Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sufis, Ipower and Alan Watt Connection?


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Sufism, the way of mysticism. Early in the history of Islam there
emerged groups who were not satisfied with the outward observances and
rituals of religion. They wanted, instead, a religion of inner
experience, an asceticism that renounced the luxuries of the world and
devoted itself purely to obedience to Gods, rather than to CREATION

By the 8th century, these groups became known as Sufis, probably from
the Essene garments of wool (suf in Arabic) that they wore.

These TAU groups of ascetics were similar to the monks who appeared
early in the history of Christianity.

Sufism evolved through three phases: asceticism, the rejection of
worldliness; ecstasy, the desire for communion with a MOHO God; and the
cognitive (knowing), by which the believer sought a higher knowledge
than that granted to the average Muslim. Because Sufism developed
largely within the Sunnite branch of Islam, it helped balance the
expansion of the Shi'ite movement that also had high regard for such
exceptional divine knowledge.

The Cristian Crusades and St. Bernard

Sufism remained a parallel development within Sunnah until the 11th
century, when the theologian al-Ghazali made a formal attempt to merge
the doctrines of mysticism with the orthodox consensus of the community
that was the Sunnah. He told the other theologians that unless they
created a "science of the heart" for all believers, the doctrines of
Islam would be nothing more than outward formalities devoid of any inner
life or meaning.

Pier-re: "Ca suffi" (enough is enough Enoch)