Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Now in the beginning was the word. The word didn't create anything. They wrote up the word esoterically created the big idea. The big idea was an abstract form unformulated chaos you see but wisdom was behind it so the serpent moved over the waters. This is the esoteric understanding as it's always been pre-Christian, pre-Judaism, pre most of the religions you know in fact and so you have the uninformed idea but wisdom is behind it. It's the BIG IDEA as it's expressed in high freemasonry. In the high esoteric circles.
The word is to formulate it is to speak it into existence.The Book of Revelations, if you understand the meaning of John. It's to do with meanings, not with people, and John of course is also EON, the age, and so you have basically the book of the age. It's also astronomical once again. The meanings contained within Revelations are purely based on the astronomical rotations of the zodiac. Once more, it's the same thing all through the bible in fact, even with all the characters. Even with Jesus with the 12 disciples, is Jesus and the 12 constellations and the sun traveling through them at different times of the year, and Scorpio stings them in the fall. That's the kiss of death and then he hangs on the cross for three days in mid-winter and rises again. It's all the same stuff down through the ages, including the 12 tribes of Israel. However, Revelations is a revealing. It was written by the mystery religion. The ancient and pre-Gnostic really who lived along that whole region and they were philosophers. They knew the religions of the philosophies that came in to that land from Greece during the times of Alexander, because Alexander brought a lot of them with them and they stayed. At the same time, you had the Essenes and Nassenes who moved in who were pseudo-Egyptian priests who brought the same mystery religions of Pythagoras with them, and they're written in a clouded language for the profane not to understand and that's why the profane argue and kill each other over even today.

I don't say Revelations isn't true. I say that REVELATIONS IS A PLAN. It's not an ordained thing by must mystery deity. It's a plan written in typical mystery religion speak, mystery speak for the esoteric who can understand. Not for the exoteric "profane" as they say. They're following that. It' a business plan.
Fundamentalism is on a roll right now because - in the U.S. especially because of all this terror and sure enough the preachers are doing their job. They're telling them it's god's will. It's all written in the bible it's going to happen and they're using Revelations and that was the reason Revelations was actually created all that time ago. It was a plan. A business plan. Step by step business plan and it's written in a esoteric form where exoterically minded people never see the esoteric.It's vital that people understand now what's going on. I wise man once said that peoples in all ages in all places have been told by their leaders to accept a religion, a proper religion and a proper religion was introduced by the elite and the people believed properly. It's never changed.

In the bible you don't have any word really for hell. That was a Nordic word. It meant hella. It meant the dirt, the earth, and when you died you went into hell. We are here folks, welcome. Someone said to me once, are we possibly the fallen angles, and who knows? Maybe that's closer to the mark than anything else. We do know that those in charge of us give the appearance of being a different species almost. The fringe groups run off and chase all kinds of weird stuff to do with this fringeness, this alternate type personality because they don't understand the psychopathic nature of the people at the top that just like pedigree poodles have been bred through thousand of years not to have the same emotions as the rest of the public. That's what the difference is. They're very clinical in their approach to analysis of things. They're very cunning as well and that's a gift of the psychopath.

The realities that have been presented to us, which many people swallow at birth, they never question because the answers have been given to them through their holy books and their teachings. Everything that happens therefore in life there down the road to them they compare to their teachings to see if it's proper or in God's hands or the deity's hands or whatever it happens to be, and that's their guidepost down through life. All the holy books have similar qualities in them of basic rules. Basic rules to make society at least get along with each other without killing each other and killing your neighbors, which is really the purpose of religion.

