Monday, October 19, 2009


Parents say they want to do what is best for their children, yet they send them off to college to limit their peripheral vision about life. They pay upwards of $40,000 a year for their kids (scapegoats) to attend Ivy League colleges where they are taught to understand science and the arts, and nothing about real life. In other words, they learn how to be busy BEES; to slave away for the tax drones (MONKS) who hide behind the symbol of the Quean BEE (Ave Maria) and live the 'Good Life' at our expense.

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Yet, to survive and grow in life one must learn to overstand the true role of "Redmen", not simply understand Brits, aboriginals or the Vatican. To overstand one first needs to UNBEE (to negate the effects of the brainwashing we all are subjected to from birth). This new overstanding will then allow the person to fully comprehend all of the options they have in life, before they agree to further undergo the PERSIAN/BUDDHIST monks final frontal lobotomy.

Organized religion and the National Media working together are a faith-based team who support the Persian Tollgating Tax System by promoting higher rather than lower education for the masses. Their news shows and false history help keep you on track. Once trained the only option left to the pupil is to follow the track set out by NATSI Persian Monks long ago and passed on to the West by means of the Holy Roman Empire and their so-called protest-ants (

Today, with all the statutes and precedents written in court files everywhere, college graduates, in whatever task they choose to undertake as careers, end up being nothing but noble, glorified rubber stamps who honour.Able and the monks who laid down the rules of life long ago.

Yet, there still is one choice left in your life and it requires that you invest $2000 US of your own money to attend a private seminar and workshop designed to help you UNBEE. It's never too late to overstand FREEDOM.

You will then overstand CIPI's Homintern Conspiracy Theorem (that the whole world's a stage ruled secretly by Monks) who want to make you into a human BEE, ANT, or SCARAB.
At a minimum this new found wisdom will be inexpensive insurance for those who care to know about the reality of the Persian Monks 'War on Women and Original peoples' and why the Persians believe that the United States of America and Europe must be destroyed in this century.

COME to THE FERME and let the people of CIPI help you comprehend ultimate reality right now rather than waiting until you are 81 years of age and figure it out on your own once you can no longer do anything about IT.

Don't wait, reserve your private week today. After all, time is all you have left. Make the best of the time you still have ahead of you.

Contact Glen Kealey today, before you miss out on life altogether.

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