Saturday, October 20, 2007


We're taught to be egosyntonic, a recent phenomena really, because only up until the time that television took over from radio did we ever think the world was supposed to be a happy place at the time, because it wasn't and neither was the average individual supposed to be happy all the time when massive advertising came in. It came in – not by itself, by the way. Advertising was brought in to help control the people and to shape their minds into a different kind of reality and a future. That is when the egosyntonic behavior was pushed, because you never see a very unhappy face in an advertising campaign on anything, whether they're selling toothbrushes to toothpaste to whatever. You always see this happy, happy face, as though the ultimate organism had just hit the person involved; and it's a big CON of course, because the system we live in of commerce is based on creating unhappiness. That's the whole point of it. Nothing is made to last that you buy. In fact it's getting a lot worse now that the businesses have gone to China. They are “maximizing their profits,” as they like to say, and cheapening all the products at the same time so they don't last very long. It really doesn’t matter that they don't last long, because as long as we have this free availability of credit cards, it seems that the sky is the limit to the average person who doesn't know anything else.

How on earth did we get to this stage of manipulation?

It's to do with the creation of reality and how masses of people can be conditioned slowly through generations into leaving a field where they chew heavily on the grass into another field. A field that was already prepared and planned by people who lived hundreds of years ago, because those who rule the rule work intergenerationally.

I hope to go through some of the histories and some of the religions going from very, very early times which transformed us all, generation by generation up to the present point, and so the new religion which is pretty well almost here, is a form of state worship. A form of state worship also based on earth worship, which really is one in the same thing for the elite. As long as we believe it, then we will do and believe whatever they tell us. This can only be done with one or two generations. Once that's done you'll see children happily volunteering to be sterilized to save Gaia, Mother Earth.

Now this has been written about by people involved in high think tanks, think tanks which plan your world. They plan your reality and they market it into your head through magazines, television and they make sure you're all indoctrinated in the same schooling, and that way everyone will believe the earth is flat if they say so. People can be made to believe anything unfortunately, and that is the problem.

Mammals all look towards the older mammal parent, at least one of them, to point out things which they should be aware of. If the mammal doesn't do that, the parent then the young one will think the world it's born into and all its enemies, the predators are quite natural. They're friendly towards them. It's the same with humans. If your parents didn't know, didn't question the reality into which they were born and don't warn the child, the child will grow up thinking this is the only possible system that could ever have evolved. It's as simple as that. This is called the creation of culture or culture creation, written about thousands of years ago by various philosophers, mainly from Greece and some of the Aramaic countries, where they tell you how they create the cultures of their own periods and how they kept control of those cultures and even updated them like computer programs, mainly through the arts and sciences, the drama, the fashion industry. They even called it the fashion “industry” 2,300 years ago.

They made sure that everyone in ancient Greece at one period had to attend the traveling plays that were put on by actors and actresses that came from the Middle East. Even the slaves had to go because they would copy or mimic, as Plato said, that which they saw on stage including the fashions and the music. Music was such a powerful tool that Plato wanted it to be licensed. He knew the effects it could have on the youth, but he also knew that the military music stirred the youth to war and that could be useful to those in control, the dominant minority or the “guardians,” as he liked to call his own class.

Aldous Huxley, in various speeches towards or at least at Ivy League universities, spoke about this dominant minority existing. He said that it had always existed and saw no reason why it shouldn't always exist; and that is true. To them, it is their world. They own the resources of the world. They own the financial system of the world and they also inbreed like crazy because they marry wealth – not just any wealth. Not new wealth, but old wealth because to them you prove your "good breeding," as they call it, to having selected mates, mates who have accumulated wealth through many generations and never lost it. That's how they’re mated up.

The idea in fact of love, romantic love is a fairly recent phenomena being promoted to the public. Prior to the 1800’s, it was more of a practical thing to do, was to get married to keep the species going; and plus, because most folk lived on rural areas, they needed all the help they could get on the farms, so the more children they had the better. The more chances of survival the people would have. The modern histories they give you would tend to make you think that every male in history had it so good, and that's the big lie. Most people did not have it so good, right up into the 20th century and many today even in the western world have it fairly poorly.

Coming from Britain I watched machinations of a country being merged with Europe through my whole lifetime, and it was always decried as false by those who were actually doing it. I think it was summed up pretty good by professors at Oxford University who said that "we always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands." It was so easy to see the amalgamation taking place in little catch phrases they'd use when prime ministers all met together to “tighten the bonds” and to get “closer ties” with the European countries.

Today in the Americas we're going through the same process. It's not happening by chance. It was planned before I was born and before your parents and grand parents were born, in fact, this particular amalgamation. Karl Marx wrote about it in the 1800’s. He said, "There'll be three great trading blocks. A united Europe, a united America and also a united Pacific Rim region." He also mentioned the most favored nation trading status as well. The same term they still use with the economic unions of today.