Religion is to tie, to rebind, to re-tie. They tie our minds down. When you're tied, you're not free to think. We're told we're free, so that's how it compensates. We're told we're free, even though we're crippled at birth by a system, which is indoctrination. We do know that bibles have always been rewritten down through history. Even the first one that was compiled as an official bible by the Vaticaness version, which even the New Testament from King James was copied form with more alterations. Each one has had alterations to try and keep the power into the right authorities' hands and make the people obey. So there's very little you can go by because all holy books have been given out for political purposes down through the ages, and we know that King James and his court were Rosicrucian, the precursor of what they now call "freemasonry" and they did put an awful lot of symbolism in there. However, most of the freemasonry you'll find is taken from the Old Testament. Even the system that we live in is contained within the Old Testament and the rules for those that want to succeed above all other peoples. Slavery is okay. Being very cunning and breaking the rules is okay as long as you get away with it and you do it craftily, and so Jacob fools his own father and gets the blessing. So it's all the rules of getting ahead in this system contained within the Old Testament primarily. Jacob means "heel catcher." It means someone who steals or catches and pulls someone else back to get to the front. or 'usurper'. What it really is showing you is the power of intellect and cunning over nature. That's really all that it meant and that those with intellect and cunning have the right to take over from those of nature. Those who are slovenly act silly, go by the laws of nature the untruths et cetera. In other words, a very elitist decision. That's all that it really means because the 12 tribes, if you look at the blessings bestowed upon the different tribes, supposedly, are just the members of the zodiac in the sky. The eternal story that's re-circulated over and over down through time, which contained deeper meanings, of course, for those in the know. It's to do primarily with human nature and an agenda, the heavenly plan. If you understand the zodiac – I don't mean magical zodiac as it's promoted for the New Age, I'm talking about the basic understanding of what it means – you understand the agenda, because it starts with Virgo and ends with Leo the lion. That's how the precession of the zodiac. That's why the sphinx has the body of a lion and the face of a woman is Virgo in the front ending up with Leo behind, the lion. That's a complete cycle of the zodiac. That's nature. The New Testament is almost the antithesis of the old. The old one is a godfather, a mafia type deity which could be very benevolent or ruthless and sometimes very moody like a drunken father after a hangover the next morning. They were never quite sure if he's going to hit you or hug you. The New Testament has a god of forgiveness and a personal god that you could talk to, so there are two opposing systems, because the New Testament was brought in with a lot of Greek Gnosticism brought into it from the deists and from the stoics from Greece. The old mystery religions are contained within the New Testament if you compare them with the old philosophies of Greece and ancient Egypt, whereas you've got a personal journey towards higher levels of consciousness and manifesting into a form of godhood; but, unfortunately, the ones that are alive today and believe in this they think they can be gods or they're still walking around and no mortal can handle godhood because we've got too many flaws. These are stories that were repeated long before Judaism as moral teachings and every country had them. A lot of the Old Testament was borrowed from India, even the characters in it. Even the names are from old India. Remember, these are not real people. These are allegories. They're all allegories for a system. Now the high Masons are taught the inner meaning, where they call the profane, those below actually see them as real people and you visualize them as real people and get caught up in the story without realizing the meanings behind them; and it is a form of hoodwinking, regardless of a person's faults or flaws. Stealing is stealing. Do you understand? However, if it's done craftily with good cunning, then it's allowed into the top by those at the top. That's what they mean from the Masonic side of it. Now the other ones who believe they're real people and real stories will argue about the story forever.It's the dialectical process and right in there it's telling through not just that story but many other stories of the technique of the dialectical process towards power, dominance over others and warfare and to use those particular – that part of the knowledge towards your goal, which is enslavement of others eventually. I mean if you really look at the Old Testament, you're looking at a eugenics program because that's where all the begetting is about, who breeds with whom all right down through there. It's a eugenics program and we've got to keep that in mind. It's a belief that through eugenics physically you have superior people and that's exactly what all aristocracy the world over since the days of Darwin had publicly come out and admitted to. The New Testament, which is always thrown out the window because in America they tend to take the Old Testament before the New, which is rather strange. However, the New Testament was the only way for personal salvation. Not to go to heaven like a big herd or a posse.

The rule books as I say are in all holy books. They are the holy books for those who understand them and if we take passages in the Old Testament you'll see older echoes of the new. In Revelations, they're revealing of the system. They say that "man would be turned against women. Women against their husbands. Children against their parents" and we tend to think how could that be? How could any power cause that to happen and the answer is easily because they understood the sciences thousands of years ago just as well as they do today. The mainstream characters they let loose on the public like Freud and others were giving you kindergarten reality which still astounded many people at the time but they only give you enough to alter the culture towards the agenda. They don't give you all of the sciences which they have.

