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Earlier DRAFT

Sunday, May 04, 2003


13951 BC ~ Atlantis : MOHO~Mandan Pilgrims (most recent descendants of HOMO-Erectus : see sketch by clicking on the right), the 'Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture Priest~Hood' also popularly known as 'The Magi' (originally symbolized by a Winged Lion-headed Male Human holding a Pair of Keys in one hand and dressed with a gem studded vest complete with a replica of the Zodiac on his chest ; the whole coiled by a Snake that appears to enter his Mouth), depart from the continent of Atlantis (Antarctica) as newly Freed~Masons and sail north on the Atlantic ocean, making their first stop on the north-west coast of Africa (Mauritania).

Once there, these Sea Peoples disembark their priceless cargo of freshly Genetically Modified Tan Colored Human Organisms which they have named The Shepherd Kings. That done, they then sail on into the Mediterranean Sea, making their way East where they finally disembark, discharging the balance of their remaining slaves, and then climb up into the Caucasus Mountains. There, they will open the first foreign branch plant of Atlantis' ancient human cloning laboratory, (in today's Kurdistan), somewhere between Lake Van (Turkey) and the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan).

Soon after, these immigrant CBTV troglodytes of Atlantis begin the first construction of what is to become numerous underground cities, while simultaneously, others among the m continue to further improve and genetically modify New Man; until eventually, they succeed in fabricating a completely new white race, which they style Caucasian, on a mountain plateau to which they give the name ~MEDIA~.

11792 BC ~ Canaan: Descendants of the west African Tan colored Shepherd Kings have by now migrated across north Africa, making stops at both Chad and Egypt along the way, before turning north, until they finally reach their destination in Canaan (Phoenicia), which they then proceed to make into their first semi-permanent middle-Eastern settlement.

9633 BC ~ Cappadocia: The Watchers are now well established at the heart of Asia Minor (east-central Turkey). They then launch their first shock n' awe campaign of fire, brimstone and water on the dark-skinned original peoples below, by detonating a number of nuclear devices that explode and open up the land bridge between the Mediterranean Sea and the valley to its north; thereby flooding the valley (and the original peoples who happened to live there ~ at a place which has now become the modern day Black Sea).

The resulting tidal waves also cause flooding as far away as Canaan, frightening the inhabitants (Mandaeans) away from the lowlands and moves them further up into the mountains of Cappadocia, or even further still to the East into the desert, plains and marshes of the lower fertile crescent of ancient Babylon (Iraq).

7474 BC ~ Anatolia: The Watchers and their so-called 'giant' offsprings, Priests who are now embedded among both the Tan and White races (Nephil im), are soon viewed as Sons of Gods and noble elite, by the black local peasants. They begin to take hold of community leadership positions; by acting out the part of Dog~Priest, Historian Pipe Carrier and/or Shaman among the original black peoples, especially taking charge of distributing the news, whenever any seemingly mysterious or cataclysmic event follows either natural or man-induced earth-crust displacements caused by volcanos. The Magi are into Magic, and Magic to them is the Science that the people don't yet understand.

5315 BC ~ Babylon: The introduction of planned agriculture and animal husbandry on privately owned farms, whose food products can now be stored in fortified buildings defended by an army, sets the stage for the introduction of fiat money, currency paid in return for voluntary labor, which can then be spent on food distributed by a centralized food cartel.

A new organized religion also makes its first appearance. It is Zarathustra (Zoro~Astrianism), a protestant cut-out from the Magi religion of the north (Kurdistan and Persia), and comes complete with promises of a glorious after-life following death for its devoted followers, thereby allowing an uninformed populace to simply dream about this possibility throughout their own entire servile lives, while the Priest~Hoods and Brother~Hoods line their pockets at the trough.

3156 BC ~ Egypt: A new version of the organized religion of Babylon, which itself had focused on a symbol of the concrete spiral or Ziggurat, is now exported to Egypt, where the tax-collecting DOG Priest~Hoods of Heliopolis first introduce the concept of a mono-theistic God during the reign of Egypt's 18th Dynasty of the Pharaohs (Kings). Later they would also modify the main symbol of Atlantean Freemasonry; changing the original spiral Ziggurat which itself represents our DNA's double helix, into squares, each of which they then pile one upon the other, in ever reducing size. This 'Hydraulic Society', Egypt, then proceeds to build a number of these structures which they call Pyramids, culminating in the construction of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the underground RosTau, along the banks of the Nile (recently diverted blue and white Nile rivers), at the Giza plateau.

