Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Serpent and the Peacock~!

Kurdish mythology talks about dual Iranian kings; the Serpent or Dragon (Magi), and the Peacock (Zarathustra / Zoroaster).

In their stories Zarathustra appears as a "Protestant" religion to that of the original orthodox religion of the Magi; a cutout in a manner similar to what occurred later with the Christian church of Rome in the West, when it split away from the Byzantine Orthodox Catholic church of the East. Here again, control over the masses of Christians appears on the surface to have moved on to the west, when in fact real power has always remained with the original religion.

Such is also the fate of western religion and governments. Rome, a Greek colony, and France (Franks), a German tribe which became a nation, although both may appear on the surface to have been given power over the political evolution of the west, by means of the establishment of Grand Orient Freemasonry in the 13th century AD, when in fact, they never have had the final say on matters that involve the ultimate evolution of the east's original plan to create a New World Order on the planet, at "The End Times".

The symbolism of this temporary arrangement is clearly depicted in the ancient tapestries that reside within the walls of The Louvre museum, in Paris. Rome and Paris are but Peacocks on the world stage, while Kurdistan, through the auspices of its agency in The Basque Country and its Ultimate Superior, continues to be the Dragon who secretly dominates both religion and politics, in the east and in the west.

Yet, I'll bet neither ever had expected to have had to deal from such a position of obvious weakness with their own powerful prodigal son, the United States of America, as they have had to endure recently due to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

For all of them, and especially for their so-called Unknown Superior, IT, who is sometimes also known as the 'Universal Spirit', and who resides within the mountains of Greater Antarctica (Atlantis), these past few months have been a really tough period of unique adaptation, something which they're not used to doing very often. How it will all come out in the end is yet to be determined, but my money is on the American military, to ultimately bring about Regime Change across the entire plan~et.

The SculPTor