Sunday, May 11, 2008


Now first off, I would like to thank the Australian listeners who emailed the information on their mandatory voting and true enough they have to vote. There's a fine if you don't and possible imprisonment if you don't cough up the fine and this has been going on since before I was born so I guess Australia was way ahead or at least on par with the Soviet system because they introduced the same thing about the same time and now other countries are talking about making it mandatory because they can't get enough people to vote and the reason that you must vote you see according to the system is so that when everything goes wrong and they make all these strange decisions they turn round and tell you "well you voted us in." That's how the CON GAME works.

Politics truly is a Punch and Judy show for the public. It's wrestling match and even the way it's played up during the election times. They use sports terminology. Military terminology as though it was a battle and it's all fake. It's all fake for the public. It's just as fake as this agreement in Kyoto where they just happen to have the major storms along the west coast of Canada and the U.S. as the Kyoto Conference was finishing up on global warming. What a coincidence aye.

And of course we’re getting massively sprayed just before that just to make the storm occur so that Joe Public will think gee we've got to give up all our rights to be safe and go into little habitat areas and start voluntarily committing suicide to bring down the population. That's how it’s done. That's really how it is done.

Those in the bottom of level one reality will think that's farfetched because they've swallowed the complete indoctrination. The Kyoto Conference is a formality where things are simply signed. Where the real work has gone on for the last few years by bureaucracies of governments going over there and drafting things up and having negotiations. The same with this trade agreement held in Vietnam, the prime ministers and presidents go over just to put their little X on the official charters that are drafted up by the bureaucrats and the bureaucrats do all the leg work over the years before the meeting and everything's decided so the figure heads go over to put their X on the spot and that's how the world is really run like a huge business plan. Huge business plan.

Everything's worked out generations ahead at least.
I was thinking of talking about how people are CONNED in public meetings when leaflets come round asking you to come to a public meeting or some meeting that's going to concern you or your household or whatever or the water supply or you name it and these are consensus meetings using a technique. They send out "consensus builders" and "facilitators" they call them. Facilitators are taught in a technique of psychology to manipulate people into a prearranged agreement, a pre-directed agreement and they call the technique the "Delphi Technique." You should check that up it's interesting.

And what they do is they load the audience with their own people to begin with. They're scattered through the audience. You'll sit in almost a school-type fashion because you're pertained to see the person up front as a teacher a person in authority and the first thing they do is come in and give you the premise. "Oh there's going to be no water shortly." Crisis, crisis, crisis and once they have you to agree on the premise which is a theory. Once you've agreed on that they can take you the rest of the road to the end -- the prearranged end and these facilitators are trained to also look for those in the audience who generally sit up front by the way the teacher pleasers. The kind who bring an apple for the teacher. They love authority. They're sadomasochistic. They worship authority. They love to have it and so they have the "goody two shoes" who will agree with everything the facilitator is saying and if you try and speak up and give an opposing point of view to anything you'll find these people pleasers will butt in and call you down. Then the ones who are scattered in the audience and pre-placed there will back them up.

This is a technique. They're trained in government circles. They have the facilities to train to do this and so you swallow the premise which is a theory which always means you're going to lose something and once you swallow the premise they can take you all those stages along the logical thinking way. You see you're linear thinkers which mean you've been trained in school to be linear and they know that you must come to the conclusion that's predetermined and so you're giving your consent to their business plan basically.

So everyone should be careful about this and look into the "Delphi Technique." It's a very interesting technique that's used on the public. Now that's a straightforward Delphi Technique the same technique can be used even on radio to bring you to a predetermined conclusion especially if you belong to a group of any kind. They know the psychology of all groups but they also know the psychology and the content of the one that you want to belong or do belong to either New Age, Christian, Hindu or whatever it happens to be and they'll use certain buzz words such as New Age will always use words like "traveling," "journey" that kind of thing.

In fact, the Masons that use to push Communism were called "fellow travelers" you see. Fellow travelers. So they use buzz words which you will relate to if you belong to a certain group and you're falling into their trap. They know your psychology. They know what you believe and they can bring you to a predetermined conclusion and of course specialty radio caterers for different kinds of groups.

