Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Loss Of Freedom

Police State

Big Brother

A Police State is being formented on your very doorstep. Billions of your tax dollars are being spent on repressive forces designed to enslave you.

Orwell's nightmare vision has already been surpassed only you didn't hear about it, learn how and when the state was usurped by Big Brother.

Brave New World

Myth of Iraqi Liberation

Forced Drugging, DNA fingerprinting for all, genetic engineering, Gene ID cards, a DARPA cyborg servant race, its all here right NOW.

Detained without trial, Torture, Biometric ID systems, shooting protesters, installing puppet governments - How Liberating.

Real ID/ID Cards

Bird Flu

"Proponents of the REAL ID Act continue to make the preposterous claim that the bill does not establish a national ID card. This is dangerous and insulting nonsense."

Are we right to be concerned or is this just another fearmongering campaign to make millions for big pharma and keep us under the suffocating 'protection' of Big Brother nanny state?

The Patriot Act

Torture and Guantanamo

The party line often heard from Neo-Cons in their attempts to defend the Patriot Act either circulate around the contention that the use of the Patriot Act has never been abused or that it isn't being used against American citizens.

Despite intense interrogations and investigations, U.S. authorities have yet to identify any senior Al Qaeda leaders among the nearly 600 terrorism suspects from 43 countries in U.S. military custody at Guantanamo Bay.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Eminent Domain

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona is the best example of everything that's wrong with the police force today. He is the epitomy of the way in which police are being trained to see the general public as their enemy.

In June 2005 the Supreme Court decided that local governments can force property owners to sell out and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public.

Hurricane Katrina

Moral Meltdown

Katrina served as a testing ground and precedent setting case for the coming Police State, with forced gun confiscations and deliberate withholding of aid by FEMA.

The elite are nothing more than high powered peddlers of filth and debauchery, our society is losing all sense of morality and decency.

Scams And Cover-Ups

London Bombings

September 11th 2001

Masses of Evidence points towards an inside Job on behalf of the British Intelligence services and the Blair Government

The Biggest and most comprehensive 9/11 archive in existence. Documenting Government prior knowledge and outright complicity.

Nuclear Drills

Iraq War Propaganda

Documenting the possibility of a 9/11 style provocation using nuclear weapons in a US City in order to blame foreign enemies.

How the war was sold to the general public in the US and Britain. All the spin and lies covered.

Execution of N. Berg

The Pat Tillman Hoax

There are hundreds of anomalies and questions in the Berg case. It quickly became apparent that our perceptions were being manipulated again.

The staged death of Pat Tillman and how the military covered it up to manufacture another fairy story to support the illusion of the flagging 'war on terror'.

The Bin Laden Fraud

Capture of Saddam

Whenever he is needed he seems to pop up right on cue with a new video tape that reminds us how we must support the war on terror.

The staged Capture of the ousted Dictator was a carefully stage managed event, dozens of mainstream articles corroborate this.

Elite Sex Trade

The Tsunami

Whenever we look into child sex slavery rings the dots connect back to the elites of Europe and America. They run the whole sorry affair.

Was the high death toll a result of incompetence, greed, deliberate weather warfare, a combination of all three or none?

Fake Terror Alerts

Targeting Journalists

Documenting the endless fearmongering tactics used again again by governments fighting the "war on terror".

Independent and mainstream Journalists in Iraq have been deliberately targeted by US forces to prevent the spread of information.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Deadly Vaccines

He's the new bin Laden. Captured and killed multiple times over and yet he still manages to be behind all those car bombings and beheadings!

Documenting one of the scams of the century - Deadly ingredients, ranging from mercury to cancer viruses, in vaccines.

Occult Elite

Elite Occult Obsession

Bohemian Grove

The Elite are fascinated by "bizarre practices", odd ceremonies and rituals that any right minded person would find eerily occultist.

From Nixon to Clinton, Arnold to George W, all have been initiated into and are regular visitors to the Satanic hideout known as Bohemian Grove.

Skull and Bones


Yale's secret society acting as the US branch of the order of the Illuminati. The 2004 Presidential election is a staged event between two bonesmen.

Wierd blood rituals, satanistic sacrifices and a multitude of occult symbols in everyday society character- ise the freemason web of deceit.


War On Iraq

Peak Oil

Massive section on the Iraq war, the real reason it was fought and the truth behind Saddam Hussein's rise to power.

Peak oil is a scam designed to create artificial scarcity and jack up prices while giving the state an excuse to invade our lives.

Galloway Vs US Senate

Arming North Korea

George Galloway made worldwide headlines on May 17th when he appeared in front of a Senate committee on investigations.

The catalyst for World War 3, a nuclear attack launched by North Korea, was made possible by the arming of Kim Jong-il by the US government.

World Government

New World Order

European Union

The agenda for world government is espoused by world leaders every week. The agenda is unfolding before our eyes.

Regionalization on a mass scale to slowly integrate the populations of Europe into the New World Order and take away States' soveriegn rights.


Hundreds of high powered world figures, politicians to film directors meet every year to direct world events and formulate plans for the takeover.

Vote Fraud

Vote Fraud 2004

Voting Machines

Kerry conceded rapidly despite the fact that vote fraud had been documented everywhere.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." -- Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin

Political Murders

Murder of David Kelly

Murder of Diana

Chief Weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered to keep him from releasing information pertaining to the illegality of the Iraq war.

Overwhelming evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Princess was ritually murdered by elite globalists.

Murder of Gary Webb

Hunter S Thompson

Webb, a Pullitzer prize winning journalist, exposed CIA drug trafficking operations in a series of books and reports for the San Jose Mercury News.

Hunter Thompson was working on a WTC collapse story before his mysterious sudden death, he warned he'd be 'suicide