by technical improvements. At present neither condition is fulfilled. The population of the world is increasing, and its capacity for food production is diminishing. Such a state of affairs obviously cannot continue very long without producing a cataclysm."

Now of course this is all nonsense and if you go back even further to 1700's, where the precursor of John Stuart Mill was Malthus, who also was an economist for the British East India Company, who dealt with the very same nonsense and was always shouting fear, fear, fear about no food and the populations are just are growing out of proportions and he printed his book on population control; this is Malthus two years before the British did its first census. He even quoted FAKE FIGURES for his book because it hadn’t been done yet, (the census, that is).

Back to "The Impact of Science on Society," by Bertrand Russell:

"To deal with this problem it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilences and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority."

My God, we hear the same thing over and over, eh?

"This authority should deal out the world’s food to various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority. If any nation subsequently increased its population it should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling. What method of preventing an increase might be preferred should be left to each State to decide."

And each state is each country. It’s interesting that this is written in the 1950's and became a part of "Agenda 21" pretty well word-for-word. It tells you this is an old plan and run by the same people – the same elite group down through the ages.

Bertrand Russell, and if I’ll try and find it here, and this is all off the cuff, pretty well, by the way. Nothing is rehearsed here. Okay. He goes on, on page 116 of "The Impact of Science on Society."

He said:

"Our members who are so important that for their sake we should patiently permit this state of affairs to come about surely not what then can we do? Apart from certain deep seeded prejudices the answer would be obvious. The nations which are present increase rapidly should be encouraged to adopt methods by which the west the increase of population has been checked."

The increase of population has been checked. Now, REMEMBER that STATEMENT there. How did they check the population increase in the West?

It was because at that time in the 1800's right through THEY STARTED INOCULATIONS and if you follow the statistics of the British Medical Association, they did careful follow-ups on all those who got inoculated. Everybody who was inoculated against these particular diseases DIED of them.


I’ll go on here.

"Educational propaganda, with government help, could achieve this result in a generation. There are, however, two powerful forces opposed to such a policy: one is religion, the other is nationalism. I think it is the duty of all who are capable of facing facts to realize, and to proclaim, that opposition to the spread of birth control, if successful, must inflict upon mankind the most appalling depth of misery and degradation, and that within another fifty years or so."

He was predicting here that by the year 2000 we’d be walking all over each other and crawling over each other to get to work. That’s if there is any work left.

He says:

"I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect."

I'll repeat that for the hard of thinking.

"War as I remarked a moment ago has hitherto been disappointing in this respect."

He’s admitting they use war to kill off the people and if you look at the history of Britain since the Rothschild’s took over there’s been one war after another. So they’re very disappointed they hadn’t killed enough off you see.

He says:

"If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full."

Well, there’s a nice statement to make, isn’t it?

"The Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness."

Now I’ll repeat that part. "Really high-minded people," he’s talking about himself and his own class, you see, "are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's."

"However, I am wandering from the question of stability, to which I must return. There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and the third that of general misery except for a powerful minority."

Well, he’s in the powerful minority group so he can suggest it.

"All these methods have been practiced: The first, for example, by the Australian aborigines; the second by the Aztecs, the Spartans and the rulers of Plato’s Republic; the third in the world is some Western internationalists hope to make it and in Soviet Russia. (It is not to be supposed that Indians and Chinese like starving, but they have to endure it because the armaments of the West are too strong for them.)"

They hadn’t built up China of course to be the manufacturer of the world; that wasn’t his department.

"Of these three, only birth control avoids extreme cruelty and happiness for the majority of human beings. Meanwhile, so long as there is not a single world government (he’s always repeating that thing again) there will be competition for power among the different nations. And an increase of population brings the threat of famine, national power will become more and more obvious the only way of avoiding starvation. They will therefore be blocs in which the hungry nations band together against those that are well fed. This is the explanation of the victories of communism and China"

Now it’s interesting that Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell who talks about the victory of communism in China. He went over to China in the 1920's and it wasn’t the Soviets who went over to train the Chinese in communism. Bertrand Russell was sent from England to do it and he taught in universities basic theories in communism to the very young. Those young students became the first leaders of the communist party and throughout China. Once again, we have the central hub London and the aristocracy running both sides of the fence here, capitalism and communism, because between the two of them it would terrorize the world into going to the third wave, which is the compromise between the two – which is a small dominant elite who would then rule over the minds of the people who would be run in a communistic fashion by layers and layers and layers of bureaucracies. This is the Fasci coming together you see with the sickle and the hammer of communism. This the Third Wave. This is it.

