Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blueprints for Tyranny

Randy Lavello August 7 2003

The notion of a conspiracy denotes the presence of a plan. We hear so often of the various plots directed against mankind in general, yet most of us likely feel that, well- they can't all be true… it can't be this bad. Once we realize the plan in action, we can see the logical scenarios enacted and understand the globalist's necessity for them. This is a multifaceted attack on mankind- culturally, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The basic goal is to dumb us down, divide us upon lines of race, religion, and views into easily subdued sects, and- when that doesn't work- just kill the few who stand in the way. The impending world government wants humanity's sole loyalty to itself; this means they'll have to eliminate the two loyalties which supersede the state: family and religion. We've seen both of these drastically undermined for many decades. As we see everyday on television, both men and women are discouraged from monogamy, and encouraged toward deceit and divorce, which are shown to be the "norm." We are all supposed to be obsessed solely with fornication, and only concerned with the moment. As the divorce rate continues to skyrocket and the family decays, the state is defeating one of man's superceding loyalties. When parents choose to educate their child personally and homeschool them, they're often harassed by overzealous superintendents and "Child Welfare" workers for neglect… even though homeschoolers perform better on every test imaginable. The government wants your children; they want to "educate" them for you… more simply, they want to limit the children's range of thought. The next loyalty that the state wishes to overcome is that of religion. Religion can drive men to extraordinary, and sometimes irrational behavior- we're supposed to be automatons, not unpredictable. Consumerism is most compatible with a nation of atheists who lack a higher sense of happiness, and therefore, intend to buy happiness at the Galleria. Most scientists receive government grants for their research… obviously this provides a control mechanism on scientific research. The government wants us all to believe that there's no God and that we all came from monkeys- so that's what science tells us, even though scientific evidence goes against this theory. Mainstream science maintains that mankind 'evolved' from apes about 100,000 years ago- yet, all the evidence which contradicts this finding has been systematically ignored. German scientist Hans Reck, in the early 1900's, in Tanzania, discovered a complete skeleton, exactly like that of modern man, which was dated to one million years ago. In Laetoli, Tanzania, footprints "indistinguishable" from modern man were found in volcanic ash deposits more than 3.6 million years old. A stone arrowhead was found imbedded into the bone of a species of mammal that went extinct 1.8 million years ago. J.D. Whitney discovered tools and spear points beneath layers of lava geologists say are between 9 and 55 million years old. W.H. Holmes, of the Smithsonian Institute explained, "Perhaps if Professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated [that humans existed in very ancient times in North America], notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted." Science ignores all these findings because they can't explain them; these findings, made through the same scientific applications as the rest, contradict the notion that we 'evolved' into our present form, from ape-like creatures 100,000 years ago. Whatever they cannot explain, they ignore, because they want to trick us into believing that they have all the answers which explain away religion. Common sense dictates that the government, all governments, wish to destroy religion and the family because they are the only two things which override its authority. Another tactic the state employs is division- divide and conquer. Without religion, people who wish to "belong" ban together with likeminded people in the belief that they gain political power through this. This, however, is a classic collectivist mechanism which destroys the importance of the individual. Women join Women's Lib, gays join Gay Rights, minorities vote for Democrats, etc. In turn, these sects of people are misled by agents of the establishment; they're herded into one way of thinking. Where are the honorable leaders of the blacks? Where are the next Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Why is the NRA complacent in defending gun owners from gun bans and gun registration? Where's a Presidential Nominee who's worth the vote? Most every sect, all the way up the ladder, is mislead and misdirected purposely by the money powers who wish to keep the influence of these organizations to a minimum. The globalists can't control everyone and everything with their money and influence. Certain anomalies will always exist- that's what "accidents" are for. Whoever wields sufficient power, but doesn't get in line, is often dealt with in more primitive ways. Paul Wellstone countered G.W. Bush at every turn, and his plane crashed with his entire family (his wife would have taken over his duties had only Paul perished) without a reasonable explanation. On April 10, 1989, a man named Jake Horton, Senior Vice President of Southern Company's Gulf Power, planned to board the company jet and confront the Board of Directors… just after takeoff, the plane exploded. CEO at the time, A.W. Dahlberg suggested, "Looks like he saw no other way out." Jake's brother suggests a different scenario; he explained that Jake intended to meet with the U.S. District Attorney to discuss greased politicians- specifically in Florida- and the dual bookkeeping and fraud of Arthur Andersen and Southern Company. The former Chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, William Butler, said of Dr. David Kelly, "I will never forget the way he always insisted to me no matter what political pressure that was put on us, that we had to tell the truth, absolutely the truth; maybe this is part of why these terrible events have taken place." Obviously, a man insistent on the truth above all could not be allowed to wield such power. Dr. Kelly accused that high-ranking British officials "sexed up" dossiers on Iraq. One of his final emails warned of "many dark actors playing games" in the British Government. Eileen Gamble, who knew the Kelly's for twenty years, said, "I'm very angry and I think they have killed him as I think most of the village do." Dr. Kelly was a weapons inspector who didn't bow down to political pressures; he wasn't going to retire, as he stated in his final email that he couldn't wait to return to Iraq to attempt to discover illegal weapons. A man such as Dr. David Kelly wasn't going anywhere… so the globalists sent him the only place they could- to the grave. Oppose the globalists and suffer the consequences… if only more of us were such a nuisance to them! In January of 2003, it was revealed that Pete Townshend, guitarist of the Who, had his home computer confiscated for possessing child pornography. This surprised most people… but not those who read his online diary dated January 2002. In an article named A Different Bomb, Townshend stated that he had stumbled upon a piece of child pornography by inquiring about adoption of a Russian child as friends of his had done. These weren't pedophiles; these people adopted the poor child with the intention of caring for him properly. Disturbed by what he witnessed on his computer- free child porn- he wrote about it in his online diary and revealed a discussion with his lawyer on how to bring the pedophiles to justice. One year later, Pete Townshend's computer was taken for evidence. Why would a famous rock star talk about how disturbed he was over child pornography on the internet in his online diary, drawing attention to himself, if he indeed was guilty? In this online diary he speaks of his pain over a friend who'd committed suicide- this woman was sexually abused by her father since as far back as she can remember, and finally ended her life when her father met another woman and had access to another young child. This entry of Townshend's reveals his anguish over this topic and his vigilance over combating the presence of child sexual exploitation. It seems likely that, because he's famous and outspoken about a topic of global concern (and because the pedophilia rings run high into governments around the globe) he had to be discredited and, thereby, silenced. That's right, pedophiles are in high places and the child sex trade is epidemic; it's difficult for typical people to comprehend large numbers of people molesting small children, but the problem has reached the level of epidemic. These are just a mere few examples of men fighting corruption and being silenced. Many Congressmen's planes have mysteriously crashed. When a member of our struggle for truth begins to succeed and gain ground, they immediately become targets of framings and murders. It seems this trend will not stop until global control is established… unless we can stop them. They can't frame and murder us all. They can't trick us all into believing fallacies. We can't all be lured into adultery and betrayal. The more dissenters the globalists kill, the more martyrs they'll make. As they attempt to dissuade dissent, they're only going to increase our numbers. The globalists will not succeed; they will not hold dominion over the entire globe. As they inevitably reach for more land and power, they will eventually fall flat on their faces. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."