Sunday, February 15, 2009


IT's called GOTCHA!

IT's the genetics-to-love binary trap which is symbolized by the American Grand Canyon (vagina) and Grand Teton (breasts). IT is controlled by the French Monks (Moines) of IOWA (connected to primary politics). The IT plan called GOTCHA consists of fabricating illusions (THC) from beginning to end (Alpha to Omega). Grafting (scion) is also the basis of Genetic Engineering.

2 in 1 is always the journey and the destination, ie: Railways, Electricity, Communications as well as the Double Helix of Genetics. The Monks of IOWA are the original RAIL-IANS who fix the direction of all movement. The are Paul Bunyan and his OX called BLUE (Freemasonry).

G~O~T~C~H~A = Genetics To Love BINARY Trap!

The SculPTor