Thursday, February 19, 2009

Y TU MAMA nominated for Academy Award~!

Remember Y2K? Get ready the HERMAPHRODITE is coming!

Y TU MAMA received an open source coding Oscar nomination.
It is Freemasonry's code for

Y = 2 in 1
TU = 2
MAMA = Mother

Announcing: 2 in 1 second mother.

For those among you who may not have grasped the open source coding which is used by Freemasonry please look at your watch. You will notice that a second is the smallest unit of time. Have you ever questioned why it is called a second and not a first?

In Masonry #2 is always #1. A Chief Financial Officer (2) always has more power than the Chief Executive Officer (1). The Queen on the chess~board has more power than the King.

Likewise, when Masons give a date, such as they did for the birth of Jesus, the public is told the year of birth was zero, however, the story was not even written until the second century. The a
lpha symbol for this concept is depicted by the letter Y, which means 2 into 1.

Therefore, when Basque Masons predicted Y2K, what they were saying to each other was : in the second year (Y) of the second millineum (2001) we will act on 2 K. Now, place 2 letters K mirrored back-to-back to each other and you will see that the pictogram created now resembles a letter X along with a one running down the middle. This new pictogram made with X and I is the Masonry symbol for the Roman numerals 9 and 11 (IX~XI).

On 9/11 0f 2001 the World Trade Centre's two towers in one project were demolished at the expense of 3000 lives. Masons now want you to believe that nothing happened because of Y2K.