There's the Catholic radio, universal one on the radio who have all the catch phrases and the names that you hear all the time in Catholicism of ritual and so on so they're talking your language, your conditioned language. The New Agers are totally -- oh, boy or boy. They have a massive vocabulary now. Rehashes of rehashes going back to the Renaissance to the present time and they literally are conditioned to respond as soon as they hear these phrases. It's a wonderful technique the "Delphi Technique" and basically the understanding as the ancients always said and as every pharaoh was taught by the priests from childhood the psychology of the masses and how to manage them. How to guide and steer them along the path that YOU want to lead them and the only way you can avoid this is be an individual and thinking for yourself and not allow yourself to get into a classification of a group.

A group is just a pigeon hole for you on the wall and there's lots of pigeon holes and there's even variations within certain groups of pigeon holes like the Protestant Christianity. There's so many different sects. Some of them vehemently hate each other because they wave with the right hands and the other ones wave with their left and all these really deep things they have rituals and stuff and some of them will say “Yahweh” and some of them will say “Yahaaveh” and it goes on and on and on and “Yashua” and “Yeshu” and on it goes and Jesus and almost already to kill each other over sounds, sounds in the air. That's how silly it all is.

But it also shows you the baseness of humanity because they can't transcend and they never will those people. There are inner meanings behind all of it. They take the exoteric and because the exoteric is meant to confuse it's almost meant to be swallowed by those who are linear thinkers they have these arguments about the meanings of things and it's madness whereas the esoteric is really clear.

The next think I'd like to mention is that I get hundreds of emails generally saying "I know you're a busy man but could you just answer one question" and on a daily basis if I was to answer ever question I'd be sitting here all day long getting nothing done and there's a second reason. If you're still in Level One Reality, I couldn't give you the answer you expect.

To give you an honest answer would take building you up and taking you up through your conditioning preparing you for the answer with knowledge and then giving you the answer. That's the only way to do justice to a lot of these questions. They seem simple in a Level One Reality fashion but I can't give you a simplistic pat answer because that would be misleading you and some radio host shows that I've been on they're definitely at a Level One Reality. They ask you the most profound questions from my point of view and when I won't give them the answer they're peeved and it's because you can't do justice. You can mislead people by a flippant straightforward Level One answer because it won't be the complete truthful answer you see.

So for all you people who have emailed with one question here or there, I don't have the time to go through all of this and you'll probably find that some of the answers you're looking for are on the Internet if you dare venture into that realm because from one of the shows that I did last week with sort of a Christian New Age combination you can see how confused they are and most of their information comes from the Internet. The biggest authorized players in the New Age are put out there to be heroes to led you to massive confusion and they've been doing that for over 600 years now that we can actually trace.

They give you the heroes to oppose convention, but in reality it's to sway you into the next phase of conditioning for the next society generally bringing in the fantastic with it. I've had so many people phone me up and email me about the reptilian people they haven't seen. They haven't seen any of them but because it's been written in a book -- and here's the power of "the written word". It's like the Bible. It must be true because it's in the book see and it's the same with all books. If it's in the book it must be true and if about half a dozen books come out saying nonsense then it must be truer than true. That's the psychology that people fall for. It doesn’t matter if it's a billion books coming out and saying it. It still doesn't make it true. So I'm fighting the bizarre and the Tavistock Instituted nonsense put out by the superstars generally from the UK who by the way one of them phoned different stations and asked them not to have me on after sending me a bunch of nasty emails.

So be careful. Be very, very careful. Guard the corridors of your mind carefully. It's your most precious possession.

Don't let anyone come in with fantastic stories which entice you into a labyrinth of confusion and don't let anyone either that it's fate whether it’s a church because it was written in a book long ago. So it has to happen. All this stuff has to happen. I don't say Revelations isn't true. I say that REVELATIONS IS A PLAN. It's not an ordained thing by must mystery deity. It's a plan written in typical mystery religion speak, mystery speak for the esoteric who can understand. Not for the exoteric "profane" as they say. They're following that. It' a business plan.