We're living through a big business plan – a long-range business plan in which we have no participation. We just go through the motions and do what we're told and vote people in; and yet, regardless of who you vote in, the same agenda goes on; because really all sovereignty was signed away at San Francisco at the end of World War II when all the countries signed the UN Treaty, the Charter. The trick then was to fool the public into allowing amalgamation to take place slowly, ever so slowly. That's how you don’t spook the animals. You don’t spook the herd down below, and sure enough, it works very well. That's also part of the reason why in the western world they suddenly came out with credit cards and gave you easy loans even without collateral for the first time. It was to get a generation dumbed-down, happy, stuffed full of good food and all the fun they could possibly buy while they were doing all of this, because when you're poor and the tyrants are going further with your life you tend to object a little. However, when you're stuffed and happy and entertained to death, then you graze quite happily. You're in a semi-coma. You’re comatic. You're hypnotized in a sense and that's what’s happened.

Once the amalgamation takes place, then they'll pull the rug from underneath you and stop all those cheap credit cards and interest and so on, and then you'll be back in hell, only with a new master. It's really the same master. It's only the top of the pyramid, the capstone that will be in charge and come out openly.

For those in Australia and New Zealand, this has been brought about by the Royal International Society basically of Britain. In the West they call it the CFR (The Council on Foreign Relations), in the east and in all Commonwealth countries it's called The Royal Institute for International Affairs. You'll find major politicians for the last 50, 60, maybe even 70 years have all been members of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, an association began by a Royal Charter. In other words, it was promoted and given a Royal Decree to exist on behalf of the elite of London to bypass what they call democracy. They decided that democracy was just too tiresome and all these arguments with different parties made sure that nothing was really done in a hurry, and these guys at the top are very impatient. They have their plans fulfilled so they thought they'd give us a dummy parliament with a lot of dummies yelling at each other at the bottom and make sure the boys at the top were employed by them. That's how it's done.

Professor Carroll Quigley wrote about this in "Tragedy & Hope" and his other major book is called "The Anglo-American Establishment." He was the official historian for The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the CFR for many years. He said there had been a parallel government for about 50 or 60 years prior to his writing this down, and that was in the 1960’s. That is why, regardless of the faces that change throughout your lifetime in politics, this agenda steamrolls ahead. It's not just an agenda with a little goal for more wealth for the elite. This is the struggle for the entire planet to come under their dominion. That includes everything on the planet, in the planet, everything that moves and breathes, all natural resources. These characters at the top are going for godhood, you see.

Socialism had been introduced to keep people in perpetual childhood. That's why you work eight hours a day and then you play for the rest. You play all the time. In fact, you have no time for your own children anymore. You'd rather play yourselves and enjoy yourself; and both parents unfortunately (if there are two parents left anymore) in a family are both the same. It doesn’t matter. They're taught they deserve their little rewards at the end of the day and their whole life runs around acquiring more and more cheap goods from China that make them smile for a few days, until the novelty wears off and they've got to buy something else.

The nobility even in ancient times practiced eugenics. They chose their mates or had priests choose them for them. They went through their genealogies and they married certain types into other certain types to eradicate too much emotion. They wanted to breed in the logical part, the part that could be firm and tough and perhaps ruthless at times. They said that was a good leader, you see, and it's the same today. We now have a few thousand of them running the world and we call them psychopaths. They’re inbred psychopaths. They have all the money in the world and they have all the think tanks in the world. The pyramid from the capstone down is just one boss at the top, one group, and a whole bunch of think tanks down below them, and then the media below that, then the military and police et cetera all the way down to the bottom level. "The wasteland" they call it. That's why they have the sparse grass at the bottom of the pyramid. It's the wasteland, the wasteland of the general public – those who are base, as they say themselves.

That's the mystery of the pyramid.

Nothing phenomenonal about it at all. It's a system. A complete entire system, which I call the Matrix. The Matrix comes from the mother, from matter, the world of matter we’re born into, because this world is a battle all the time between forces – forces of spirit versus forces of matter. We humans are the only beings supposedly that have the ability to think and choose between what we think is right or wrong or destructive and non-destructive, yet we generally fail to do so. We take the easier path, which generally hurts other people. We have lost our ability to be cohesive; and cohesion helps you get through crisis. That's why tribes at one time took care of everyone in the tribe, regardless of their status. It didn't matter because the purpose at that time was not to serve an economic system as it is today. The purpose was to stay alive and fulfill yourself as much as you could within this world and get as far as you could possibly go, and that didn't mean going on in a commercialized system exploiting others to get to the top.

When coined money came in around 800 BC, in came a very old culture that already existed, the Phoenicians in came that with it and everything was revered. Now the public were there to serve the economic system and not the other way around. Nothing has changed. That's still taught in economics at the top today, but everyone exists to serve the economic system and yet the economic system has decided that there are not enough resources to go on for a few more million years.