These Pyramids are symbolic of the fact that although each sector of the religious, political, trade and military systems are independent of one another, they all owe their existence to the secret society, Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, and their Unknown Superior ~THE MEDIA~, that meets in the Mason lodge located therein, and that each branch of the system shares a common goal that they must all strive together to achieve. The Pyramid's capstone reminds them all, that by tollgating a percentage off of all economic activity in the country, only in this manner they will eventually guarantee each and every Priest or Brother of the various antipodean Priest~Brother~Hoods, a fair share of the common 'pie'.

Unbeknownst to most of Free~Masons however, the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid is intended to symbolize the Atlantean CBTV Priest~Hood's ultimate goal; which is the eventual replacement of both male and female genders with a Genetically Modified Unisex clone, a Super~Slave that will combine in IT the best features of both genders, those that are most appropriate to a great slave (THE NEW WAY). The capstone, having been removed and moved across the Red Sea to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is only to be re-installed upon the Great Pyramis once slavery has permanently become the function of a SUPER HERM~APHRODITE SLAVE.

997 BC ~ Israel: Atlantis' migrant Tax Collectors' center of 'cosmetic political power' is transferred from Egypt to the 1000 year old tribe of Abraham, the former Mesopotamian TAN Hyksos, styled The Shepherd Kings, who now call themselves Hebrews. Leaving behind their recent occupation of Egypt, the Hebrews have reestablished themselves in Canaan (Palestine), which they rename Israel. Later, in 588/86 BC, the elite leaders of the Hebrew tribe are sent back to Babylon to attend an indepth training course in the latest advanced techniques of human manipulation. They specialize in learning an ancient Sumerian art which teaches "how to pro-actively use both--organized religion, combined with a dynamic monetary system--in order to better control the world's population without requiring the use of military force". For just that purpose, mono-theistic Christianity is introduced into Europe and the West, while Buddhism, and later Islam, replace the two original versions of Persian religion, Magi~Zoroastrianism, which had previously been passed on to India and the Far East as national religions.

1178 AD ~ The Franks: Germa ny, a land populated by migrating Hebrew tribes since the Diaspora (586 BC), remain under the direct control of the MOHO~Mandan CBTV Priest~Hoods of the East, who themselves have recently relocated their home-base from Kurdistan to Greenland. Germany now divides itself into two parts; sending the western tribe of Franks to settle across the Rhine and Alps, in a land which they have now call France. Later, under the guise of military expeditions, Crusades, undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries and said "to conquer Jerusalem for Christ", Atlantean Persian Freemasonry of the middle-East use this contrived opportunity to teach the Christians with new courses in group dynamics, similar to those taught earlier to Hebrew Priests; first, to St. Bernard's Knights Templar, and then, to other Christian Priest~Hoods who agree to locate permanent offices in both Jerusalem as well as the Basque Country in the Pyrenees mountains.

From this location in Basque Country, the Basques can then keep one close 'eye' on the Vatican in Rome, and a second 'eye', on their 'Yes Man', King Louis IX of France, while they also oversee the rediscovery of America. Ecclesiastical Freemasonry and its secular wing, Grand Orient Freemasonry, then lead the movement to establish Freemason Lodges in other European countries, beginning with Scotland, where the St. Clair family is called upon to establish the Scottish Rite who will report to France's Grand Orient Lodge, becoming an antipodean to the York Rite of England who report directly to the Germans.

Is abelle, the secular Quean of Spain, then contracted with Columbus, Cortes and Cartier, to begin setting the boundaries of a soon to be rediscovered North America, one based upon the needs and pre-set longevity determined by Atlantean instructions, which are written down in the Hebrew Cabala's 'Book of Enoch' (a name which translates to "the mission of ONE", the Herm~Aphrodite).

(This is a work in progress and more information is to be added later)

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