Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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We're witnessing the total manipulation of weather. For those with memory, if they can remember maybe 10, 12, 15 years ago, you would see the regular weather channel with the map and the simulated streams like the jet stream. The Gulf Stream would come up, as well, and if you watch it now, you'll see things that never ever happened in the past. You can see the jet stream come up to British Columbia and do a sharp right-angled turn, and go straight across Canada to the other coast. This is not a natural phenomena, and it's not because of the “global warming” and all the rest of it. This is not natural phenomena. This is manipulated phenomena.

So much so, the regular weather stations are themselves are unable to predict any long term forecast anymore. In fact, not so long ago, on a CBC documentary some of the head people at the Canada weather bureau admitted that they were stopping doing long term forecasting, which they used to do when they'd be two, three, four months ahead. They could fairly well predict, on average, within certain limits, what the weather could or probably would be like if everything maintained its steady flow, and so on. They can't do that anymore because of the spraying. They didn't mention the spraying, of course. They won't do that. No one is going to talk about the spraying in any serious fashion on any major media. It's a “no-no”. A must-be “no-no.” No one is to talk about it, and this is one of the heaviest phenomena we've had done to the public, probably since the first inoculations, with its ulterior motives. Another must-be and the children mustn't be told the truth.

Well, it’s the same with the spraying. It's obvious that there are tremendous orders going out from the top to keep the media silent about it, because no one in the regular media will go near it. They will not mention it whatsoever. Apparently a couple of stations down California way did touch on it, but again it's tongue and cheek, with the usual way to leave the audience, “Well is it, or isn't it? Is it natural? Is it not natural? Is it just crazy people?” That's how it's presented.

It would be interesting to see how this constant downpour of freezing rain will affect things. Is it a big experiment again, or is it meant to bring down the power lines and create another crisis? Generally, freezing rain does not last all day for one day, never mind a few. A new phenomena. The trees are glazed like icing cakes. They're glazed. Even the grass is coated like that. It's like glass and it's still pouring down right now.

The reason these webcasts are a bit late, is because the webmaster wasn't there. He's been away for a few days and so I've been unable to get them up there. I hope people don't panic, and with the winter coming in they should expect this sort of thing anyway, because sometimes we do have power outages, as well, in winter. The more rural you are, the more likely you are to have them, and that's a natural winter, never mind today's unnatural winters.

I'd like to talk a little bit about conspiracy theory. Now the term “conspiracy theory” was given to the public to use, and those who are trying to expose things have adopted this without thinking. It's quite interesting how psychology works and how it's known to work. I've always stated that if you have the facts, especially the facts that are written about by some of the main players in this grand scheme of things, not about them but by them, then you have the facts and you use the facts. That's not a conspiracy.

Now H.G. Wells said the same thing back in the 1920’s. He says, "This is an open conspiracy." Even then, they published many, many books about their goals, their future, the world planning, and the organization that would go into it. The kind of future they were going to bring in, and it's never changed. That's ongoing, and there are many books published by “in-crowd” type professors, books, which are not promoted by the media. They’re out there for the public, if they want to go through them. Most of them won't because the public are trained, like everything else in their tastes. Their tastes are not their tastes. They're given to them, whether it's entertainment, book reading or whatever, and if the media doesn't tell you that this is a "must-see book," then they won't read it. It's only the odd-ball here and there, like me, who goes through the dry dusty books, which are definitely boring, until you come across gold in an occasional paragraph here and there. But, legally, the information has been put out.

For those who accept the term "conspiracy theorists," they’re adopting a term, which is discrediting them right off the bat. I hope people stop using “conspiracy theory,” the term the other side would like you to use about yourselves. I get many, many phone calls, and I often have to, nowadays, unhook the phone. At one time I did literally take calls non-stop from 7:00 in the morning until midnight, one in the morning, and I wouldn't even have time to eat. I've stopped that, because, why kill myself? It is true that a lot of people will suck you dry, and that's really what a lot of people are there for - is to suck you dry. Others are genuine enough, but I can't keep going over the process of waking up to everybody's who’s starting to wake up, because it's too draining on a one-to-one basis. For me, it's like coming back from outer space to see a molecule of dust somewhere, something I'd seen long ago. It's low level stuff.