Force them to use money. Give them a religion and really THEY'RE REALLY SLAVES. Charles Galton Darwin (the grandson of Charles Darwin) said, "every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people," and he was all for it. That was a NATURAL ORDER according to him; and of course, those who are trained in power and control of the people are trained in this technique since birth. It's vital that people understand now what's going on. I wise man once said that peoples in all ages in all places have been told by their leaders to accept a religion, a proper religion and a proper religion was introduced by the elite and the people believed properly.

THIS QUOTE BELOW IS FROM ALAN WATT (IS FROM ONE OF HIS THREE BOOKS YOU SHOULD READ http://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/page62alanwatt.html

Michael fought with his Angels, and the Dragon fought with his.
The compilers of Revelations wove the esoteric with the
exoteric, combining Egyptian, Persian and Babylonian
terminology and symbology together. On one side of the 'battle'
we see the 'good angels,' each angel's name ending with 'el,'
the semitic term for the sun. The 'good guys' were really the
summer signs of the Zodiac, the Hebrew names being Micha-el,
Abdi-el, Azra-el etc.. The' bad guys' bore the Egyptian names
for the winter months, their names ending with -on, the Egyptian
name for the sun; the sun in winter bringing signs of impending
evil. Therefore we have Abadd-on, Apolly-on etc..
Taken in context we see a Hebrew interpretation of a 'heavenly'
battle between the Egyptian and Hebrew 'gods,' for the exoteric
explanation. The 'Lord' of the Opposite,' was said to be
domiciled in the sign in opposition of where the sun happened
to be. This' contrary' god was called Beli-el. Baalzebub was
domiciled in Scorpio, which gives the 'kiss' of death to god's sun
every autumn, causing his 'fall.' The esoteric meaning is the
battle of winter against summer. The very word Autumn is
comprised of the Egyptian names Atum, old god of the world
and darkness, matter, and Aten, title of the 'beneficent' sun. Hell
was always said to be in the north, the great abyss referring to
the constellation Draco revolves in an endless serpentine loop.
Draco is one of the latin terms for 'snake.' Drag-on is an
Egyptian term for the north 'pole' where eternal winter was said
to hold his carnival or Circus(circuit}. Helping him were his
'Baals' and 'Ons' Of Chaldea and Egypt.

You know religion is full of very, very true allegories. That's why we're given them and the bringer of bad news for instance is often killed by the mob who demanded to hear it in the first place And those people are called "the profane." Those in the darkness. Why are they in the darkness? Because they want to be there. They would only move to the darkness to somewhere else if they had a guarantee that it would already fit their existing paradigm - their idea of what it should be like. What they really want is the truth they've already decided upon. In other words, they want to tell you what they already believe. That isn't seeking truth whatsoever and if you veer off from where they want you to go - in other words, you're not giving them the answers they want to hear they will turn on you and that's why traditionally down through all religions all the bringers of truth or messiahs or whoever call them what you want, the mob that followed them at one point are the same mob that jeer them when they're dying.

The elite not only read the book I mean they've reformatted it down through the ages always for their own political purpose, and, of course, you can actually see many of the changes they've actually made, especially where they wanted to put authority in the hand of the governments. They've added a lot to it and emphasized a lot and omitted others. However, even though religion has been so muddied as well and totally corrupted, there's no doubt about that. It's completely corrupted. It's a cultural all through society including religion in every country that there's so little bits of truth there, which are eternal truths which can't be changed. This is an end of an age as far as the astrological or astronomical cycle goes, because these characters at the top do have their own religion and they use the Great Zodiac as their big time plan. George Bush, Sr. has referred to it in different speeches. He talks about "the heavenly plan going as it should." He's talking about the Age of Aquarius coming in and the Age of Pisces which is the Jesus -- the fish, the fishermen of men coming to an end. That's what that means and so these high occultic characters at the top do have their own religion and they do use religion to their own ends. Now most people will obey all the good parts in religions but the elite do the opposite. They are the wolves. They know you will obey all the good parts because the good parts in all religions give you a good society, a workable society.

