Saturday, February 14, 2009


Each letter of the alphabet is a Philosophers Stone.

The shape-shifted lowercase "S" of the Desdemona typeface is the Holy Grail / Graal (the pictogram is a symbol of the uterus implant designed for a male hermaphrodite).

Note the "PH" link between alPHabet, PHilosoPHer, HermaPHrodite, PHarmacist, ShePHerd. Then, you will overstand the importance of "HP"; Hewlett Packard who let the dogs out~!

Phoenicians are an admixture of Sea Peoples, ShePHerd Kings and Canaanites. Before moving on to Carthage they gave up Canaan to the Hittite/Hebrews, who are otherwise known as the Hycsos and were being evicted from Egypt. Before settling down in Canaan the Hebrews were given a 40 year refresher course on what was expected of them, by the Horites (God - Top Dog Priests), at Mount Sinai.

Fat-ima = Fat I am = Phat/Ptah (God of Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel Freemasonry)
as in Top Hat or Frigian Tuqes, etc. PHrygian Cap

Our Lady of Fatima, Marian apparition at Fátima in 1917

Fatimah, daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and wife of Ali

Fatima Aouam, Moroccan middle distance runner

Fatima Jinnah, Pakistani politician and sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Fatima Blush, Bond girl from the movie Never Say Never Again

Fatima (cigarette), brand of cigarettes popular in the United States during the middle of the 20th Century

Fatima (Kipling story), a short story by Rudyard Kipling in Soldiers Three (1888)

Fatima (FSS), humanoid computers in the manga The Five Star Stories.

The thread of His-tory (which should read Her-story, ie: Matriarchal Clan Society) has been blurred on purpose, by the men who wear dresses in public (priests). Fa - it - ma.

Sicilians, Spaniards (Basques), Portugese, and peoples of the Bordeaux region of France, all originated in Carthage, and before that, in Canaan. They were the Phoenicians. In America they became the Mohawk (Iroquois).

The SculPTor,