The popular conspiracy media don't help this process, because the process works by giving out certain information. If we take the regular media - their job is to give you your thoughts for each day. To stop you thinking for yourself, they give you the topics. They'll give you the answers or a pretended debate about the outcome. You're guided to a conclusion, which is not yours, but you'll accept it, not realizing it’s not yours, because you're only given limited information on any topic. When you try and avoid that kind of media, people tend to look for truth elsewhere, and elsewhere used to be alternative AM or shortwave radio. It's now combined with Internet today and sure enough, there's lot of them out there, and all they're doing is -- when you're trying to skip your downloading from the regular media, you're going over what's in the regular media and the alternative media.

Now, the process of indoctrination, it doesn't matter who gives you the information to be indoctrinated with, or your thoughts for the day, as long as you get them - that's the important part. So, I tend not to look into shows that go through what politician has been put forth to bring out whatever bill, because it's irrelevant. These names are really irrelevant. These people are irrelevant. If it wasn't them, it would be another look-alike that would be put in their place to do the same thing. They just happen to be the high Masons that are in at the moment, and they're given their marching orders, and they do it.

I liken this kind of mentality of the day-by-day blows, what's being done to you, as the laboratory. It's like mice in a cage, and every day at the crack of dawn, they start chattering about, “Well, what do you think they’ll do to us today? Will they inject us? Will they take one of us out and dissect him? Will they put the wires in our brains and make us dance?” There are a thousand possibilities, you see, and sure enough, at eight o'clock in comes the white-coated priest and he starts on his business and they’re chattering, “What's he doing now? Is going to do this, is he going to do that?” That's where alternate media has always been, at that stage. They’re chattering about the next blow that's going to be struck, or could be struck, and they take every possibility to the extreme. It’s almost like a panic situation, and people do get panicked by that kind of stuff.

The sky is always falling. Everyday it's falling, and I tell people that here's the important thing:

When you realize that all you're doing by being terrified, and why you're terrified, it's because you're reacting to an older way of life, the one you were born into, changing, and really everything that you thought about that older way of life is more like a Hollywood fiction than a reality. There were no "good old days" and this system has always been here. All they're doing is changing their system, to make it more efficient for themselves, into the next phase, and this has been going on for millennia.

Follow history. History is a horror show. A horror show of money from the Middle East, since ancient times, being introduced everywhere. Standing armies following it, recruited by money, kept together by money. Taxation, and armies going off to conquer, slaughter and dominate, all down through history, so that a few men behind the scenes -- a few families, really, could benefit from the vast wealth of slavery.

Charles Galton Darwin wrote in his book "The Next Million Years" quite matter-of-factly. He spoke the same way as Aldous Huxley spoke, and they knew each other very well. Charles Galton Darwin said, "There has always existed slavery in one form or another. We are simply creating a more sophisticated version of it." That has been done, you see. We are trained now to be good “producers-consumers.” The terms used at the U.N. to describe the perfect world citizen. You have value to the system, as long as you're producing within the system and consuming within the system. If you’re one or the other, you're a bad citizen. You have to be both. That can tell you that as soon as you retire, you're now a consumer, and you're on the bad books. You can tell where it's going to end up with the elderly eventually.

It will be very much like "Logan's Run," the book and movie, where people will grow to a certain age and then go off to be -- into some sort of tank, and you go up in smoke and that's you off to nirvana, the next step, supposedly. That could be done. That could be introduced. Anything you see in society, any culture, any belief system can be taught, especially when any of it has been done in previous times. Plato said that himself. Now, there's no species on this planet, no (other) species -- you've all watched the wildlife species. You're overrun with wildlife species programs, and Audubon Wildlife, and all this stuff from insects’ sexual nature, to whatever - Incessant stuff, not there by accident. And you see all these scientists observing and filming and big money going into this.

