Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Way of St. James (Jaques).....

Spain has an ancient Knights Templar SHRINE which is linked to James of the Bible (aka: Jacob, Jacobean, Jaime, Iago, Santiago, Diego, and of course, the infamous "Jaques" whom I found hiding in Freemasonry's King James authorized version).

Situated at Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, it, along with Rome and Jerusalem, is Western Freemasonry's equivalent to Eastern Masonry's Muslim "Kaaba, the lozenge's cube", which is located at Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, across the Red Sea from Sudan and Ethiopia.

Since the 1100's visitors to the Masonic shrine at Compostela have been known as PILGRIMS. These pilgrims celebrate the first conversions by James (in 29/44AD), of 9 Iberian pagans to Christianity. Later, in 44AD, James was to be martyred following his return to Jerusalem. Shriners who have visited Rome are known as Romeros, while those who attend at Jerusalem are called Palmers.

Does this help explain why the #29 (11) and #44 (8) are important to Zoro-Astrian / Zoro-Babel Freemasonry. Please remember the recent WD movie/allegory about Don Diego (Zorro) who had come to Caliph-ornia to work tirelessly, and secretly, for the sole benefit of the poor. And, wasn't there a second Zorro movie styled "Zorro, the gay blade"?

Que Serras, Serras~!

The ScuPTor
Glen CI4PI