Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beit Shalom Ministries

Iraq: The death Of Reason

Iraq: Death of Reason has now been released to the public by Voice in the wilderness productions. This stunning new film attacks the Evangelical Church’s error in supporting the war in Iraq. Produced and directed by Raymond Schwab and Elliott Nesch of Beit Shalom Ministries, Iraq: The Death of reason addresses just war theory, Abu Ghraib torture, depleted uranium, the deceptions sold to the American public by the Bush administration, false flag operations, war profiteers and calls the Christian church to reconsider their position, since prior to invasion 79% of evangelicals supported military action.

Denver to D.C. Walk for Truth EPISODE ONE

First installment of the Denver to D.C. update. Brother Raymond and Brother Elliott of Beit Shalom Ministries walk from Denver, CO to Washington D.C. preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, protesting the evangelical support of the war in Iraq, and demanding an independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. God is love, Jesus is His Son!

Denver to D.C. Walk for Truth EPISODE TWO

"THE MYTH OF AMERICA." Raymond and Elliott document the police state takeover of America and the myth of freedom. Watch as they and an independent documentary crew are harassed and asked for their papers 6 times in 10 days by police officers while committing no crime. Also, witness the thuggish tactics of Kit Carson County Sheriff Deputies, which forced the duo to file a criminal complaint. Plus, an interview and refutation of the prosperity gospel leaders false teachings. Welcome to the new America! Repent and believe the Gospel. Real Christians don't choose war! Stop the 9/11 cover-up! Jesus is Lord!