Well, you see, that's nothing, because MAN has been the most studied creature on this planet, even thousands and thousands of years ago. Nothing has been studied more than the nature of man, of woman, of children, male and female, down through the milestones, as they go from childhood to adolescent to teenager, and so on. This is how perfectly we are understood. The ancient Greeks said this in their own writings, that "anything which has been made to happen within the past, within culture, or was taught, a belief system can be re-introduced," because all these things are - - are formulas. If you know the formula, the sequence of introduction of a topic, a thing, whatever, you can replay it again and it will work exactly the same way, if it's introduced the same way, and followed up the same way.

We can see this from the whole New Age movement, planned long ago, written about extensively in the 1800s, and gradually introduced, backed by big money, getting towards the earth worship, until you're just a species on the planet, along with the insects and the worms, and now we have no more rights than the worms. That's the biodiversity treaty that was signed. So, anything can be done to humanity. Culture itself - Culture is “to grow.” To grow, you culture something. When they do it in laboratories for bacterium, they put it in a little Petri dish, and it grows, and they call it a "culture". You culture it. So culture is grown. Now that means there's a gardener somewhere who grows it. That's the big boys. They give you your culture. We emulate what’s given to us, without thinking, and culture is plastic. It can be bent, shaped, directed into anything that they wish, anything at all. But it's much easier to re-introduce something that's been done before, because then it's guaranteed to work.

I've talked to many elderly people who've watched and followed the machinations of this agenda for most of their lives. They often were ardent listeners to, at that time, it was the shortwave radio, which had or gave out the alternative news, but it also gave it all the spins and the Christianity side of things. “It will overcome, don't worry. God's in control.” After they had just terrified you for an hour or so, and again selling its fear-based products. What they've all told me, is that they've wasted so much time watching senators, congressmen, politicians in different countries, introduce different bills. They've heard the moves to write -- at first it was writing to your congressman. Then it was phone their offices. Bombard them with phone calls. Then it was faxed. Everybody faxed them, and now it's emailing them. What they've all told me, is that nothing they have ever done, and all that they've watched and participated in, has made no dent whatsoever. The agenda is the agenda.

People who are freaking out everyday have not really woken up, or else they've fallen into the trap that their country is being taken over, by the day, when it really wasn't theirs to begin with. They haven't realized that. It's hard to let go of the founding myths that people are given, because they want so much to believe that the heroes they have been given were genuine, and yet every country has its founding mythologies. They've always given founding mythos for building nations, which they've always controlled. To be kept in a constant state, a daily state of terror, is not good for anybody's health and it's not productive. It's not productive.

You cannot USE this system or BEAT this system by USING the system. The complaints do not work. We've watched that in our lifetimes. We’ve watched the European Union come to pass. We've watched the people in different countries voting “no,” they didn't want it. They got it regardless, even when they voted “no,” the majority of them. These, again, are "must-be's". These are high Masonic "must-be's." You're going to get it whether you like it or not. That's the thing.

As to what's happening today, and what’s going to happen, everybody knows it's coming down, with the massive build up of internal armies called "special police forces." They call them the “multi-jurisdictional task-force." There's a whole different bunch of fancy names they have. They're interlinked with the military, and many of them in the police force actually go over to these warring countries for practice, and then come back to their units at home. This has been going on for years, and the sad truth is, that whenever a topic comes into the public’s mind, it in a sense is old stuff. When you start catching on to something, even though the open formality of signing some agreement or whatever may yet still be to happen, the fact is the machinery for it all was set-up years ago. The bureaucracies and the training was set-up years ago.

Even the generations growing up, the young ones, were indoctrinated into the next phase of what is to be. That's why there's no communication between generations. Each one is scientifically updated for what they will experience, in change form, in their lifetime. Read the old communist speeches on this very technique. Beria in the Soviet Union gave quite a few talks on this scientific indoctrination of children, and the way that they could actually change them at that time, back in the '20’s and '30’s. They could change the indoctrination for change every five years and update it. He said "It used to take us a generation, 70 odd years, to get a change through in society." Now they can do it in five years of intense indoctrination. That's media bombardment. That's teaching at school. That's all of those things combined, and novels and all the other things that reinforce all of these ideas. Now it's down to, pretty well, the year.

Every kindergarten child going into school is getting taught a little bit more along the agenda than the guy who was in kindergarten last year. These are all preparations for changes for the society that they're going to grow up into, and they will accept them passively, because they've been indoctrinated to accept them. We're not dealing with haphazard circumstance here. There's no bumbling fools at the top, and when the public catch on, as I say, to what's going on, its old stuff, old stuff.