And it's the same to do with anything else to do with fortune telling. It's a great psychological technique to disarm people to make them think there's nothing they can do because see it's fate. It's the same trick whether it's card games, horoscopes, or anything else. That's the trick to make you give up your own reasoning power and your ability to create a future for yourself.


These shysters know how to rob you of that ability and they always give you the fantastic stuff to swallow the bait and because people can not handle individuality very, very well with all of its decision making uncertainty they want especially in a time of more major crisis as we're going through now they want a promise of security. That's why they're taking all your freedoms away to make you safe you see. This is the nonsense we're fed and it's same thing with the psychological warfare departments with all their people who talk about fate and destiny and it's written yah de yah de yah.

That's steals the power of creating your own destiny. It also makes you small. Once you swallow that stuff it makes you feel small and helpless and you'll feel you're up against forces which are unseen and invisible and there's nothing you can do. It's the oldest trick in the book.

When Germany was going to invade Poland, they had rewritten the prophecies of Nostradamus and they dropped thousands of leaflets all over the major cities and in those prophecies they had it "well this is going to happen to Poland" you see and it worked wonders, psychological warfare. You give up before you even begin. That's what psychological warfare is all about.

Now I've had some of the younger ones call me and ask me about taking drugs to get their mystic experiences because the chosen Pied Pipers again, the Big Boys who put out there advocating drugs to get your shamanistic experience and to meet the all you know. And it's so interesting. They done this every so often down through history and the present generation never saw the mayhem of the 1960s and '70s or the suicides or those who died vomiting up stuff as they were going through withdrawals from heroine and people who drove cars into brick walls when they were chewing magic mushrooms and seeing Walt Disney climb along the walls, cartoon figures.

These drugs do not give you a true experience and I know people today who when through it all who are convinced that they had mystical experiences and yet the same people have had so many dreams all conjured up from the unconscious -- the sea of the unconscious where anything is possible and they've had parts of their brain stimulated by specifically designed drugs, again by the Big Boys and it convinced them they had a real experience. Well that's fine for them but they haven't because I've spoken to many of them and they're no wiser today as they were when they were 18. Never mind the side effects of the drugs.

I knew people who walked out of third floor apartment windows who walked into the air and went down on drugs promoted from the top downwards. "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" LSD, lucid, lucid, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy the "light bringer" again you see was promoted by the British government. Limos use to throw bags of LSD over university walls at the beginning to get the rage started to make it a fad and a rage you see and they brought the pop guys on who were stoned out of their heads onto television and this is the BBC the most conservative Eatonian type of programming on the planet. Everybody at that time was recruited to work from the BBC from Eaton. That was mandatory so the upper middle classes kept a hold of everything, the culture creation.

But they interviewed these guys who were stoned and could hardly put a sentence together and then the interviewer would say "oh how naughty are we. We're terribly naughty." This is to encourage the young. Then they brought out Dr. Timothy Leary with his white coat, the scientist again. We're trained to listen to experts who went round stages in universities wearing his white coat talking as an expert telling us about the wonders of drugs and now it's declassified from the CIA he worked for the CIA so here's the CIA promoting hallucinogenic drugs.

Quite the world we live in. Well the New Agers are recycling the new stuff that you've got to get your experience through drugs and drugs have been used by the big Brahmin's in India for thousand of years to control the people there. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and when you're having your fantastic experience in seeing Jolly Green Giants walking around, you're also having something done to specific parts of your brain because these drugs are all heavily, heavily modified drugs even the plant ones.

Victor Rothschild of the banking family in the 1940s worked at Porton Down's bacterial and warfare facility and he also was in charge of an experimentation group using LSD on selected people. They even used it on members of MI5 and Peter Wright wrote about that. He was in MI5 and attached to MI6 and he writes about Lord Rothschild advocating these experiments. So they were testing it out long before they gave it to the teeny boppers to blow their minds and control them.

