Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A plant well know to the ancients and whose Greek name signifies "never withering." It is the Celosia cristata of the botanists. The dry nature of the flowers causes them to retain their freshness for a very long time, and Pliny says, although incorrectly, that if thrown into water they will bloom anew. Hence it is the symbol of immortality, and was used by the ancients in their funeral rites. It is often placed on coffins at the present day with a like symbolic meaning, and is hence one of the decorations of a Sorrow Lodge.

- Masonic Encyclopedia

Am'aranth. (meaning unfading), a class of plants of which the flowers are composed of dry, colored scales, and which retain their colors for a long time. The cockscomb, prince's feather, loves-lies-bleeding, and globe name is also used in poetry, and the flowers are emblems of immortality.

- Encyclopedia

Enya knows the ruse

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