Sunday, May 11, 2008

Importance of Symbolism

The importance of symbols is that the symbols themselves are archetypal images. This is what Carl Jung, if you go into his books on symbology, Carl Jung gave more out to the public probably than any other person. These archetypal symbols, what it means is that every child in every nation, if you give them a pen and pencil and paper, they'll sit and scribble pretty well the same types of symbols of stars and circles and so on. The occult system that runs this uses the very same symbols with slight variations here and there. They modify them slightly, but your subconscious mind does recognize these symbols and they comprise a language of its own. This language when you see symbols repeated or given in a certain sequence act like a language; a spoken language to your subconscious, and they can actually influence your behavior or your thoughts. Jung himself reduced it down to conscious mind, subconscious mind, and then the unconscious mind. Unconscious doesn't mean totally dead. Unconscious means it's the big sea where all thoughts come from. It's from the unconscious you get your nightmares where you could do things you would never do in real life, things that would be unthinkable for you to do, but they're dragged up from this big sea; this primeval sea that's within us all. It's also where the creative ideas often originate from. Your subconscious or the unconscious even can recognize these archetypal symbols, and those who understand these sciences (because they're very, very old sciences) can put them in sequences and repeat them, and your behavior can be altered or modified just by you casually viewing them on a regular basis.When you are conscious of what they are, you can deflect them. It takes a bit of practice but you can actually do it. It's much easier when you go into the symbols and you understand every level of what each one means, because they comprise a whole range of meanings, which alters again according to the sequence they're put together in. When you understand all of the degrees of the symbols, then you become – you have a shield up against their influence upon you, because your conscious mind thinks and recognizes them for what they are.

The LANGUAGE, on one level, which is all around you, is SYMBOLIC. It's all symbols.

You won't be taught this at school. In fact, you're taught not to think at school. You're taught to repeat but not to think. Critical thinking is taboo. They'd probably put you on Prozac today. They don't teach logic in school anymore. They teach "socialization processes" to go along with the group; group-think, which is just consensus led by a very well indoctrinated leader. But start off with Parliament buildings in any country, by the way. You'll see the same architectural structure. You'll see the spires which are just obelisks. Look at the tops of the windows. You'll see the arches - then count them. Everything is part of the Masonic language. It's all around you. Every place has got a Masonic Lodge under one name or another, and yet it's quiet, isn't it? So quiet. They have the outward sects all fighting each other. It's the Jesuits. No, it's the Billy Graham's and Protestants, and on it goes. And yet, amongst every group, here's these little quiet temples where every important member of every board, from the school board to the council board, to whatever, in your area, that's where they all go. That's where they meet, and unless you join them, you won't get inside on their meeting nights when they pull out all their "jewels," as they call them, and put all the stuff on the floor on the little chessboard. The yin and the yang. The male and the female. The spirit, the earth. There's a completely different world, all around you, shown in symbolism. That is why a Mason from any country, without knowing another's verbal language, can go into any other country and get the exact same meanings from the architecture, the logos all around them, by counting the flutes on pillars and cathedrals, et cetera. You live in a world where you have been taught -- not only taught to be blind, you have been blinded, because a child left to his own devices, without super-indoctrination from the parents or the school, would ask the right questions. Generally it starts with a simple word - "WHY? WHY IS THAT?" etc.

The shock of waking up is akin to the meaning that's always existed of being reborn. Born again, because you have to re-evaluate everything you have ever thought was true. In fact, you have to re-evaluate all of the foundational beliefs that you had, which kept you standing, basically. The props are gone. You're kind of floating above the floor a little bit but you're still in "Level One" reality. The first thing people will do is to grab all the information that's out there, and try and download this into people's minds around them, and they sound crazy, because they are. They're frantic. They're frantic and it shows. They sound crazy about all the things are happening, and they're telling this to people who are still watching the six o'clock news. You can't do that with people and expect to be believed. You have to go cautiously. So don't start to evangelize until you know far, far more than the stage that you're at, because then comes a form of calmness to deal with this. This has been ongoing, for thousands of years. You become calm, and you must remember that you can't hit people with a hundred problems at once. The human mind is not meant to cope with that kind of problem. It can only deal with one thing at a time, and to ramble all over the map, with "the sky is falling" will just ridicule yourself and ostracize yourself as being crazy. Accept the fact that change is happening.

The blue stands for the open sky. All that is seen for the profane of intelligence is blue. The blue sky. However, the real work is done in the dark and the light that shines within the darkness or the luminaries who guide our cultures, the planet and the future is also the higher lodges too coming out of there with their different colors of purple. That's royalty. The dawn is purple. The purple dawn. And then you have the red lodge of course which is revolutionary lodges. Always have been and he who changes the world and gives his life for the world. Streaks across the sky gives brilliant white light then turning gradually to red shedding the blood the life of the world or for the world and this is a standard mystery religion which most religions the exoteric are based upon. The colors of the Revolution were red; and then they had the Blue Lodge for the color blue, for open freemasonry, because the sun is blue when everything is out in the open; and white is for the spirit that would really guide it. That's the colors of revolution: red, white and blue. Therefore, every country that had the revolution—Britain, United States and France—ended up with red, white and blue on their flag because it's Kabbalistic and only the Founders understood this religion. The lower peasantry didn't understand anything about it at all.

You'll often find with all the systems you'll find a color-coding of robes. That's standard, even in the Catholic Church, so you have black at the bottom because they're dealing with unwashed masses, those in the darkness; and the little bit of truth the priest is allowed to speak comes from the white part showing, but the rest of the neck is enclosed in black, so he's not allowed to show all information to the public. Then you go up the degrees; they all came from Pythagoras, by the way, who got it from Egypt, and then you have the different ones near the top, the Cardinals and so on. These colors are very important and you'll find the same thing in the Far Eastern religions with the different colored codings and you'll find it also with the rosary. The Catholics use the rosary. The Buddhists use the rosary exactly the same and every seventh bead of course is a planet et cetera, if you count them, one's bigger, and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. These are all adaptations from each other and even the little strap that rabbis will wear on their forehead with the little scroll in it, the saying for the day that he straps on, actually came from ancient China, long before Judaism had it. There's been priesthoods above the priesthoods all down through the ages organizing all the religions the people think are there own, but at the very top they're all interconnected and the followers who don't know and often the lower priests don't know themselves. You cannot have any kind of religion, even if it was pure, you could never have it in a commercialized society where you have money and power tied together and success. Obviously, the opposite of success is failure, which means poverty in a commercialized system, so they're all intertwined and you can't have honesty in commerce in a class system of winners and losers. You cannot have them co-existing with a true religion; it doesn't work.