Friday, June 8, 2007

Marshals Fired Rounds At Ed Brown's Dog Walker Before Planned Siege

Testimony proves that yesterday's events were not just preparation for a siege - it was a siege, dog walker's disappearance gave Browns early warning and operation was aborted

Prison Planet June 8, 2007 Paul Joseph Watson

Astounding testimony from Danny Riley, the man who was arrested by U.S. Marshals after walking Ed Brown's dog near his property yesterday morning, proves that Thursday's events in Plainfield New Hampshire represent a planned siege that was only aborted after Riley's disappearance gave the Browns early warning that militarized police and SWAT teams were descending on their home.
In the video blog, Riley also reveals that U.S. Marshals attempted to kill him as he ran by firing two sniper rounds that whizzed past his head as he attempted to escape, before eventually being Tasered on his shoulder and arrested.

Watch the video below.

Riley describes how he grabbed a coffee and left the Brown house at around 8am before walking to the end of his long driveway and seeing a man in camouflage in the woods.

After yelling to ask what the man was doing, another man in camouflage popped up in front of Riley and yelled "freeze" after which Riley turned and ran.

"At that point, a round went down range right by my head - I heard it whiz by me - I was screaming at the top of my lungs - don't shoot me, don't shoot me I'm unarmed," says Riley in the video.

After another round was fired, six men on each side of the driveway popped up in full camouflage and ordered Riley down to the ground. Riley submitted and held his arms out to be cuffed but was still hit by a Taser shock to his shoulder and 50,000 volts shot through his body.

Riley then saw the badges the individuals were wearing and they read 'U.S. Marshals Special Operations Unit'.

Riley was then interrogated on who was in the house, how many guns they had and if there were any bombs. This was clearly a preparation for a planned raid that was scheduled to take place that morning and to think authorities would erect roadblocks a mile around, evacuate neighbors, cut the Brown's phone and power lines and deploy 6 helicopters along with a SWAT team and APC's just to serve warrant as they claim is deluded and naive.

Authorities then tried to convince Riley to act as a negotiator to flush the Browns out of their property, telling him, "You're our Bo Gritz, referring to the former United States Army Special Forces officer who mediated between Randy Weaver and federal authorities during the Ruby Ridge standoff in 1992, which ended in the assassination of Weaver's son and wife.

We reported yesterday that shots had been fired near the property and Riley's testimony is conformation of this. His statement also completely contradicts how his arrest was downplayed by authorities during a press conference yesterday. Watch the video below.

During further questioning, after Riley was strip searched at the local police department, he was again asked about individuals who were in the house, the layout of the house and who in particular had left the house that morning in a mini-van. Riley told the officials that the man was called Bruce and he had left to get groceries. Riley later learned that Bruce, or Brian as it later emerged his name was, was arrested, stating, "I guess they're arresting all the supporters now, they don't want more people bringing supporters I guess because he got arrested too."

Riley was ordered not to talk to the press, threatened with 40 years jail time if he returned to the Brown's property, released and was about to be put back on a bus to his home in Albany, New York, before officials changed their minds and sent Riley back to the Brown property to tell the Browns that they were being served a seizure warrant. This is clearly where the plan to raid the house was aborted and the warrant cover-story enacted.

Riley finally returned to his home but was told by authorities that he's "not out of the woods yet."

Riley's testimony paints a clear picture of the fact that U.S. Marshals, having conducted surveillance the night before on Brown's home, had surrounded the house early that morning and were preparing to raid the property. The fortuitous act of Riley walking the dog and spotting the Marshals, before the dog ran back to the house without him, gave the Browns the early warning that later led the officials to abort the planned siege.

It also reminds us that the larcenous criminals who are targeting the Browns for their simple request to be shown the law that requires them to pay income tax will not rest until the Browns are forcibly removed from their home and yesterday's events unfortunately seem to be only a prelude of what is to come.