When you go through the LSD experiences especially in a habitual way you'll find it hard to tell what's real and what is not real. You also have flashbacks. These flashbacks can last the rest of your life where you're walking along a road and suddenly you're hallucinating again because part of the brain was damaged. The drugs are meant to go to specific receptors within the brain and they damage them. Yet here are the gurus of the New Age and it's amazing how the New Agers gobble -- the best consumers of religion out there. They're better than any other religion today because it's been made to be so through heavy promotion and financing and they don't even question how these books all get out there so cheaply and stack the shelves with guru this and guru that advocating this and that kind of drug. But that's the present craze right now is drugs for your mystical experience.

It never occurs to them because they're not individuals, it never occurs to them that there could be any other way. It never does. They want the easy, fast way. A chemical way. The chemical way, hey. Here's the money. Give me the experience. They have no knowledge of the topics -- they only have an exoteric and very superficial exoteric understanding of that which they think they're involved in or believe in and yet they are the modern ones with the drive-thru mentality. Drive-thru coffee. Drive-thru donuts. Drive-thru give me the experience. Here’s the money. Give me the experience. No patience.

It's fascinating to see how this has all been created for them and how they have fallen so easily for it with their own vocabulary which they didn't invent. The Big Boys that gave them the whole culture invented that for them. It's fascinating to watch it all being played out again and promoted and because the gurus who led them are put out as fronts and who they themselves are only partly trained in the exoteric. They must lead them on the same path always because they can't go any further. They don't have the knowledge or the abilities so they advocate drugs.

We jump back to a coincidence, many coincidences. Here's one book was Charles Galton Darwin talking about ways to control the public in the 1950s advocating possibility the use of hormones and so on in the food to make the men weaker and more effeminate, less able to stand up for their rights et cetera. But also he advocated different kinds of drugs to calm them all down or confuse them. It didn't matter which as long as he put them out of action and others wrote about that too. Big players wrote about it and here it's being pushed again and with another generation growing up in ignorance as always because they always hide knowledge of the previous so they can play the same games over and over with every generation. That's why generally they have wars at least 20 years apart. That's another crop growing up you see of young people who are totally ignorant of the last war. This is all science we're run by. Everything is a routine of science.

So no, I don't personally advocate the use of drugs to gain some mystical experience and again too, you'll never ever be able to be certain because you know you took the drug if it was real or not. They can tell by studies that have been done over hundreds of years there's a good chance it definitely was not. Your unconscious can conjure up any kind of dream, fantasy or nightmare and these drugs are specifically designed to stimulate the limbic system. The perfected you might say. So whatever you do in that realm you do so at your own peril.

It's a sad thing to see that when the greatest gift anyone is given is the ability to be completely conscious and it's understandable with the crisis creation to create uncertainty, confusion and fear that people are unable to handle their unconscious mind so they turn to something to escape. Again, it's all a technique, but when you see such a war being played on your conscious mind that should be your queue. So rather than throw away your ability to be conscious fight to retain your conscious mind. Your ability to go further. Don't be afraid of all the hype they throw your way and impending gloom, doom and horror and crisis after crisis. That's the technique to wear you know. It's the technique to control you.

And another thing I've said over and over is that the big well funded people who come out either pretending to lead you through the New Age did not get there by chance and the other ones who go into the political side of things and that's there chant is to wrap you back into politics again and terrify you with all the impending things that are going to happen to you. Well see, psychological warfare doesn't care who gives that information to you whether it's a guy in government or a person who pretends to speak for you. The whole idea is to paralyze you with fear so that you're not thinking critically and rationally. So be careful. You are the guardian of your own mind. No one else is.

And within those walls to protect your mind you have sacred ground. Sacred ground. Be careful who you allow to walk upon it. Now I'm not saying that this is all there is. This place here. The place that the northern peoples called "Hella" which is where we get the word hell from. There's more to it of course than just this the mundane. But you certainly won't get a truth which you can confirm and you certainly won't get ultimate truths by taking drugs to do it, chemicals.