Now we find all these people these elitists you see ARE ALL MASONS and the daughters of Masons, Eastern Stars, who are giving you this Hindu-Masonic religion of theirs of evolution to the next Great Leap Forward where they believe truly – true believers of the inner religion, that they’re not hypocrites. They really believe their religion and that they have the right being ascended over others, ascended masters, to dictate the direction that everyone else should go in society. Of course they keep us as the "profane," they call them, "those in the darkness," because, well, we just can’t handle truth and we’re too stupid to handle truth and we couldn’t make these decisions for ourselves, so they treat us kindly like good shepherds and make all the decisions for us.

Mikhail Gorbachev who was the head of the KGB in the Soviet Union, you know those nice guys in the black outfits that kidnap people at night from their houses and torture them and kill them, and then became president of the Soviet Union and then was picked by Margaret Thatcher to come over to London where the press agreed not to ask him any nasty questions about his politics. He only talked about his new blue suit. Very trendy man and his wife's hair-dos. His wife at the time explained that you could get a free face-lift if you walked into a clinic on any Russian street you see. It was just a wonderland over there and yet abortion on demand. They couldn’t give you the pill. That costs money, but you can get an abortion in five minutes.


Mikhail Gorbachev who was eventually knighted by the Queen and became a Knight of Lazarus, which he wears the Templar Cross, only it’s a green cross. That’s his function, to side with Maurice Strong and push the Earth Charter et cetera. He wrote a book, or at least it had written for him, called "Mikhail Gorbachev, The Search for a New Beginning," subtitled "Developing a New Civilization," and he said, "the greening of politics" and that’s where the Green Party. People started in the Soviet blocks the Green Party; in fact, it was started up by a right hand man of Stalin. His granddaughter took it over to Europe.

"The greening of politics is an affirmation of the priority of values common to humanity enriching education and up bringing with ecological content from childhood onwards in developing a new and modern attitude towards nature. At the same time, the greening of politics is a return to human kind of the awareness of humanity as a part of nature."

Now that rings a bell if you read the "Bio-Diversity Treaty" where you have no more rights than an ant. In fact, they have more rights than you do.

"The moral improvement in society and the maturation of civilization is inconceivable without it."

Mikhail goes on elsewhere to talk about the choices facing humankind.

"Today, humankind is facing a choice. It is time for every individual, nation and state to rethink its place and role in world affairs. We need an intellectual breakthrough into a new dimension."

This is the great leap forward of Masonry once again.

"And that means that the state of the human spirit assumes paramount importance. The roles of culture, religion, science, and education must grow enormously. The responsibility of the centers of humanity's intellectual, scientific, and religious development is immense and must be given preeminence."

And it sure has, because we have no say in anything at all.

"The future of human society will not be defined in terms of capitalism versus socialism. It was that dichotomy that caused the division of the world community into two blocs and brought about so many catastrophic consequences. We need to find a paradigm that will integrate all the achievements of the human mind and human action, irrespective of which ideology or political movement can be credited with them."

This is the coming together of the heads and tails of the coin that are both run by the same money men.

"This paradigm can only be based on the common values that humankind has developed over many centuries. The search for a new paradigm should be a search for synthesis,"

So you had the thesis, you see, capitalism, the antithesis of communism, and here’s the synthesis

". . . for what is common to and unites people, countries, and nations, rather than what divides them. The search for such a synthesis can succeed if the following conditions are met. First of all, we must return to the well-known human values that were embodied in the ideals of world religions and also in the socialist ideas that inherited much from those values."

He means the Fabian Society.

"Further, we need to search for a new paradigm of development, based on those values and capable of leading us all toward a genuinely humanistic (remember that word) or, more precisely, humanistic-ecological culture of living."

Humanism of course believes that man is God because there is nothing else, so that the most advanced intellectuals have the right to rule over those less advanced; and ecology of course is to do with the planet and economy as well, all lumped into one of scientific socialism what he’s talking about. He’s reiterating the very values that Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells and all the rest of the Fabian Society was spouting out back in the 1800's and still do actually. The descendents still run the Fabian Society today and he said, too, here that, Gorbachev:

"The philosophy of the twenty-first century must be grounded in a philosophy of diversity."