A good example of the legalities they use to reinforce their system was announced, by Bob Rae who was the Premiere (that's like the Governor of Ontario some years ago). At that time he played the part, and I mean it. He played the part of being “left of Marx” with the NBP party in Canada, and sure enough when his term was over, he put us in four or five times debt of what we had before. He's recently re-emerged as a liberal candidate for the leadership, because they don't care about parties. These boys are playing the universal game here. It's a game really. They know there's only one agenda, it doesn’t matter what party they pretend to belong to.

But Bob Rae had put so many laws into the books, and the whole team that worked with him put so many laws into the books, he said, “It doesn’t matter,” now that the NBP was leaving office to make way for the next party. He said, “It would take them years to unravel this -- the legalities to change any of it." You have to wonder why, you think if you had bad laws it’s a simple matter of just taking out the appropriate laws -- the files and tossing them in the fire where they belong, but we’re dealing with a system that you and I are not allowed into. It's like a religion. It is a religion, in fact. They have their own version of things and law, and they have their own meaning of law. Law is of utmost importance to them.

That's why in the U.S. Constitution they said that, "the people under law." They never explained what they meant. THEY NEVER DEFINED LAW, you'll notice, AND THEY WERE ALL MASONS OF COURSE.

We live in a topsy-turvy world of Disney -- it's a Disneyland. One reality for Joe Public and another reality for those who get "into the know," and even those guys don't know too much. They're told all they need to know for their position. They know, in fact, not to ask the wrong questions.

One fellow in Canada asked me – How could he check into any Masonic doctrine or control of Canada, and I'll answer him now. Look at the Parliament building. Just look at the architecture. That's all you have to start with. In fact, that would keep you going for a long, long time if you got into it.

The LANGUAGE, on one level, which is all around you, is SYMBOLIC. It's all symbols.

You won't be taught this at school. In fact, you're taught not to think at school. You’re taught to repeat but not to think. Critical thinking is taboo. They'd probably put you on Prozac today. They don't teach logic in school anymore. They teach "socialization processes" to go along with the group; group-think, which is just consensus led by a very well indoctrinated leader. But start off with Parliament buildings in any country, by the way. You'll see the same architectural structure. You'll see the spires which are just obelisks. Look at the tops of the windows. You'll see the arches - then count them. Everything is part of the Masonic language.

It's all around you. Every place has got a Masonic Lodge under one name or another, and yet it's quiet, isn't it? So quiet. They have the outward sects all fighting each other. It's the Jesuits. No, it's the Billy Graham's and Protestants, and on it goes. And yet, amongst every group, here's these little quiet temples where every important member of every board, from the school board to the council board, to whatever, in your area, that's where they all go. That's where they meet, and unless you join them, you won't get inside on their meeting nights when they pull out all their “jewels,” as they call them, and put all the stuff on the floor on the little chessboard. The yin and the yang. The male and the female. The spirit, the earth.

There's a completely different world, all around you, shown in symbolism. That is why a Mason from any country, without knowing another's verbal language, can go into any other country and get the exact same meanings from the architecture, the logos all around them, by counting the flutes on pillars and cathedrals, et cetera.

You live in a world where you have been taught -- not only taught to be blind, you have been blinded, because a child left to his own devices, without super-indoctrination from the parents or the school, would ask the right questions. Generally it starts with a simple word - “WHY? WHY IS THAT?” etc.

The shock of waking up is akin to the meaning that's always existed of being reborn. Born again, because you have to re-evaluate everything you have ever thought was true. In fact, you have to re-evaluate all of the foundational beliefs that you had, which kept you standing, basically. The props are gone. You're kind of floating above the floor a little bit but you're still in “Level One” reality. The first thing people will do is to grab all the information that's out there, and try and download this into people's minds around them, and they sound crazy, because they are. They're frantic. They're frantic and it shows. They sound crazy about all the things are happening, and they're telling this to people who are still watching the six o'clock news.