This world truly is only one part of something. Just getting through the mundane stuff the mind control which is everywhere is bad enough and almost impossible for most people. It's like religion. They say "you can take a person out of religion but it's hard to get the religion out of the person." It's the same with the reality on Level One. They keep trying to refer back to that which they have been previously trained to believe. That's why they always fall for politics even though older people have voted five, six, seven or more times in their life, eight times more and yet the agendas rammed forth regardless of who gets in. They never learn. They still fall back into the conditioned response of voting and hoping even though their previous experience tells them otherwise. They ignore it. That's then fallen right back.
The same with teaching someone who isn't ready to be taught in higher truths. They'll still try and fight you because there still thinking in their base level one reality. They don't want to let it go and to learn truths you must be prepared to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. You can't take anything with you that's familiar. That's not searching for truth. That's an insurance policy that you're after. An insurance policy that connects you with the familiar. Truth doesn't work that way. It doesn't come with guarantees that you'll have happy endings in the way that you presume.

Most people can not even look at themselves honestly. Part of the reason is that they are a composite of what society has conditioned them to be and the culture that they were born into has conditioned them to be. And the other part is ego in the system is promoted. You can't obtain honesty unless you overcome ego. The whole New Age concept is to please your ego. To tell you you're special and wonderful and that nasty things could happen but here’s how to avoid them. Just follow these rules and come back for the next course and pay your bucks. But it's meant to be flattering. The New Age is flattering to the individual. It's part of the spider's web to entice you in.

We are not bumbling along and stumbling our way in time. Everything that happens in your lifetime in a major way that affects everyone is planned that way. We live in a totally controlled system. A system with bars which you never saw before. It's only the occasional person who’s tried to get out of the system who suddenly finds the bars are there. They go up in front of them and people from agencies appear and talk to them. For the general population, they never experience that so they don't see the bars.

There's nothing in culture and in your system that wasn't designed and made to be so and counter-intelligence listens to all avenues of information and emulates it and gives you superstars who will say the same stuff and then will spin it off and you'll follow them because you're trained to follow what you perceive to be the superstar, the successful one. The one who's making the big bucks. He must be good if he's making the big bucks.

That's how you're trained to see it and therefore if a vagabond tells you ultimate truths you would ignore them. In fact, you wouldn’t even hear what was being said. Your ears would be closed. Yet if the big boys put out some charlatan you'll listen to every syllable they utter and swallow it all without question.

I've been at this for years and I've watched the big boys say exactly what I've said on the previous night's show the following day. Now obviously the big boys aren't scouring all the air waves. There are agencies within every country which record all radio shows and television shows and to keep their boys on top they must appear to say something first. That's the game they play. So when and I've had this before. People have written in and said, "do you know so and so is saying exactly what you said." Well I do know these things because it's been happening for years and some people have made books really on information I've given out for free and then spun the truth of course. Always spinning it and that's counter-intelligence. That's how it works.

You can't allow truth to be told and the bubble to be burst and maintain control at the same time. You must present to the public superstars. The ancient Egyptians knew this technique, this science very well and they called them "the wandering stars." They give you "the wandering stars" and the people follow them. That's why Hollywood has stars. You follow the stars. They're more interested in the gossip about the stars even though it's all bogus and fake than you are about what's happening within your own family or to those around you. You get caught up in it because you worship the material success and those who seem to be up there with the material success in these professions are placed there whether they are producers, writers whatever, they're specially selected, specially groomed and their careers are made for them because there's no chance allowed in culture creation and control. Everything must be managed.

Anything from the grass roots could upset the whole balance of things. It wouldn't be under the control of the elite and this technique and this science was laid out by many of the ancients including Plato and other contemporaries of the same periods of how culture creation how it worked. Who was in charge of it. How they always kept in charge of it and all of the components that go into creating it.

When you see that for thousands of years Christianity alone ruled a good part of the world and people didn't question it. That's all they were told was what was in that book and even then for hundreds of years they weren't even told what was in the book. It was forbidden to read it. Only the priests could read it and even then they'd only read it occasionally.