I wonder where we’ve heard that before.

"If life as such is the highest value, then even more precious is the singular identity of every nation and every race as a unique creation of nature and human history. At the same time, we must begin to define certain moral maxims or ethical commandments that constitute values common to all humankind."

Well, you’ll notice that the UN has its own version of Man in place and anyone can go on the website and see them. He’s going on about the fact that we must create a new religion which is based on earth worship. Earth worship. This of course will eventually, (these are my words but it’s from the book) reading between the lines, earth worship takes you into a controlled society like family planning only it’s global planning and worshipping the earth. You’ll have dumbed down populations who probably can’t read or write in the future and they’ll be given a religion where they’ll either have themselves going entirely sterilized, to save Mother Earth, of course, and to make sure that there’s no mouths or surplus that need feeding. Of course, the elite won’t have to bother with the ramifications of this intent of starving people.

Yes, this is the same agenda. Mikhail Gorbachev with his Presidio down in the States there where he runs this Green movement from. It’s all part of the Maurice Strong movement and Maurice of course was picked by the Rockefeller’s who are part of the same version of the Fabian Society of London intermixed with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the American Branch of Council on Foreign Relations and we are being managed just like animals and they’re breeding us up. They’re breeding us down. Dumbing us down for sure at the moment and they intend to cull us down to a manageable size and then hone different types for specific functions in the near future. That way they won’t need the media or sports to entertain us and then we won’t be wasteful of all the toys which we reward ourselves, all these little cheap things from China which don’t last very long.

This is the basic system which is running our world, and you and I and the public have absolutely no say in this agenda whatsoever.

Recall the words of H.G. Wells who provides a semantic underpinning of this theocracy.

"At first the realization of the ineffectiveness of our best thought and knowledge struck only a few people, like Mr. Maynard Keynes, for example… It is science and not men of science that we want to enlighten and animate our politics and rule the world"

This was quoted in "Mind Control, World Control," pages 306-307, 1997. The author was Jim Keith.

There’s a member of the Fabian Society giving you their goal of course which is to RULE THE WORLD. THEY want WORLD CONTROL. THEY ALWAYS DID and in reality they ALWAYS had WORLD CONTROL.

They were just updating their system to ensure that they kept control as they brought the sheep from one pasture to the next pasture for the next stage and that’s where we are now.

All of the systems which are set up through non-governmental organizations, which you think are speaking out as grass roots organizations speaking out for you, ARE ACTUALLY OWNED and CONTROLLED BY THE SAME ELITE.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds pretty well all of these organizations from Green Peace to you name it and in reality they are all leading us into the global village as they call it with the UN, the apparent authority, the front authority with its massive bureaucracy. An interbred bureaucracy, by the way, which has its own school and that’s where their children go too, the bureaucrats' children, and they’re not taught ANYTHING about DEMOCRACY or anything.

They believe they are ADMINISTRATORS. They administrate to the PUBLIC what we’re supposed to do in this expert control scientifically designed society that they’re bringing into being and so they come back – the evils which are coming up on the world and have been on the world for an awful long time.

We must think out everything anew because traditional methods of combating this evil don’t work. We must think anew and we’re not children.

PERPETUAL CHILDHOOD is called SOCIALISM, where a big brother or a big daddy takes care of all your problems for you.

That’s why THEY SING We ARE the WORLD you see. We are the children and of course, I don’t like being referred to as a child. I’m a thinking adult sentient being and I resent being called a child. I’m not part of a global village, either, that’s owned lock, stock and barrel with the UN fronting for it and all the big rich boys owning it.

I’m not a serf or a slave and that’s how we must take this forward is from that point of view.

INDIVIDUALISM is the way TO OVERCOME ALL OF THIS and INDIVIDUAL THINKERS. INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT and that takes tolerance from other people too.

The masses would like us all to be the same. There’s no doubt about it. Many people love socialism and will love having their decisions made for them; but for those who do not, we must accept the fact that amongst individuals there’ll be different opinions. That’s why we’re individuals and it’s more exciting to have a world full of individual opinions and different ways of looking at things than a single mass outlook, a supposedly correct outlook on things. That’s the kind of world we must work towards.

Thank you.

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - February 25, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)