Saturday, October 24, 2009

ANTEdiluvian Masonry

Among the traditions of Masonry, which, taken literally, become incredible, but which, considered allegorically, may contain a profound meaning, not the least remarkable and those which relate to the existence of a Masonic system before the Flood. Thus, Anderson (Const. 1st ed., p.3,) says:

"Without regarding uncertain accounts, we may safely conclude the old world, that lasted 1,656 years could not be ignorant of Masonry." Dr. Oliver has devoted the twenty-eighth lecture in his Historical Landmarks to an inquiry into "the nature and design of Freemasonry before the Flood;" but he admits that any evidence of the existence at the time of such an Institution must be based on the identity of Freemasonry and morality. "We may safely assume," he says, "that whatever had for its object and end in inducement to the practice of that morality which is founded on the love of God, may be identified with primitive Freemasonry."

The truth is, that antediluvian masonry is alluded to only in what is called the "ineffable degrees;" and that its only important tradition is that of Enoch, who is traditionally supposed to be its founder, or at least, its great hierophant. See Enoch