If everyone gets their little toys and goodies, these little rewards we're taught to expect, and they will run short of all the different things the elite themselves will need. Therefore they planned a long time ago to start reducing the population by any and all means possible, and like good little bosses at the top, they don't tell the public what they're really up to. They simply give you inoculations and all kinds of things which destroy your immune system and you start getting crippling diseases before you're 30. That makes you ineligible for a marriage partner to mate and therefore you’re out of the running. This was all discussed at meetings in the early 1900’s. Read the book "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin, one of these particular elites and the grandson of Charles Darwin.

He describes having to reduce the population and he gave us a dilemma. He said here we are giving inoculations which might stop the natural production or consequences of over population by increasing population. He says we have to do something to counter it. If you follow all of the problems we call premature aging diseases that are out today, you start to find the causes because they follow along with the charts for inoculations. He even talks about ways to basically destroy the higher intellect in the general public so there can be no problem. They'll be easily managed by their betters.

That book was applauded by all the major owners and newspapers of Britain and some parts of the world. The reason being that all the top people in the world owned those newspapers. After all, if you want to brainwash people and give them a false reality, you must control and own all information. When we look at where we are today with the computer and how easily and quickly everyone slipped into putting all their information out in the open, to be grabbed by the security forces or whoever else wants it. It's rather outstanding. People fought wars to have privacy. Privacy: Something they never had before the first revolutions in the 1500’s, 1600’s and 1700’s. Privacy was something you fought and died for because it was almost a holy thing – the right to be left alone. People got indignant about it, and yet today you ask the average person about all the info they're putting out there on the computer for everyone to grab – all the authorities to grab and they tell you "I don't care. I have nothing to hide." You see that a statement of a happy fat contented gluttonous slave. That's what that is. That's what you're hearing when they say that. They're happy slaves. However, those same happy slaves will howl when it all goes down, which it will at the right time.

We live in a fantasy land. A fantasy land designed for us by intelligent people who work in the think tanks. They work for the big boss man. The big boss man will do any work at all. Therefore, even the front men like Rockefeller, et cetera are still workers. They're worker bees, but they're not the bosses. You go back into the writings of Adam Weishaupt, only one member of one group of a particular high Masonic group called the Illuminati, a name they stole from the real Illuminati that existed for centuries. Weishaupt said that they would create philanthropic foundations that would go under the guise of charity to take over the world. You'll find that your world is run now by these foundations through non-governmental organizations. That's how the Soviet system was run, and that's why the Soviet system was actually set up as a big prototype where they would iron out all the problems.

Lenin himself said the dictatorship of the proletariat – it should have been over the proletariat, actually – he said it will last about 70 years then will merge. We will merge with the west and new system, a system which is neither quite capitalist nor communist, and what you have is socialism and massive bureaucracies to run the majority of the public for a small fascist elite.

the talks I give aren't the most pleasant talks because I don't look at all the fantasy bright sides that most people do look at – all the things that you're taught to believe in. Be happy. Just be happy like that silly song goes. Don't worry, be happy. If you're happy and you know what's going on, then I'd have to say you're actually crazy, perhaps psychotic, because what's happening is not pleasant. We're living in a time when humanity as we know it literally is in the balance. It's a time where we make the decisions ourselves whether to acquiesce to giving up everything for humanity, our ability to live our own lives and choose our own directions; or to simply hand it over to a small elite who believe they've got it in the bag. That's what we're living through right now is an incredible time of changes. Changes which you can participate in if you want to. If you can get through all the various groups that are out there which will mislead you, because the big boys tend to think of everything.

You must be your own person in this and decide what is important to you in this highly dysfunctional literate society we live in, where most people can't even get on with each other on an individual basis. We have to overcome that and decide do we want to go down quietly or do we at least go out with a bang rather than a whimper. That's where we are today; and yet, knowing what's going on, after you transcend all the worry, it gives you a form of peace because everything makes sense to you for the first time. You don't get it from the mainstream media. Their job is to keep you off balance and worried and make you want to save this particular system, even though the elite themselves decided they're changing their system. See, they own this system completely. We don't. You accept it simply because you think it's normal. It exists.

Lenin himself, trained by the best bankers on the planet, said there are many, many ways and directions society could go. A thousand he said. "The public must never be made aware of this. They must think the one they're born into is the only natural evolution it could possibly be." That is true. Most folk do think that. They're trained to think it. In fact, they're trained not to do much thinking at all. That's what the school is for; it’s to stop you thinking for yourself. Standardized education is the method they use, and then reinforced by cartoons all the way up to movies for adults, to stop you from thinking. It is amazing to have a brain capacity and use 10 percent of the grey matter in it; and even then, we have to turn it off and download ourselves with so much entertainment which programs us.