Thursday, June 14, 2007

Browns Siege: Feds Say They Are Going In

Randy Weaver may join Browns at their New Hampshire home
Steve WatsonInfowars.netWednesday, June 13, 2007
Federal marshals have called Ed and Elaine Brown to tell them that the authorities are coming in to their property at some point soon but "do not want to kill" the Browns.
US Marshall Gary Dimartino, who previously promised the Browns that federal authorities would not raid them only for the feds to then conduct an aborted raid last week, told Elaine Brown that they were coming in.
Given that the Browns now know the marshals have no honor and they have flat out lied before, it is likely that they mean exactly the opposite of anything they openly say to the Browns.
Local security hacks have also heard police scanner radios, on which it has been suggested that two Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System, (SWORDS) combat robots (see picture below) are going to be sent into the property at some point soon.In addition Federal vehicles have been spotted in local hotel parking lots. Yesterday we exclusively revealed that the Browns believed their home had been infiltrated by an informer.
The Browns remain without power, the internet and have telephone access fleetingly, seemingly only when the authorities wish to contact them.
Ruby Ridge Siege survivor Randy Weaver told the Alex Jones show yesterday that if he can raise the funds he will make a stand and travel to stay with the Browns in New Hampshire.
"I'm really worried for the Browns out there, personally I would like to be out there and stand with these people... If they had a bunch of people, that's what helped save us up at Ruby Ridge, those of us that survived anyway." said Weaver.
Weaver also hinted that the legal team that won him cases in the wrongful killing of some of his family at Ruby Ridge are watching the situation with the Browns carefully to see what transpires.