Saturday, February 14, 2009

From Here 2 Eternity~!

Life begins Green, at 40. Power is Red, at 55. Putrification is Yellow, at 70. Wait until you're 81 and then you will be replaced by 99.

The Philosopher's Stone and the Holy Graal came to us from the Pyrenees, from those who have "seen fire". These would be the Benedictines and their cut-outs the Cistercians and Cluniacs. They are responsible for your "voice box invasion". They created all modern languages beginning with Horite Abyssinian which is now called Basque/Vasco. Everytime you o~pen your mouth to speak, or move your hand to write, you unknowingly "will~their~will"!

Low Priests are Pedophiles while High Priests are on MUSHROOMS.

In reality Masonry began in 58800BC with the eviction of "Pedophiles" from Matriarchal Clan Society. These predators established the first "Priest~hood" and declared their eviction "the Original Sin".

The Priests vowed revenge against women and original peoples. By the end of the last Ice Age they were ready to put their plan for a New World Order, a Patrial Society, to work. This is when they "Freed" a large number of Genetically Modified Masons (Caucasians) to work on Human Engineering; thereby fabricating FREE~MASONRY!

Today we are at the End Times of this plan-ET called 8.0 and await the "RISING" of UBERMENSCH, Beyondman, Overman or Superman, whatever ONE (UN in French) wishes to call the cloned HERMAPHRODITE they have now fabricated to take us forward from here into eternity.

Freemasonry was re-organized in the 12th century, in order to complete the take-over of Europe by the Priest~Hoods, and then, to establish a base in North America (the monk Serra in CaliPHornia). Shriner Pilgrims were then mandated to locate 13 colonies on the east coast which would forever be controlled through French priests, in Quebec Canada and Basque priests, in Mexico. The American priests located in Boston while the hoods set up in Nevada. They all swear their vows of allegiance to the "Cult of the Virgin"; UBERMENSCH, the male Hermaphrodite.