THE BIBLE USE TO BE CHAINED TO THE ALTER UP UNTIL THE MIDDLE AGES. Most of what was being taught was dogma. It was the church dogma. That's why the Protestants put out the Geneva Bible. They weren't Protestants really. They were Rosicrucian's and Masons, they simply transformed into the name Masonry. It was the same movement behind it and for the first time peoples could read things for themselves and say, "my goodness. What's all this dogma got to do with what's in this book?" And really it was nothing. The dogma was there for controlling the people. Well if that was controlling the people for one and a half thousand years at that time do you really think with all the sophistication of today's media where you have instant access to data right to your home 24-hours a day; do you really think it's not being used now including with the New Age movement? Of course it is.

Blavatsky herself said and Pike said that the spearhead of bringing in the New Age would be the universities because they'd place the professors there to teach slants on things and the students would follow and rebel to demand certain things. They would demand exactly what the big boys wanted and the other part would be spearheaded through the churches and the churches were infiltrated long ago to bring in the New Age.

It's interesting that Adam Weishaupt who was one member of one group of the same groups worldwide said the greatest way to bring in members including the low members who knew nothing of the real motives and agenda behind the movement; the greatest way to bring them in is to give tem mystery. Mystery. It fascinates them. It fascinates them and they come in droves. They pay their money. They get on their knees. They do all these rituals and they think they're going to be told the truth.

We're living in a totally controlled system. And I've had overtures from some of the big ones with basically the offer of a very sweet and golden age for myself if I go along and go easy on certain people. I know the reasons why it's important that these certain people seem to be up there in front. They've been well groomed and well financed and the ground work was laid a long time ago for them coming and I'm upsetting some apple carts but I must be true to myself first and I can't go along with that and I found in past experience that those who offer you the big payoffs if you go along are stunned when you refuse them and I mean stunned and I've seen this face to face at times. They can't figure you out because they have no integrity themselves. They might be in the most supposedly prestigious positions but they have no integrity. That's why they're in those prestigious positions.

But they truly, truly are dumb founded that you can't just "play the game" and go along and take the payoffs. They're confused and I've had quite a few offers over the last year or so, longer in fact. This is the real world we live in. Most people will give in and play the game and become pied pipers and promote each other you see. People who’ve been trained by the big boys, MI5, MI6 who put Aleister Crowley out there to create another part of the New Age movement. Did a very good job of it. Created the OTO, a Freemasonic branch. A specialty branch you might say. Not for the lower members but for the higher members.

And just like all the monasteries in past times they spun off other specialized sects to specialized jobs. This is how it works. It's always worked this way. But first and foremost you have to be true to yourself. You can't be true to others unless you are and your prime purpose is to be true to yourself.

I've lost count of the number of people who’ve called me over the years who followed and been involved in what we now loosely term the "New Age", the ones who are the emotional and psychic wrecks that have become imprisoned in a world they're terrified of. A world akin to Haiti where spells are cast by people on people and you visit the witch doctor to have the spells removed. Probably the same guy that put the spell on you for someone else and this is the ridiculousness it comes down to where all these energies and forces are acting on people until people are breaking down. They're mentally breaking down with all of this. They can't make a move without a card reading or a pendulum swinging over yes or no. Should I go out today or someone with a horoscope. The traditional methods of what we now call the New Age which is ancient. But they're imprisoned in their lives. They have no happiness, no peace.

Everything is a sign or an evil entity and this was all created for them by something which was intended initially to fascinate them and they took the bait and they went into it and now they're terrified of living and dying. They're not living at all. That's where all of this leads. To be controlled by other people. People who claim they have the power to keep you safe.

So here we have the warlords on the one hand in the physical world taking every right away that you thought you had to keep you safe mind you and using all the front groups to do it. The NGOs that are financed and sponsored by the big boys, the big foundations. On the other hand, they're robbing you of your psychic life, your spiritual life by the fakes that they put out there to confuse and astound you and you give every right away up to them. You give them over. You're looking for gurus to wash away all the bad karma you've accumulated just to wash it away and of course there's plenty that will promise to do so as long as you can pay them.

