Friday, February 20, 2009



According to the material I have read and the codes I have deciphered, Matrial Clan Societies were fully functional in Eritrea/Ethiopia (Abyssinia) for at least 140,000 years. Then, (58,800 BC) pedophiles were forcibly evicted from the clans and they resettled in caves of mountains adjacent to the coastline of the Red Sea, in what was later called The Land of Punt (Somalia).

From there these predator pedophiles preyed upon the matrial clans, while eventually perfecting the arts of sailing and stone-cutting (mining); many among them also became addicted to local drugs (myrrh/soma/opium).

Designating themselves expatriate Ma~sons and "High Priests", they began to expand their vast tunnel complex underground which, eventually, led them over many millinea, and by tracing rats through the cracks and spaces that separate the plates of the earth, first to resurface on Gulf islands, and much later, at Mount Sinai.

Again later, over thousands of years, they made their way underground, passing through the Levant and on to Mount Ararat. The Priests who dressed as women established their first permanent outposts at Sinai and Ararat.

Much later, but prior to the last ice age (24,000 BC), they set up permanent command and control headquarters on the continent of Antarctica (Atlantis), where they developed a secret plan to take over the planet in a step-by-step manner; in preparation for the day when they would eventually lift~off from earth and explore the stars (rats written backwards). This is when they formulated Zoro-Astrianism as their ARMY called RE~LEGION.

To begin their infiltration back into surface clan society, they then genetically modified humans spies (to be their eyes), by cleansing their skin colour and later introduced these Sons of Gods slowly (males only at
first) styled Aryans, into the Caucuses region, at the end of the Ice Age.

Command and Control remains in Antarctica, while the entire planet is linked underground in a geodesic web of tunnels whose main openings are centered on Assyria (Syria~Iraq~Iran), Korea and Thibet.

The SculPTor