Tuesday, October 2, 2007


The early historians talked about the United States as it was building itself up. It was the first country where individual prosperity was occurring for the lower classes and the reason it came to for it happening was the ready availability of credit and the lack of laws and bureaucracies to hinder them. That's the only reason it was known for a while as a prosperous nation and as you built yourself up the prosperous nation it never occurred to the people that there's an agenda behind. IT NEVER OCCURS TO THE PEOPLE why the FOUNDING FATHERS in every book you read on history chose ROME to model itself after. Rome the empirical Rome there's a reason for it. That's the reason you have the fascia on either side of the Congressional Building when they give speeches. The fascia is the fascia nation. The fascia was the SYMBOL OF ROME. The early Catholic Church simply would transfer one formal power using force into one which used mind control. The Catholic Church use to have the fascia carried by the bodyguards and they'd have a bunch around the early pope tying the bundle of rods which cover up the axe. Individually a stick can be broken but you tie them together with the bundle and it's hard to break. That fascia has always been very, very important because it hides an elite who stick together and who are as strong as can be as long they all stick together. When we read the writings not about Franklin but the writings by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson both of them stated the same thing that this would be the beginning of a FEDERATION OF THE WORLD and Franklin went so far as to say it would ultimately be run by 12 wise men, 12 being the perfect number of government in the Cabala. So these guys are high Cabalists and occultists and Franklin also made a similar reference to George Bush, Sr. and people have questioned what it meant. What it was, was that Franklin said he would like to be remembered in history as "a single point of light." That's in his own memoirs.33 of the 50-odd Founding Fathers signed the Declaration. It was for the high number 33 because the sun rises on the 30th degree and sets at 33. The same as Jesus comes on the same age of 30 and dies at 33. The Founding Fathers, like all countries that have been created through this technique, England was the first you must remember because the English Revolution was before the U.S. Revolution. Everyone seems to forget that. The colors of the Revolution were red; and then they had the Blue Lodge for the color blue, for open freemasonry, because the sun is blue when everything is out in the open; and white is for the spirit that would really guide it. That's the colors of revolution: red, white and blue. Therefore, every country that had the revolution—Britain, United States and France—ended up with red, white and blue on their flag because it's Kabbalistic and only the Founders understood this religion. The lower peasantry didn't understand anything about it at all. When they got together in the convention hall, they barred the doors. They pulled the blinds. They put sentries on the doors to keep the public out; and that was a Masonic meeting they held in Philadelphia, because they do it in the temple that has no windows. That's why no one could see in. It was a Masonic meeting and they came out and said to the people, "we have given you a government." There was no vote by the people to have that government. The public have no say in the whole thing; and then they give you the foundation myths that George Washington could not tell you a lie and all this stuff. These are called foundation myths that they always give every country. That's to make them feel good about themselves. Benjamin Franklin another member of the Illumined ones. Never mind his name which is very revealing as far as coding goes. When he came out of the hall after they'd signed the American Constitution and this was a Masonic meeting. They had guards on the doors to stop the public getting in. The ones who gave you your freedoms and he talked about that of course and he alluded to it being Masonic himself in his own writings and when he was asked by the public "what kind of government do we have?" And he said, "a Republic if you can keep it." Now you can look at that two ways you see because Illumined ones always talk. You know, white man talked with fork tongue. Well it's true. He knew it would never be kept. It was designed not to be kept. It was designed to be altered as time went on and as the founders knew the destiny and the purpose of the United States of America would gradually unfold. He said himself Franklin and Jefferson that the Constitution could really only work with an agricultural society and once it went into industry it would be totally altered. It needs be and it would happen anyway. So they were well aware it was not for the general public.

If it was for the general public the doors wouldn't have been barred and the windows all blind down but then again the Masonic Hall is "The Temple of No Window." They ALWAYS pull the blinds and that symbol of pulling the blinds is for the profane outside and it's also symbolic of the hoodwink for the individual in society as well. Benjamin Franklin was the Henry Kissinger of the late 1700s.