You can't do that with people and expect to be believed. You have to go cautiously. So don't start to evangelize until you know far, far more than the stage that you're at, because then comes a form of calmness to deal with this. This has been ongoing, for thousands of years. You become calm, and you must remember that you can't hit people with a hundred problems at once. The human mind is not meant to cope with that kind of problem. It can only deal with one thing at a time, and to ramble all over the map, with “the sky is falling" will just ridicule yourself and ostracize yourself as being crazy. Accept the fact that change is happening.

There's been so many changes within your own lifetime that you didn't even notice. Most people alive today have floated through the whole period where the General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (GATT Treaty) was signed. It was in-between the sports, soaps, police dramas and hospital dramas that they watch. People floated through that, and it was to do with world trade, who would get the trade and the Star Chamber court that would decide penalties for nations that broke the rules, et cetera. Then, of course, we all paid through that GATT Treaty - taxpayers of the world paid to have their own factories moved to China.

Only a short time ago, Canada and the U.S. (and before that Britain as well) actually had factories. They made things themselves. So, people have floated through that transfer of the tooling, the machinery, everything to China, never mind the years of planning and negotiations of bureaucracies who have dealt with all of this stuff. It didn't just happen. They didn't shake hands and that was it. It took years and years of preparation to make that happen, but people have lived through this, and seen the ending of "Made in the USA" or "Made in Canada," until it's "Made in China." Everything they buy is made in China, and yet those same people didn't think anything strange about it.

Why would the capitalist nations (supposedly capitalist nations) be funding the transfer of their wealth, production, to a communist nation - it’s supposed arch-enemy? And today, most people have never asked that simple question. Who'd of thought, eh?

Who would have thought, that the old story about communism versus capitalism -- who would have thought, that the communists would beat you by being better capitalists than you are? And the reason is, the capitalists and the communists were created by the same group, the dialectical process. It is more efficient, certainly, using China with a totalitarian government to run a system and stand against all complaints. There's no complaints department in China. You don't complain in China. They’re ruthless, and yet here is China, supposedly still communist, China holding the debt of the United States. They hold the massive debt that the United States owes. They buy all the big bonds.

Before that, they used to play this game with Japan. Japan would hold the debt, and it's gone back and forth like a yo-yo, and the U.S. had owned Japan's debt and back and forth et cetera, even though modern-day Japan was set-up during and before World War II. It was planned and set-up to become what it became, by people within the United States. It was also propped up. They planned to make it the electronic leader of the world, during World War II. They went in and applied the plan. Hopkins was involved, and good buddy FDR and others had it all laid out. They had a perfect society, with its class distinctions that no one questioned, and everybody was obedient. A perfect obedient society, who'd work for peanuts, and give them status, because it was status that they craved. A very obedient, very hard working people, and sure enough, they became leaders in electronics for a while.

Nothing happens by chance. FDR himself said, "that if it happens in politics it was planned that way." Even the scandals are planned.

People generally tell you where they are in their head-space and in their understanding by the questions they ask you. Those who are still just hovering above the floor in “Level One” will ask you the same questions, "Is there a God?," because they're trying to drag their old paradigm, that which they were used to, into the new paradigm. They want rules, laws and regulations, which their old paradigm is full of, you see. They want re-affirmation. I always tell them or I ask them, "Why do you ask me that?,” because it doesn't matter what I believe. Belief can only be a personal thing, if it's based on experience, and it's more important the questioner answers that question for themselves. And the big scary thing is "Well what if there isn't?" Or, “What if it's not the old guy in the sky, the big father figure who's going to watch over me?” And that's why you just can't wake up everybody.

A lot of people will fall apart completely, if you went into the truth with them. Not everyone can break-out of the conditioning. In a sense, it's all they know. It's the only reality they've ever known, even though it was fake. It's all they know. If they haven't started waking up for themselves and at least asked a few pertinent questions, then is it your job to wake them up, or is it your fear of everything, that makes you need to have people around you, understanding and know what you know? Is that the group mentality breaking-out in yourself?

The world is going through massive changes, always has been. The culture has been turned upside down, not for the first time. Go back to Plato again, he talked about it 2,300 odd years ago. Most folks float through the changes, as though it were quite normal, even though there was chaos within their own lives and all around them, they still think it's normal, because they can't think for themselves. They only think what the media tells them to think, like Mr. Kissinger said, and he should certainly know.