Islam itself has more rules to do with good society than any other country, or any other culture I should say. They even put in their rules certain ways that people couldn't get too rich and form these particular types of dynasties, because they've have to give so much away in their wills when they died that they're offspring couldn't accumulate great wealth. They tried at least in that particular religion to stop it, but the other religions, Christianity unfortunately went hand in glove with this system of commerce and money accumulation then taxation, which is slavery, and it's come to where it is today. The big boys at the top, the good shepherds in all ages have always worked for the ones at the top, because if they're the shepherd and you are the sheep, then you're the dumbest animal on the planet. That's obvious. A sheep is the dumbest animal there is that will run into barbed wire and the rest of them will all follow it in fact. Therefore, when you realize the terminology that's used, you have to be very, very careful of what you're actually following. However, inside the religions there are always eternal truths that never change to do with the individual itself, because any change that happens in life doesn't happen just in the world. It happens within you and then you go into the occultic and they say that you are the microcosm. Everything in the outside world happens within you and vice versa and there's a truth there as well.

In other words, you can move universes by what you do and say and think and how conscious you have become within your own life, cutting through, as I say, all the illusions that are downloaded into you through your upbringing and your lifestyle and indoctrinations, so you can overcome a lot by using little bits of any religion in fact. If you go into India and Hinduism, you'll find that in Hinduism within the Brahamanistic culture they are more fatalistic in a sense that nothing can be changed and even that the elite themselves will always dream of utopias, can never truly pull it off because amongst the creator in Hinduism is also the destroyer that comes in. In a sense that happens with a personal life as well on an individual level. We have a great period of creativity but we all die too. So it doesn't matter what religion you look at there's bits and pieces of truth and you can certainly take those parts that you can use to better you own perspectives on life and overcome the problems of life. However, ultimately, you will see that this is a plan that's going on down through the ages. It's a great big business plan in fact, a project to take over the entire world. Not only to take it over but to run it in a systematic in a preplanned way. All the plans have been laid for the next 100, 200, 300 years. I don't think people realize how far this has gone.

You find eventually that most religions are simple projections from the individual personality or the group personality outwards until they personify their own faults and fears and apprehensions in something they try and make tangible and outside of themselves. They use to say that "if there was no devil, we'd have to invent them" because the alternative would be that you'd have to look into yourself and admit that you had the abilities to do all those things you could stone others to death for. If the kingdom of heaven is within you then so is the kingdom of hell and you can look around and you can always see which man and woman prefer to externalize.

Because the elite look upon the physical being as purely physical, they deny a spiritual value and certainly religion has been one of the most powerful tools down through the centuries for control mechanisms by the dominant elite. However, there is obviously something beyond all of this which frightens them in fact because it's something which they cannot study or even come close to with their sciences. There's something that intervenes occasionally in someone's life and no matter how they try to use psycho-termic verbiage, they can't really come to believe the fact that this is an odd thing outside of their science. So to admit to it is to admit that they do not control everything and they themselves like to have everything tidy and categorized and pigeon holed which makes them feel secure which then leads you to believe that they themselves are in a structured belief system.

You can only get peace when you break through all of the old paradigm, and don't fall for all the traps which are laid out for you to fall into, and always have been laid out for you to fall into, when you're breaking free.

Many people cannot leave traditional indoctrinations behind. They still will keep comparing what you're giving them is new or concepts, ideas back to their old religion and back to Plato's Cave

Some people become hyper-neurotic, because, see, religion apart from dominating your life, regulating it and making you obedient, religion was there to tell you don't worry. “There, there, it will be all right in the end,” and after this “oh terrible life,” you'll live forever and the bad guys will get punished, and that's the only thing that you can believe in. Everyone, in every nation, has seen the CORRUPT EVIL DOERS ALWAYS BENEFITING IN THE SYSTEM AND THEIR FAMILIES, and so they GAVE YOU the HOPE or the reasoning, they will get punished after death, you see, and you take their word for it.


