Sunday, June 10, 2007

Police Lie, Say Browns Not Under Siege Despite Presence Of Six APC's, Helicopters, Fully Armed Special Ops Teams

Infowars goes inside the Brown's property to counter mainstream media blackout June 8, 2007
Steve Watson

Infowars reporters Luke Rudkowski and Matt Lepacek have bravely entered the property of income tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield New Hampshire as it continues to be surveilled by armed and camouflaged US marshals operating in the area with APC's to shoot video and document the scene in the wake of a typically cowardly mainstream media blackout.

Rudkowski briefly joined Alex Jones on air today along with the Browns themselves and expert correspondent Jack McLamb to recount the dramatic events of yesterday.

Officers have told the AP that the show of force was just a precaution, despite the fact that authorities erected roadblocks a mile around, evacuated neighbors, cut the Brown's phone and power lines and deployed six helicopters along with a SWAT team and six more APC's just to serve warrant.

These are blatant lies and anyone who is capable of holding one thought in their head knows this.

The siege began 3 days ago when the Brown's property was over flown first by two small biplanes and then by a surveillance drone, flying at approximately 5000 feet, shining a bright light down onto the house and the land in the vicinity.

Ed Brown believes that it was a global hawk drone, one of the most sophisticated unmanned aircraft normally used by the US military in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

That night the power went off in evening and the phone lines were cut. In the morning Brown's friend Danny Riley was walking the dog when he encountered a team of special ops agents hiding out in the trees close to the long driveway at the property. In fear for his life he turned and ran and has since described being shot at , before being forced to his knees and tasered then detained and questioned for several hours before being sent back to his home in New York. If Riley had not accidentally walked into those men then the Browns would probably be dead now.
Originally Riley was told by marshals under the threat of 20 years imprisonment that they wanted him to go back the the house and lie, saying he had been arrested by two police officers. The officers seemingly aborted this plan, choosing to eject Riley from the area.
The operation was interrupted and the siege was called off, yet the Marshals have lied to the media, once again stating that they do not intend to initiate a violent confrontation. The events yesterday represent a planned siege that was only aborted after Riley's disappearance gave the Browns early warning that militarized police and SWAT teams were descending on their home.
Elaine Brown told Infowars that there were at least 14 agents along the driveway in camouflage with rifles, in addition to over head surveillance and several APC's blocking the road.
All this to serve a piece of paper?
Ed Brown described the scene that morning:
"All of a sudden I heard 2 shots, the dog came tearing down the drive and went into the house, right by me. Riley walked into a total of 12 black ops team members. He exposed their clandestine op, told him to freeze, and he turned and ran.
That meant their intention was to kill us, if they were going to kill an unarmed man at the end of my driveway. This means they have lied to us, they have no honor."
Lawman and Constitutional expert Jack McLamb, who was present with the Weaver family during the siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992 was clear about who he believes is behind these events: "This is coming from the top of our government with the use of high powered drones and the like. We've got to try and think about what they are trying to do with this, are they trying to provoke us into armed Revolution?"
McLamb also had strong words for the local Sheriff who has reportedly skipped town: "I wanna say to Sheriff Prozzo you are a coward because we sent you proof showing that you are the sovereign power to protect the people in that county, you're not out of town, stand up and take command of the situation and protect this family that has done nothing criminal. Get out of your hiding place." Ed Brown also revealed that the US Marshals involved are working with Massachusetts and Maine state police, in violation of 10th amendment.
Brown asserted he will not surrender his liberty and had choice words for his elite stalkers:
"For all intents and purposes there is no law and order anymore in this country. We don't have warrior class people, you are a bunch a cowards using omnipotent tactics like the KGB did, we are through talking with these people nationwide, not just me and wife. It's too late already, if anything happens to us we will be reciprocal, we will protect the sake of our community and our nation. we are obligated under the Constitution to protect this nation.
If they wish to take out lives and send us to the creator it will do far far more damage to them, that's why all the safeties are off all around the property and they can come in whenever they like."
Ed's wife Elaine echoed his sentiments and sent a clear message to American patriots everywhere:
"Don't believe anything they tell you because they lie. For months Gary Martino the US marshal has continued to assure us that they have no intention to come in here and raid us. The entire judicial system is a department of injustice, there are no courts left, the only time they observe the law is when it is to their advantage. We are with the Lord and the Lord's laws, we have turned our back on the courts and man's laws because they only worked to man's advantage.
Americans need to stand up, all that is needed for evil to abound is for good people to do nothing. Get up, stand up, say no, do not allow yourself to be intimidated, learn the law, learn your rights. Our children have been sold to slavery. Boycott, boycott boycott."
The Browns have told Infowars that they are very much at peace, and do not fear what lies ahead. Elaine Brown delivered a final stark and moving message to all their supporters: "I want everyone to remember us, and we'll see you on the other side"
Rudkowski and Lepacek are continuing to document the scene