You can only get peace when you break through all of the old paradigm, and don't fall for all the traps which are laid out for you to fall into, and always have been laid out for you to fall into, when you're breaking free.

Some people become hyper-neurotic, because, see, religion apart from dominating your life, regulating it and making you obedient, religion was there to tell you don't worry. “There, there, it will be all right in the end,” and after this “oh terrible life,” you'll live forever and the bad guys will get punished, and that's the only thing that you can believe in. Everyone, in every nation, has seen the CORRUPT EVIL DOERS ALWAYS BENEFITING IN THE SYSTEM AND THEIR FAMILIES, and so they GAVE YOU the HOPE or the reasoning, they will get punished after death, you see, and you take their word for it.


It’s a very clever technique. Once you take that away from someone, they're really floating then and grasping at everything, because religion also told them, "Well don't worry, you see, you'll live forever in a new body or whatever, a new spirit." It depends on which group you belong to. A lot of people fall into a hyper-neurosis. They become hypochondriacal - terrified of dying in this life, and they go out there and they fall immediately into the health traps. The health foods, and all of the pills that you can stuff your face full of, and exotic things from far away countries that are supposed to cure everything under the sun. Then they fall into the New Age traps, and the New Age and the health food industry go together. It's all part and parcel of the same new religion you’re seeing, designed by the same boys who ran every other system.

But they fall into this “I can't die” thing. “I just don't want to die. I must keep living and so if this grass here is better for me then the porridge oats I've been buying, then if I stuff my face full of this expensive grass from overseas or at the top of the Andes Mountains or somewhere, I'll live forever.” They become hypochondriacal and totally obsessed with health, and almost like religious fanatics, with those around them who want to do the same as they do.

And then they get into all the other New Age stuff that's out there - the "feng-shui," and, "Oh energies are coming up and oh my God they're coming through the windows and it will deflect them all over the place!" All this bombardment by energies is going to finish them off, unless they do all the right rituals, and they become bound, totally bound by ritualism. Ritualistic thinking and behavior. Again, this is intentional. It was created from the top. Nothing would exist in their system, nothing would definitely be promoted in the system unless it was authorized to be there, and yet people will say, “Well, is there no hope?” I tell them, "Well, it depends how you view the outcome." Traditionally in the West, because we've been taught group-think all time, and we've been taught nationhood, it’s us against them. There's ALWAYS a THEM somewhere. We've been taught that we all go together in heavenly chariots, all together, to the same place, and that's all nonsense. It's nonsense.

Even in Christianity, I don't think the one they were founding it after, ever said he came to save everybody. Broad was the way that led to damnation. Narrow was the way for the few to go, and there's a deeper truth there than people realize, and it's an eternal truth, you see. That wasn't the first time that had been written down. In fact, most of the things in the New Testament were all said, long before, over and over again, because there are eternal truths built in there, as well.

The journey that anyone's on is their own life experience - beginning to end. It's not supposed to be a producer-consumer experience, until you become what they now term -- the dehumanizing term "geriatric". It's like calling a baby a "fetus," it dehumanizes it and that's intentional, by the way.

Life is supposed to be a process of attainment, not by the world standards, which is diplomas, degrees and applause, but personal achievement. I tell people about hope, and I say, “If you have truly broken through against the thousands of years of perfected indoctrinations, on every generation, and an even more intense indoctrination in the last hundred odd years through universal education, (which the Masons proudly will tell you in their own writings, they were the ones to push to get the same standardized indoctrination) --

If you have broken through all of that, and your religious indoctrination to give you terror at the thought even of thinking for yourself. If you've broken through all the conditioning you’re so apt to miss a vital thing. That, in itself, is a miracle, you see. That's the first miracle.” That's truly a miracle. People who have been a little bit awake for some years are so apt to forget that, but they never stop and analyze why they broke through. Why them and not someone else? It's because somewhere within the individual is the ability to analyze themselves.