It’s a very clever technique. Once you take that away from someone, they're really floating then and grasping at everything, because religion also told them, "Well don't worry, you see, you'll live forever in a new body or whatever, a new spirit." It depends on which group you belong to. A lot of people fall into a hyper-neurosis. They become hypochondriacal - terrified of dying in this life, and they go out there and they fall immediately into the health traps. The health foods, and all of the pills that you can stuff your face full of, and exotic things from far away countries that are supposed to cure everything under the sun. Then they fall into the New Age traps, and the New Age and the health food industry go together. It's all part and parcel of the same new religion you’re seeing, designed by the same boys who ran every other system.

But they fall into this “I can't die” thing. “I just don't want to die. I must keep living and so if this grass here is better for me then the porridge oats I've been buying, then if I stuff my face full of this expensive grass from overseas or at the top of the Andes Mountains or somewhere, I'll live forever.” They become hypochondriacal and totally obsessed with health, and almost like religious fanatics, with those around them who want to do the same as they do.

And then they get into all the other New Age stuff that's out there - the "feng-shui," and, "Oh energies are coming up and oh my God they're coming through the windows and it will deflect them all over the place!" All this bombardment by energies is going to finish them off, unless they do all the right rituals, and they become bound, totally bound by ritualism. Ritualistic thinking and behavior. Again, this is intentional. It was created from the top. Nothing would exist in their system, nothing would definitely be promoted in the system unless it was authorized to be there, and yet people will say, “Well, is there no hope?” I tell them, "Well, it depends how you view the outcome." Traditionally in the West, because we've been taught group-think all time, and we've been taught nationhood, it’s us against them. There's ALWAYS a THEM somewhere. We've been taught that we all go together in heavenly chariots, all together, to the same place, and that's all nonsense. It's nonsense.

Even in Christianity, I don't think the one they were founding it after, ever said he came to save everybody. Broad was the way that led to damnation. Narrow was the way for the few to go, and there's a deeper truth there than people realize, and it's an eternal truth, you see. That wasn't the first time that had been written down. In fact, most of the things in the New Testament were all said, long before, over and over again, because there are eternal truths built in there, as well.

The journey that anyone's on is their own life experience - beginning to end. It's not supposed to be a producer-consumer experience, until you become what they now term -- the dehumanizing term "geriatric". It's like calling a baby a "fetus," it dehumanizes it and that's intentional, by the way.

Life is supposed to be a process of attainment, not by the world standards, which is diplomas, degrees and applause, but personal achievement. I tell people about hope, and I say, “If you have truly broken through against the thousands of years of perfected indoctrinations, on every generation, and an even more intense indoctrination in the last hundred odd years through universal education, (which the Masons proudly will tell you in their own writings, they were the ones to push to get the same standardized indoctrination) --

If you have broken through all of that, and your religious indoctrination to give you terror at the thought even of thinking for yourself. If you've broken through all the conditioning you’re so apt to miss a vital thing. That, in itself, is a miracle, you see. That's the first miracle.” That's truly a miracle. People who have been a little bit awake for some years are so apt to forget that, but they never stop and analyze why they broke through. Why them and not someone else? It's because somewhere within the individual is the ability to analyze themselves.

Every trait of evil and kindness that you see in the world is also held within yourself. There are people in this world who are incapable of looking at themselves critically. They can rationalize and justify anything they do, to save their ego. Those are the ones - the leg boys for the New World Order. Many of the names you already know. They can, and although it will sound absurd to the listeners, rationalize death, destruction, slaughter and depopulation.

So, someone who's broken through has the ability to see all of those critical things within themselves - possibilities, and that's what was meant by the microcosm. Everything that has happened in the world and can happen - the potentials are all within yourself, as an individual. So people who have broken through have also had the ability, not only to recognize that there is something intensely wrong with everything around them, but they also have the ability to reflect upon themselves, because how could you possibly scream about the New World Order and what's coming down the pike, if you haven't thought out a process of how to steer everything in a different direction?