Thursday, February 19, 2009

They've Got Diamonds on the Soles of their Shoes~!

Both concepts, BERTSOLARIZTZA and KOPLARITZA, are very well known to the dualist BASQUE PHOENICIANS; the ancient PHOENIX' Pedophile~Predator Sea~Peoples~PriestHoods who still attempt to control Western politics, by means of their Zoro~Astrian Freemasonic influence over the Vatican and combined French~German governments.

Nothing else but Freemasonry can explain France's and Germany's common interest and covert goal, in joining forces to prevent the new, improved and wiser American military from exposing the ultimate reality of their plan, which is about who controls the New World Order from their Command and Control Headquarters which is currently located in IRAQ (Assyria).

They've got RHOMBUS~LOZENGES on the soles of their shoes.

The SculPTor