Every trait of evil and kindness that you see in the world is also held within yourself. There are people in this world who are incapable of looking at themselves critically. They can rationalize and justify anything they do, to save their ego. Those are the ones - the leg boys for the New World Order. Many of the names you already know. They can, and although it will sound absurd to the listeners, rationalize death, destruction, slaughter and depopulation.

So, someone who's broken through has the ability to see all of those critical things within themselves - possibilities, and that's what was meant by the microcosm. Everything that has happened in the world and can happen - the potentials are all within yourself, as an individual. So people who have broken through have also had the ability, not only to recognize that there is something intensely wrong with everything around them, but they also have the ability to reflect upon themselves, because how could you possibly scream about the New World Order and what's coming down the pike, if you haven't thought out a process of how to steer everything in a different direction?

They all want the change. Everyone wants the change, but it's just that they want a leader to do it all for them. That, again, is the group-think mentality that the West has been totally indoctrinated with. They've never thought out the process of, "We know where this is all heading. How should or could it be?" If they get to that stage they'll still think in group-think, like we (us) against them. You'll find there's just as many of them, the Kissinger types, at the bottom levels of society scattered through occupations, as there are at the top. Actually, there's more down at the bottom levels.

The same traits are showing within them, and there's people that you probably know around you who have those traits. They work as petty officials or they're in police, military or something to do with authority, because they love authority. I've been through that in previous talks, the authoritarian figure. The sadomasochism. The sadomasochist shows masochist behavior towards a superior, because he craves that power. He worships power, and when it gets it, he is the sadist. He's also the sadist to those beneath him, while he's groveling to those above him.

The problem isn't just a small elite, at the top, manipulating all of this. Yes, they have the power. Yes, they have the agenda. Yes, they have thousands of think-tanks to deal with every possible outcome within society, but they completely depend upon the same personality types as themselves existing all the way down all the strata, right down to the bottom levels as well. So, there's no clear definition of US or THEM. We're dealing with types of personalities here.

How many people, truly, in a week, reflect on the chaos in the world, or the starvation that's happening in different parts of the world, or the people getting slaughtered in the Middle East now for the agenda, and families getting wrecked, bombed and shot? It doesn't matter whose side is doing it. The doers are the same personality types, pro or against. But how many people, truly, sit and think about these things and go off and ponder? [How many think about] the AIDS sweeping through Africa, when we know it's a man-created disease to depopulate? How many people go off for a walk or sit in solitude and think about this? See, most people, truly, want diversion from all of that. Yes, they'll scream and shout about their own rights getting lost. They'll scream and shout when they feel the force around them getting closer to themselves, so all you're really seeing is a reaction to individuals being touched by the evil that's all around them.

It's almost like screaming if someone burns you. In fact, it's very much like that. How many of them would be screaming at all if they were not being burned? It was just everyone else around the planet that was being burned, but to give them a second thought? You see, we're tremendously, tremendously selfish. People who are screaming out about the New World Order are just screaming because that which is familiar to them is being changed, without them being considered, or even participating in the decision making.

The world has been a hell, for a lot of people, for an awful, awful long time. We love to think that we're all sane, but what would you call sanity? What is sanity? What is civilization? What is progress? Who defines these things for us?

When you stand back and look at most eras down through history, and people look back with nostalgia. They make movies, nostalgic movies, about fictional times, and the closest they get to reality, is to show you an upper middle class and the little things that absorb them. Little dramas they go through, under the guise of fantasy or drama, and yet they never tell you the other side of the story, when the masses of people were suffering horribly in squalor and poverty. They don't want to look at that, it's too depressing. That which you will not face will be repeated on every generation, until we do say, enough, enough.

The system we are living in if we take away all the flags, banners, propaganda and the tinsel, THIS SYSTEM IS ANTI-HUMAN. THERE'S NOTHING HUMAN ABOUT IT. IT’S ANTI-HUMAN.

It “croaks” the life out of humanity. It's the epitome of dog-eat-dog, at all levels, and this is the system we're being taught is the only way to go. Then they wonder as everyone competes against everyone else as they leave school. They're all trained to compete and run after the carrots, and elbow everybody else out of the way, as you try to grab that carrot. That's called "civilization."

No, no. This is ANTI-HUMAN BEHAVIOR. So why would anyone want to save it?