It's an awful round about that they go onto. They're minds are imprisoned. They went in willingly, now they're imprisoned. They can't out. Tremendous mind control carefully laid out slowly, incrementally over many, many, many years to get the effect that we're now at today and they're creating the World Religion where they've all been prepared to go into it willingly again for Mother Earth and nature. Sounds so wonderful and fuzzy and yet they'll be a priesthood over that as well of course but there's always a priesthood over it who will tell you the rules and now you've got to stop breeding and maybe you should be sterilized as well for Mother Earth and this will come. It's all on the books and they want your cooperation. They're very legalistic that way. They want your cooperation. We always do it willingly.

We go off and fight their wars willingly. We've been trained to follow the good shepherds. Shepherds own sheep. That's why every religion had a good shepherd and all the sheep go into their specially made building and bleeped on special days. Domesticated animals. That's what a sheep is. A sheep is a domesticated animal. It doesn't have the natural instincts of a wild animal. It's been bred out of it. Its instincts for survival have been bred out of it. It actually trusts the shepherd. The shepherd keeps it to make a living off it and he'll eat it and sell its wool. They get fleeced. Sound familiar?

We live in a virtual reality. The Masons love the word "virtue". We're all in a virtue of reality. Not a real one. You only think it's real because the people around you who are just as brainwashed as you are who also think it's normal. The sciences that you have today -- everything that's given to you on the shelves as the latest whatever is obsolete. You're living in the past in a sense.

I have to laugh at the computer industry where they're ironing bugs out of this program and that program. That was done at the beginning of the Cold War. The computers are out there to control you, not to help you. The language when you have the chip in your head will be the computer language of the binary code. The Masonic 01010. The perfect language of mathematics as Lord Bertrand Russell said and he actually worked on that for a good part of his life creating that language.

It's only bleak for those who are afraid to look at the truth and once you've looked at the truth you can get past it all and above it and beyond it and move on and you'll have power by understanding. There are those in the New Age who want everyone to be saved. Like the mass man we're all connected and glued together. It's never been that way in history and if you wanted to bring everyone through this then you would become the control freak.

People are making their choices every day, every day and you must allow them to do so. It doesn't mean you don't have to tell them. You tell them at least warn them where they're going. Give them as much information as possible or that they can handle but ultimately they will make their decisions and most people will take what appears to be the easiest path. They always have and generally they always will.

This is your journey. The individual's journey and the more you truly search and are honest with yourself. As they say, "know thyself" is important you will find that it's far more to all of this than just the mundane and it's beyond and greater than the New Age with their hocus pocus and their mind imprisoning techniques. There is far more to this of course than just facts and figures and who did what, when, where and why. But not everyone can go on that journey. It's up to those who can handle the bad news in all of its levels because the bottom level is bad enough. Few can go beyond that but there are some and you have to go through hell before you can see heaven.

The New Age movement has trained them -- their followers to avoid the unpleasant. Oh don't look at the negative. Look at the happy things and as you look at the happy things people are being slaughtered across the planet by the power mongers as they grab territory, oil, resources and destroy cultures because they're in the way. They're inconvenient for the world that's coming up to be and those who will not look at the truth are putting themselves in the path of destruction and they won't see that coming either because they won't want to look at it. That's the ostrich syndrome. They're neutralized. Again, psychological warfare works wonders. It works very well with most people.

Some people have said "well you've got to give the people hope". I wouldn't give them false hope. To give them hope they have to look at the truth. There's no other way to do it. You must look at things honestly including yourself. That's where the hope comes in once you've done that. Until you do for you there is no hope. You'll bend to every wind that blows from the top and I don't say they'll be hope for everyone. As I say, most people will and always have in all ages have chosen what they thought was the easy way. They've chosen the promise of peace and safety.

They've chosen to follow a big powerful leader. At least what appears to be so because they will not look to themselves to be champion and people who will not stand up for themselves individually are truly giving away their rights to decide to anything to that which appears to be strong. You are your own champion and you can be the champion for those to come. That's responsibility, a big one. And you won't be popular but then truth never is.

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 22, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)