Saturday, June 2, 2007


Concentration Camps For American Citizens

In this special free 30 minute video report, Alex Jones documents the movement from quasi-secret preparation for mass internment of ... all » American citizens, to the now public declarations that such facilities are being readied an will be used to imprison political subversives and dissidents after the next staged terror attack.

American Gulag: Concentration Camps In America

A Texe Marrs film documenting the planning and construction of FEMA 'internment camps', now set up all across the United States, having the ... all » capacity to imprison (literally) the majority of the populace indefinatly. Learn why these were built, and the agenda they represent. Note: Texe is a Christian minister, and because of this, many close-minded people will be prone to dismiss the information he presents. I can only say that this is an immature way of thinking, as it is well documented that a person's beliefs regarding that which cannot be proven do not affect their ability to process other unrelated information. Mr. Marrs is a Dr. and professor, and an extremely intelligent and well educated individual, and has a lot to offer any thinking person, regardless of religious (or non-religious, as the case may be) persuasion. For more information about FEMA camps and other nefarious government activity, please visit:

Alex Jones - Prison Camps